‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Reveals Hillary Clinton’s Agenda

Fact checked

If you want a great example of how Hollywood subliminally implants political propaganda into mainstream thinking then look no further.

New Independence Day: Ressurgence movie reveals Hillary Clinton's plans as next U.S. president

In this Independence Day: Resurgence trailer, the President of the USA gives a morale boosting, rousing speech to the masses true to the Independence day template.

So what’s new? What’s new is that the president is a woman, not dissimilar in appearance to Hilary Clinton. The movie is released the same year as the DNC primaries and eventual presidential election.

Furthermore it’s a Fox Production and Fox is a major sponsor of the Clinton campaign.

About her character, actress Sela Ward says, “She’s strong, decisive and not afraid to kick ass!” Just like a good Hilary shill!

If you think this is by chance and has no affect or bearing on voter decisions, then you are also denying that the multi billion dollar advertising industry has no effect on consumer spending.

I’m betting that Hilary’s Doppelgänger saves the day and saves the planet too.

Whereas the reality of a Clinton administration will be the polar opposite, accelerating climate change through continued economic imperialism, death and destruction of sovereign nations, justified by pseudo philanthropy, all in the interests of her corporate and banker masters.