Iran And Russia Hold Talks To Unite Against ‘Western Terrorism’

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Iran and Russia discuss how to thwart Western-led terrorism

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has called on Eurasian countries to join forces and unite against “western terrorism” which he says is a deliberate ploy to create instability in the Middle East. 

Speaking at the Eurasia parliamentary meeting in Moscow on Tuesday, Larijani said, “If we have strong solidarity, we can stand against the West’s unfair behaviors“. reports:

He also referred to the US attempts to foment insecurity and crisis in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen, and said, “The US has created the problem of terrorism.”

Noting that the US uses terrorism as an instrument, Larijani said that the terrorists are agents of the US spy agencies.

Larijani is in Moscow at the invitation of State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin.

Talking of the two-day meeting, Larijani said it is important today to hold talks on solving the regional crises and promoting trade exchanges.

He added that further cooperation between Iran and members of Eurasia can not only help upgrade Iran’s international foothold but also help bring development and stability to the region.

Trade routes, regional risks such as rising terrorism, climate change, gender equality, energy and economic ties are among the core issues being discussed at the meeting this year.

Speakers from 19 countries are expected to attend the meeting that will discuss the state and prospects of further expansion of parliamentary cooperation between the Eurasian countries.

While in Moscow, Larijani will hold talks with his Russian counterpart and parliament speakers from a number of regional countries.