‘I Am President-Elect’ Trends On Twitter As Users Mock Biden and Make Claim Without Official Confirmation

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Twitter users are declaring themselves President-Elect to mock Joe Biden, claiming that if he can assume the title without any states certifying his incoming administration, and without any official confirmation, then they can too.

I have just as many states that have certified my incoming administration as he does,” said Jenna Ellis, who has named herself “President-Elect Jenna Ellis” to mock Joe Biden and the liberal media.

Everybody can now say that he or she is the President-Elect. No official confirmation is needed, #JoeBiden makes that clear. Let’s all be #PresidentElect #IAmPresidentElect” said @realTakkieYah

RT if you are the president elect without legal recognition too. You’re next @JoeBiden!” said Elijah Schaffer, who also declared himself President-Elect, joining in the fun.

I’m loving how many Americans are now officially president-elect because media. Joe Biden is so right, forget rules and laws…. this country just needs to UNITE!!” Jenna Ellis followed up.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry