Could Fukushima Be The Wormwood Of Biblical Fame?


Radiation from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan keeps pouring into the Pacific ocean and killing wildlife.
The media either does not report the gravity of the worst disaster in human history, or chooses to play it down. It is not surprising that the corporations responsible for the disaster are closely linked with the media companies, defence contractors, pharmaceutical companies, big oil and big surveillance industrial complex; not to mention the real big bankers who help finance these disastrous projects with the help of their sub-servant politicians who rely on them for their campaign donations.

The destroyers of life and its sanctity could be the above corporations and their colleagues who expect humanity to surrender and be mesmerised by their arrogance, wickedness, stupidity and selfishness while they carry the day with their apocalypse inducing, end of days, anti-human, hocus pocus, trivial propaganda nonsense. All for the sake of a quick buck, while feeding the public austerity, disinformation, disease and death.
The Pacific has survived many natural events like earthquakes and asteroids. It is dying now because of TEPCO and General Electric. The end of days is real for the billions of sea creatures washing up dead around the Pacific. The Cores of the Nuclear power plants that were damaged during the 2011 Tsunami/Eartquake are yet to be accounted for. It has been revealed that the people responsible for the safety and clean-up of the damaged reactors are still using the old Windows XP computers connected to the internet. These are now vulnerable to cyber-attacks because of lack of support from Microsoft. The radiation from the Pacific will eventually reside in most life forms on the planet.
We are already in the post apocalyptic era and shall learn to live with the Atom at our core. Maybe the pharmaceuticals will provide a remedy for our ills, and the industrialists with scientists in their payroll will revive/re-create the fish and clean the waters. Maybe the media will inform us when the time comes for us to be concerned ….or maybe not!

Sputnik News  asks: Is Fukushima the Wormwood of Biblical Fame?

They write: Not everyone believes in the Bible, however, a passage notes that toward the End times – “many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter”.

The story of Fukushima is one that started several years ago, on March 11, 2011, to be exact, and for most people ended somewhere around there as well, since it just kind of dropped off mainstream media. At the time, some people were saying it was the worst disaster in the history of the world and did not have a solution, that the ocean had been killed, while most media pundits scoffed and replied that the world’s best minds were on top of it and that it would be solved shortly. Well, here we are nearly 4 years later and the reactor cores have not been found, at least not in one piece, although the Washington Post has noted that the hyper radioactive black dirt appearing around the country may have been the cores. As a result of the accident, radiation continues to pour into the Pacific Ocean. This has devastating consequences — not only for the people living nearby, but for the creatures in the ocean as well.

As we recall, the Fukushima nuclear complex was the epicenter of a perfect storm that witnessed both an earthquake and a tsunami teaming up to nearly destroy the facility. This led to three out of six of the nuclear reactors melting down. Different plans have been floated to stem the flow of radioactive water into the ocean, such as scooping the radioactive water up and putting it into special barrels or even building an “ice wall” to build a barrier between the nuclear reactor and the ocean. None of those plans have worked. Radioactive water continues to flow into the Pacific Ocean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Many things have been written about the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and how it has handled the ongoing disaster, so it should not come as a surprise that that there were many questionable practices that took place there. At first glance, it seems as if most of those shocking revelations were in the past. However, an article at noted that – “Following an investigation by Japan’s Board of Audit, TEPCO has been told to upgrade its computer systems… TEPCO operates more than 48,000 PCs all running Windows XP… and they’re connected to the Internet.” That’s right. The company that is operating a nuclear facility is using computer systems that are nearly 18 years old. Worse still, Microsoft stopped providing support back in April of 2014. goes on to note that — “TEPCO was reportedly aware of how dated its systems were, but had actively chosen to keep using XP until at least 2019 as a cost-saving measure.” With this in mind, two other questions spring to mind —

* Are these old and outdated internet-connected computers being used in mission critical capacity? (Are they hacker proof?)

* If TEPCO is refusing to update computer software simply as a means of saving money, what other corners are they cutting?

And while we don’t know the answer to those questions, we do know what the results of TEPCO’s accumulative decision making process are.

A recent study of animals in the Pacific Ocean from the University of Colorado in conjunction with Fukushima University noted — “Photos show bodies riddled with tumors, eyes bleeding, covered in lesions — some are missing testicles, eyeballs — skin disintegrating, peeling off, and turning yellow”.

Another study at the University of Alaska saw problems with — “Reproductive system, Endocrine system, Musculoskeletal system, Respiratory system and even the Digestive system”.

But it’s not just universities that are noticing that something strange is going on. Major publications have run feature articles on this as well.

National Geographic, just noted that — “Billions of Blue Jellyfish Wash Up on American Beaches… In recent weeks, about a billion jellyfish-like “purple sailors” have washed up on West Coast beaches… Dead Velella stretch as far as the eye can see… perhaps as many as a billion, experts say”.

While the Smithsonian recently ran a story that noted — “Birds Are in a Tailspin Four Years After Fukushima — Like the proverbial canary in a coalmine… data show that bird species and abundances are in sharp decline, and the situation is getting worse… Where it’s much, much hotter (radioactivity), it’s dead silent. You’ll see one or two birds if you’re lucky.”… birds such as the carrion crow… demonstrated higher susceptibility… in 2012, birds with patches of bleach-white feathers were captured… the patches have a high coincidence with… cataracts, tumors, asymmetries, developmental abnormalities… By 2013, the birds… had white patches big enough to be seen through binoculars.” A former Japan TV News Anchor was quoted as saying — “The mutations have begun in Fukushima; Birds found blind, unable to fly.”

Local News in America has also reported on the strange occurrences. East Bay Express, noted that — “…sardines have declined to their lowest level in six decades…” while the Tillamook Herald featured a speaker talking about — “…the current crash in the food web, which has led to significant mortality of birds, sea lions and other marine life.” Another local news organization,, ran a story noting — “Volunteers who track animals now say they think the colony of harbor seals is being affected by this year’s food shortage in the Monterey Bay, and that affect is significant… The food shortage is happening up and down the West Coast. Monitors say the pupping season got off to an early and difficult start this year, with more seal pups being abandoned the normal…”

And it isn’t just the smaller forms of sea life. The bigger animals are being affected as well. CBS San Francisco just ran a story headlined – “Mysterious Whale Deaths: 4 Carcasses Wash Ashore NorCal Beaches This Month.” In that story, it was noted that — “Lab officials are investigating the deaths of two gray whale carcasses that washed up this week in Santa Cruz County… This latest instance continues the trend of whales washing ashore on Northern California’s beaches.” The story also noted that — “Last week an emaciated 50-foot sperm whale washed up on Pacifica Beach.” Another story noted — “A killer whale beached itself north of Fort Bragg.” According to the Marine Mammal Center, whales stranding themselves are fairly rare.

And that is the situation in a nutshell. The Pacific Ocean is dying- From the ground up the entire food chain is collapsing. The stories are out there, the information is easy to find. The only problem is that no one seems to be paying attention or at least wants to step up and say-“Something needs to be done at Fukushima. This needs to stop and it needs to stop today!”

In conclusion, although many people don’t believe in the bible, there is an interesting verse there that states that towards the end of times, something like Fukushima happens-“Revelation 8:11 The third angel sounded, and a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of waters. The name of the star is called Wormwood; and a third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter.

The IAEA will make a third visit to Fukushima from May 18 – 25. Experts are expected to take soil and sea samples, analyze them and release a report. More than likely, that report will essentially say that everything is ok. But is it, is it really?

Edmondo Burr

BA Economics/Statistics
Assistant Editor
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    • Don

      What of the ocean currents that carry that shit everywhere. What of the salmon that swim around the entire pacific rim only to return to Alaska and the Yukon to spawn. FYI: The Yukon closed the fishery on the Yukon river this year because the salmon have dwindled down so much over the past years that there are next to no salmon left. Where did they go?

  • Thomas Bradley

    Chernobyl was child’s play compared to the life ending Fukushima event. However the billions of blue jellyfish that wash up on the West coast occur every year and are nothing unusual. It has happened my whole life and it ushers in the Northwest winds right before summer. The tumors and dramatic increase in mortality to sea life and sea mammals are dire consequence that are directly related to Tepco’s release of radioactive water into the Pacific. Humans will suffer and die as a result as well but it will take a little longer to manifest itself. Your fascist world government wants you dead and they will have their way. The people are just too dumbed down…….

  • Glen Cram

    Actually Chernobyl meant Wormwood in Ukrainian, so not far off.

    • NeilConwayEsquire

      It means black grass, also known as mugwort, not wormwood. The New York Times propagated that misinformation in a 1986 doomsday article much like this one.

      • Geno E. Keramaris

        It means wormwood, dude…. Look it up. In Ukrainian and Russian.

        • NeilConwayEsquire

          Just spend 5 minutes researching and you’ll see why you are wrong.

  • Tom

    The word is spelled “defense”, not defence….makes me wonder about the validity of this article.

    • Michael J. Motta
    • Michael Glover

      defense is US phonetic spelling of Queens English (everywhere else except the US) defence.
      More people use Queens English than the US corrupted version of it.

    • Ricky

      It’s spelled defence down under, mate. I know it’s hard for some Americans to comprehend, but there are other countries in the world.

  • Fort Wenty

    The title picture of a mass fish death has absolutely no connection to Fukushima. That event happened in Sumatra, in a lake, most likely caused by sulphur eruptions from the lake bed due to storm activity.

  • jimmyk

    Fake photo its a Lake in Indonesia due to sulphur stirring up as the lake is an inactive Volcano.. bullshit by admin

  • vivian greer

    so because of bad spelling and a picture, that means all is well? wow, that’s good to know, i’m so relieved! idiots!

  • O Berger

    Story is fictitious at best, lacking facts and based only on conjecture. Extremely irresponsible and biased reporting.

  • Lonny

    If this makes some of you feel better here is a actual pic from Japan. Stock footage must be something new to some of you.

  • Cory Collins

    Chernobyl is a Ukrainian name for mugwort which is a species of artemesia (known as common wormwood). Don’t know if Fukushima has an English translation….maybe good luck island?

    • Gary

      I heard that Shima also translates to earth in some language so some people think it means Fuk U Earth.

    • Ayman

      Fukushima in Japanese means Lucky Island!!

  • Risa

    Are you calling the people of Japan “arrogance, wickedness, stupidity and selfishness” cuz FU if you are! How dare you blame the entire country for A MISTAKE MADE BY MOTHER NATURE!!!! Yes we’re all still suffering, and yes radiation is continuing to be a problem, but you think that the government is keeping it quite to be SELFISH?!
    This isn’t an informative article: it’s a blog pointed at hate. Shame. On. YOU!

    • Ted

      Are you really that fucking stupid?

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  • DrWawee

    First paragraph rendered this article null and void. Nothing but unfounded fear mongering for gullible god fearing people.

  • A Christian

    I don’t know about the comparison to the biblical prophesy. The only similarity is about the waters being bitter and people dying from them. But the issues in Fukushima weren’t caused by anything falling from the sky. They were caused by the earthquake and tsunami. Which mean within the earth. While I certainly believe that biblical prophesy is very real and that the end times are imminent, I don’t think that Fukushima has anything to do with wormwood. That’s yet to come and I’m sure it will be much worse.

  • wolfendenpackleader

    This article is over 2 years old and Fukushima is now over 6 years old ( 2017-04-01) and the radioactive water still continues to pump out non-stop with very little of this mentioned at all in the media. There is a slight uptick this month, however, it is the anniversary month of this event from 6 years ago. The PTB love to keep the sheeple dumb, ignorant and uninformed. Unfortunately, those of us who try and keep up with the little news that is leaked out about Fukushima have a clue of what this disaster will bring and it’s not going to be pretty.