International Lawyer Says Zionists Have Infiltrated U.S. Politics

An international lawyer from Indonesia says that Zionists have infiltrated the US political system and are “directly interfering” in domestic policy.

The lawyer claims that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu invitation to address Congress to talk about Iran’s nuclear program was a “blunder”. He further states that has been given a “platform and voice which few elected us politicians are afforded”

  • Mollie Norris

    This is news? Why do we have dual citizens in US congress? Zionism is Luciferianism/Satanism. Eretz-Israel is 80% the property of Rothschild satanists. YHWY’s “Promised Land” for Jews who follow his covenant is controlled by the Adversary of YHWY; the Draco tall white ‘Aryan’ – Reptilian hybrids; the Illuminati bloodlines, whose ‘religion’ is the Babylonian/Canaanite paganism that YHWH exiled the Jews for practicing. Eretz-Israel is a secular nation that’s an abomination to religious Judaism. The US Zionist media censors and persecutes religious Jews in Israel eho speak the truth.,