Hundreds of African Villagers Claim To See Floating City

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In a bizarre story, hundreds of African villagers claimed to have seen a floating inter dimensional city.

The incredible alleged event took place in a local border village called Dulali, in Lanzai South Ward, Darazo, Local Government of Bauchi State, Nigeria.

According to reports, Saidu Meshai Dulali, a village tea brewer, had “just finished his morning prayer at the local Mosque and was stoking up the stove for his day’s work.”

UFO International Project reports: Floating ‘Interdimensional City’ Witnessed by Hundreds of Villagers in Africa.

Over the years gone by, there have been so many fascinating stories of some extremely strange beings/objects suddenly appearing from the constellations around us to planet earth, with some completely unexplainable objects faster than any human fighter jets could ever travel.

Not that long ago one of such ‘bizarre’ images appeared in one of the villages in Bauchi State. The villagers narrated this strange sight to Greg Odogwu and Mukhtar Lawal Suleiman.

The actual place was a local border village called Dulali, in Lanzai South Ward, Darazo Local Government of Bauchi State. Saidu Meshai Dulali, who was a very popular hot tea brewer in the village, had just finished his morning prayer at the local Mosque and was stoking up the stove for his day’s work.


When suddenly, Saidu became aware of a pervading extremely bright light enveloping the atmosphere, followed by a sudden realisation that the heavens were falling on the village. As he looked up at the encroaching sky, he saw the most fascinating view of his forty years existence on planet earth. According to Saidu:

“There appeared a wide, large mass of something that looked like a cloud from nowhere and it was flying slowly over the village just at the height of an average tree.

“The cloud was transparent and I saw beautiful tall buildings inside it, with tarred roads and cars. It was like a flying city. And from it I could hear the sound of machines making noise just as you would hear at Ashaka cement factory.”


To be fair if Saidu had of been the only witness of this brilliant yet strange experience, it pretty much would have been impossible to take his personal testimony as fact. But it was then discovered after his statement that the ‘flying city’ was witnessed by almost all of the villagers in the local area at the time, in fact hundreds of them, the Chief Imam of the sole village Mosque inclusive. Children and adults all saw and corroborated the EXACT same story!!

A local Farmer, Dauda Mohammed, explained how he saw it also from the open field where he went to pick up an implement he left the day before the amazing event in the sky. Dauda stated that when he had looked up and saw how the floating object was moving slowly round the village, he was so very surprised, but not at all scared and not once felt threatened in any way. He explained in detail how he saw the colour of the buildings inside, what initially appeared like a moving round and wide shaped massive cloud.


Ibrahim, a young boy of about ten years of age, pointed to the top of a tree and said that a ‘UFO ‘moved into the trees and came out of the other side but the trees were not pushed down at all. The above description by these villagers aptly falls into the category of the sighting of an unidentified flying object, popularly called UFO or flying saucer, a paranormal phenomenon which is widely known and reported in the Western world but never heard or talked about in this particular part of the world – was this particular smaller UFO part of the ‘floating city’ in the sky!?

To be specific, Technically, ‘UFO’ is classed as an unusual apparent anomaly in the sky that is not truly identifiable to the observer on the ground as any known specific object, but in modern times the ‘UFO’ term has generally become identified with alien beings spacecraft.

Many researchers have argued their case that because these unusual objects appear to be technological and not a natural phenomenon, and are appearing as display flight characteristics or come in different shapes and sizes which are completely unknown to any known technology here on Earth, makes the conclusion that they must not be from Planet Earth and from out of this world!

Intriguingly, the UFO sighting seen by many in Dulali has revealed to us as UFO/Alien researchers the influence of religion and socio-cultural factors to this unique phenomenon. This is because what ordinarily raises fear and conspiracy theories in the Western world where the UFO occurrence is predominant was viewed in a positive light over here.

The local villagers who witnessed this strange sighting in the sky were of the general consensus that what they had actually all witnessed was actually an act of their God, for He alone is capable of making anything happen like this. According to Yau Kaugama, a Lanzai Ward political leader, who accompanied us to the interior village:

“We believe it is a sign that in time to come something great will come out of that small village. Something like a great invention, that will affect the life of mankind.”


Mallam Shehu Liman who was the Chief Imam of the village. He confirmed the general consensus of the villagers and specifically affirmed that:

“We believe that maybe Allah used those sightings to open our eyes to see how Jinns (spirits) live in their own world. Allah is great, and there is nothing He cannot do on earth.

“Exactly two weeks after appearing in our village, that flying object visited again at the same exact time, and stayed in the sky roving around the village for almost an hour before it went away. We are happy because it shows we are special village; other towns around were not even given that privilege.”

When questioned with whether the village had made a formal complaint or report to the local authorities, the Imam said they did not see the necessity of reporting this event, as the flying object neither harmed nor injured anyone, and they were all convinced it was definitely a positive visitation and NOT a negative one!

According to

“There are unseen creatures that we share this Earth with. They do not come from other planets. They have been called many names: Aliens, Spirits, Etherians, Ultraterrestrials, and more. In the Koran they are called the Jinn. Information about Jinn reads like a textbook description of UFO and other paranormal phenomena.

“The Jinn are beings with free will, living on Earth in a world parallel to mankind. The Arabic word means “to conceal”. They appear to include juvenile pranksters as well as powerful superior beings with an agenda we do not understand. They have influenced mankind’s religious and cultural beliefs from antiquity to the present. “Jinn can create UFOs, hallucinations, psychokinetic effects, cattle mutilations, crop circles, apparitions and other paranormal phenomenon.”floating_jinn

Cattle mutilations and crop circles as stated in the above quote are some of the physical marks left by UFOs and the beings that ride in them, generally called aliens. These incidents are always reported mostly in the Western world, especially in the United States of America and Great Britain. Crop circles, which involve a large pattern created by the flattening of a crop such as wheat, barley, maize, in a farmers field, are particularly seen in Great Britain, while most cattle mutilations, the apparent killing and mutilation of cattle under unusual or anomalous circumstances, were first reported in the United States and even to this day are still being reported!

When the villagers of Dulali were asked whether they had seen any living beings inside the UFO, they were all certain and specific with their response that indeed no living being was seen in that apparent ‘city’ in the sky. In the Western world, many witnesses have described in detail how the UFO, usually a much smaller craft, landed in a remote area or farm, and some creatures actually came out from them. There are some witnesses who have even claimed to have been abducted by these Alien beings and either taken on-board the craft for a ride, or taken to the larger UFO hovering in the Earth’s orbit (the mothership) some have even stated that they had been taken to the actual habitat of the alien beings.

When contacted, the Chairman of Darazo Local Government Area at the time of the sighting, Hon. Sabo Bako Sade, said that he was aware of the paranormal visitation at Lanzai and would have carried out a thorough investigation but was at that time of the incident busy by marauding armed robbers who were raiding police stations and robbing banks in his local government area….or was this just an excuse and they had been warned to keep shut!?

He insisted that the type of supernatural occurrence had never occurred in Darazo since the inception of the area, and had never again been reported after the Dulali incidents. He said:

“When I heard the news I first thought it was a practical joke, or a wild rumour circulated by people, because at that time we were under attack by hoodlums whom we could not ascertain whether they were Boko Haram or just armed robbers. We were under immense pressure. But the supernatural sighting in Dulali was a special one, a one in a life time experience, even for me as a politician. I planned to set up a thorough investigative committee on the incident but my hands were tied at that time.”

The American based MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), is the organization that investigates cases of reported UFO sightings. Being one of the oldest and largest UFO-investigative organizations in the world, it recently released a paper which stated that from the year 2011, the sightings of UFOs all over the world as compiled by them from 1969 have witnessed an increase of up to 67%. Therefore with the Bauchi incident, it now seems that Nigeria has joined the many other nations who have see these strangers in the sky and only time shall reveal where they are visiting next in our nation here.

It is a great pity that as usual MUFON didn’t appear to do many investigations on this unique story from Africa, hence we are non the wiser about what the villagers had seen on that bizarre day….but then again how do you investigate a ‘floating city in the sky’ ?!

Well I bet many of you have never heard of this particular story before, and my what an incredible story hey!

From reading about this story and doing a little research on it many UFO researchers at the time believed this story to be a 100% true and none of the villagers were lying about what they had seen in the sky above their village! And the way that this strange huge City-like UFO disappeared made many believe that this could of either been an interdimensional sighting perhaps using cloaking technology to suddenly disappear!