Iran Warns Saudi Arabia No Area Will Be Left Untouched

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Iranians protest in front of Saudi embassy in Tehran

Iran’s Defense Minister has warned the kingdom that nowhere will be safe except Islam’s holiest places Mecca and Medina if Saudi Arabia does anything “ignorant.”

Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan made the comments on Sunday after a Saudi prince threatened to move the Sunni- Shia “battle” of Islam into Iranian territory.

Since the U.S. invasion of Iraq and subsequent withdrawal, the Middle East has been consumed by the likes of Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Iran has been utilizing Hezbollah for fighting and training in reaction to events in its neighborhood.

The Sunni-Shia battle of Islam was unheard of prior to 9/11.

Saudi Arabia has been providing extremist doctrine to Al-Qaeda, and later on to ISIS, ever since the Russian invasion of Afghanistan during the 1980s.

Tasnim News Agency reports:

Asked by Arabic-language Al-Manar TV about Saudi Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman’s recent threat that any battlefield would be inside Iran not Saudi Arabia, Dehqan said on Sunday, “They think they can do something because of having an air force.”

“We recommend them (Saudis) not to make any ignorant move, but if they do, we will not leave anywhere intact except (Muslim holy cities of) Mecca and Medina,” he added.

It came after bin Salman’s hawkish remarks in a televised interview last week. The young Saudi prince had ruled out any dialogue with Iran and pledged to protect his kingdom from what he called Tehran’s efforts to dominate the Muslim world.

“We know that we are a main goal for the Iranian regime… We will not wait until the battle becomes in Saudi Arabia but we will work to have the battle in Iran rather than in Saudi Arabia,” the Saudi minister had announced.

On May 3, Iran’s Foreign Ministry denounced the hostile comments by the Saudi prince as a sign of flawed understanding of the regional situation, lack of political wisdom, and a “strategic mistake” in pursuing the policy of spreading terrorism.

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“Such comments are clear evidence that the Saudis promote terrorism and pursue provocative and destructive policies regarding the region and Iran affairs,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said.Saudi Arabia