Iran Reject Obama 10-Year Nuclear Deal

Fact checked

Iranian negotiators have rejected America’s 10-year nuclear proposal, calling it “excessive and illogical”, after Obama proposed that they halt all nuclear activity for at least 10 years. 

Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said the idea of halting all nuclear activity was “unacceptable and threatening”. report:

Zarif did, however, indicate that negations on Iran’s nuclear program would continue ahead of a March 31st deadline.

Iran’s rejection of Obama’s unicorn gambit is precisely the reason Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is bringing his case directly before the United States Congress today, in protest to Obama’s deal.

“Never has so much been written about a speech that hasn’t been given,” Netanyahu said yesterday before a roaring crowd American Israel Public Affairs Committee members.

Much of the dust up about Netanyahu’s visit and his speech stem from the fact that Speaker Boehner invited him without first consulting with the Obama regime.