Huge Seismic Activity On West Coast Of U.S. – Something Big Coming?

Over the last 48 hours the west coast of America has been shaken up at a 4.0 magnitude level or greater on numerous occasions.

It has been predicted that with the huge seismic activity currently taking place, a potentially devastating 9.8 earthquake may occur in the western United States next week. reports:

Currently, another mid-4.0 magnitude (4.2 M) earthquake has struck the West coast, off the shores of Oregon, near the Axial undersea volcano (which is currently erupting).

This is a huge development to see, please pay close attention to the regional seismic activity over the next week (currently May 22 2015).

This new West coast earthquake activity is expected, but unwelcome.

See the earthquake forecast for the West coast of the United States here (issued May 21 2015):

This new West coast earthquake unrest began with a 4.2M at the border of Alaska and British Colombia Canada (as expected).

The Alaska activity was shortly followed by a new swarm of earthquakes at the Salton Sea Volcanic buttes (located in Southern California).

The Southern California volcanic earthquake swarm was shortly followed by a 4.1M event in Napa Vallay / Gorda Escarpment zone near San Francisco, CA.

All the aforementioned activity has now been followed by a 4.2 magnitude earthquake off the shores of Oregon. These events all point towards Vancouver Island BC as a “silent zone” to watch, along with Washington State.

Worthy to note, this Oregon earthquake occurred very close to the location of a new underwater volcano which was detected along the Axial Seamount, which is located due West of the Oregon Coast.


Also, keep in mind the oil pipeline rupture along the West coast of California near Los Angeles, and the flurry of dormant volcanoes which have shown movement along the states of California, Oregon, and Washington state…. all these events signs of building pressure in the region.

Worthy to note the large steam plume event which occurred across the state of Nevada for the past 3 days. Captured by tatoott1009, seen in this video here:

  • kronik valdez

    Seriously how do they know exactly when where and the time the earth quake is going to happen. That doesn’t sound funny to you guys. It’s a man made earth quake you people are to stupid to realize it. They can’t Evan get the weather right. But they can tell us when an earth quake is going to happen. That’s crap because nobody can tell when an earth quake comes tectonic plates move the day of. The earths ground does not slowly move.

  • TheEditor

    This is simply untrue. I live in Southern California, and have my quake watch apps on all my devices. I just checked several sources, and found only one 4.1 in the past week. It was close to Mexico. Very little other activity.

  • Daisy Broadbelt

    Just in time for the release of “San Andreas,”….coincidence?

    • bunnyswanson

      EQ Insurance should see a spike. I know I signed up (central Calif; not the coast).

  • Rick

    @thedailydigest:disqus I wonder if those apps can be trusted.

  • Nicole Anderson

    I hope not! I’m flying into LAX a week from today. We are going to Disneyland.

    • Hollie Roland

      Have fun. We just came back from there we were there on vacationf or the kick off of the diamond celebration. It is a mad house!

  • Hollie Roland

    I just came from southern cali we were there for 6 days.. watched the news and nothing on there about any of this.. Besides the oil spill. I think this might be bogus as well..

  • fox90069

    I’m with Daisy, I think this is a publicity marketing for the movie,San Andreas, release date, May 29th… week, like they are “predicting”. In the movie, the whole fault moves, from British Columbia to Southern Cal.
    This is just a joke,

  • Slap_shott

    Trying to sell more movie tickets to “San Andreus?”

  • JLeh

    Earthquake in Guam too!!!