‘I NEED AMMO, NOT A RIDE!’ Ukraine’s President Slams Biden’s ‘Feeble’ Evacuation Offer

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Ukraine President rejects Biden's feeble offer to evacuate him

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has slammed Joe Biden’s “feeble” offer of evacuating him from Kyiv amid the ongoing conflict with Russia.

AP reporter James La Porta said Ukraine’s president decided to stay in Kyiv and fight alongside his fellow countrymen instead of flee the country like a coward.

“The fight is here’ I need ammunition, not a ride,” Volodymyr said in respond to Biden’s insulting offer.

Toddstarnes.com reports: Zelenskyy has been spotted around the city wearing body armor and a helmet.

God bless this man has he demonstrates true character and courage in the face of death.