Celebrities Call For ‘Total Hollywood Strike’ Until Trump Resigns

Rosie O'Donnell, Amy Schumer, Miley Cyrus and George Clooney are part of a group of celebrities calling for a total Hollywood strike "until Trump resigns"

A group of liberal Hollywood celebrities is threatening a "massive, all-round Hollywood strike" unless Donald Trump resigns.

A group of liberal Hollywood celebrities are threatening a “massive, all-round Hollywood strike” unless Donald Trump resigns. Describing Hollywood as “the base of the entire modern American culture“, the group also claims to be speaking on behalf of “all of humanity.”

It’s about time people understood that we’re the ones with the power and that the president is there to serve us, not the other way around“, a spokesperson for the group told The New York Times.

“We’re calling for a general strike that would include every single person involved in making motion pictures in Hollywood, starting with the actors and celebrities themselves and encompassing companies in charge of making props, movie memorabilia and even souvenir shops.”

Spinzon reports: Rosie O’Donnell, Debra Messing, Ed Asner and Michael Shannon are among the dozens of artists, entertainers, and activists who have attached their names to an effort calling for a month-long protest to stop President-elect Donald Trump.

“No! In the Name of Humanity We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America!” reads a full-page ad placed in the New York Times on Wednesday by the group Refuse Racism. “Donald Trump, the President-elect, is assembling a regime of grave danger,” the ad says.

“Millions of people in the US and around the world are filled with deep anxiety, fear and disgust. Our anguish is right and just. Our anger must now become massive resistance – before Donald Trump is inaugurated and has the full reins of power in his hands.”

Other Hollywood celebrities who have also joined the campaign, however, are calling for an all-out strike that would span the entire movie industry in the hopes that such a move would urge the President-elect to resign from his position as the newly elected President of the United States.

“We’re calling for a general strike that would include every single person involved in making motion pictures in Hollywood, starting with the actors and celebrities themselves and encompassing companies in charge of making props, movie memorabilia and even souvenir shops,” a spokesperson for the Refuse Racism group told The New York Times. “It’s about time people understood that we’re the ones with the power and that the president is there to serve us, not the other way around.”

Asked to elaborate on why the group is targeting Hollywood out of all the industries in the country as their bargaining chip, the spokesperson argued that Hollywood “is, simply put, the base of the entire modern American culture. It is the foundation of the country, so to speak, the glue that’s holding it together. And think about what happens when you destroy the foundation of a house. It comes crashing down, right? Well, that’s exactly what’s going to happen to America unless Donald Trump realizes how real the danger of that actually is, and chooses to step down as President of his own free will. And while we’re on the subject, between you and me – nobody wants Hollywood to stop doing its thing, but this is a necessary move.”

“Besides, it’s not like the billionaire-businessman-turned-president hasn’t ventured into movies in his day, right? So, he’ll understand firsthand what’s going to happen if Hollywood goes to strike. Without the work of Hollywood and the lifestyle promoted by it, there will literally be no more America to rule for Trump. So, in effect, it’s not us that are going to force Donald Trump to resign his office; it’s the people of America who are going to make him do it, because the God’s honest truth is – without Hollywood, there is no America. It’s like trying to run Nazi Germany without Hitler at the forefront – it just becomes pointless,” the spokesperson concluded.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Djago

    Strike forever! You will no be missed

    • amongoose

      Go for it, it will save us the trouble of organizing a boycott.

      • Laura

        so true… I know two more got added to my list of boycotts.

    • ZiggyStardust

      A message to Hollywood from the deplorables you so despise. Jimmy crack corn..and we don’t care

      • redeemed357

        I haven’t heard that in a long time. Now, in Hollywood it is , JIMMY CRACK!!!!!

      • SignLady

        Best reply of the day!! Love it.

  • seemorebetter

    The reason any conservative’s failing is always major
    news is that it allows liberals to engage in their very favorite taunt:
    Hypocrisy! Hypocrisy is the only sin that really inflames them. Inasmuch
    as liberals have no morals, they can sit back and criticize other people
    for failing to meet the standards that liberals simply renounce. It’s
    an intriguing strategy. By openly admitting to being philanderers,
    draft dodgers, liars, weasels and cowards, liberals avoid ever being
    hypocrites. — Ann

    • http://www.lightforcenetwork.com/ Shabda

      Except in this particular case, where they accuse Trump of endangering us with a Fascist America, the very thing they are using to threaten him with by virtue of their urging prop, memorabilia, and souvenir manufacturers to back this thing! Hypocrisy at its finest!

      • kat

        They are the biggest hypocrites and racists that ever existed.

      • Somethingwicked

        They are the fascists when they propose Martial Law to stop the inauguration of someone they don’t like. That’s what Rosie’s calling for today…

    • Suzanne Oliver

      Even without morals….libtards are capable of hypocrisy and indulge all the time! Case in point, Meryl Streep is aghast that Trump mocked a reporter who happened to be disabled but hugged and gave a standing ovation to a child rapist (Roman Polanski).

      • C Thompson

        She is also more upset about an alleged act of making fun of the disabled (which is not why he was making fun of him), than of black people actually assaulting and torturing a disabled white boy and filming it and broadcasting live on Facebook. Hmm…making fun of someone versus kidnapping and torturing someone. And she chose….

        • Somethingwicked

          The consensus among people who can still use their mind to think, was that the jerky movements Trump used when talking about the reporter are a common gesture that he uses when he mocks others who are not similarly disabled. Clips have been shown of him doing the same thing when referring to Ted Cruz and others. Kind of like Carlos Mencia and his “dee-dee-dee” routine. It means the person is stupid, not retarded.

          • C Thompson

            You explained it perfectly. While it is immature of him to make fun of people like that, I agree that he wasn’t making fun of the man because he was disabled. The mainstream media loves to twist the story to suit their dogma.

      • The Beach

        There’s a video that proves that Trump did not mock that reporter! Google it or look on YouTube!

        • EmpatheticRN

          Right, and Ann Coulter wrote a column describing exactly that. He was not mocking that reporter because of a disablility.

        • sharon

          It does not do any good. Liberals never let facts get in the way of a pity party where they can get their righteous anger going even if it is fake.

      • Tom Cook

        Their main hypocrisy is that they blame others for doing what they are actually doing.

      • kat

        She is a hypocrite.

    • curry

      I am starting to think that they remind me of a virus that spreads like what the guy from the Matrix said.

    • Tom Cook

      Ann Coulter is a good one to quote. She takes no hostages. I have most of her books.

  • Lil Donald

    Wrong. Go ahead and strike, we deplorables won’t care. Besides, we’re the ones with the power. Not only the power to elect who WE wish, but the power to bankrupt YOU if you come back from your “strike.” Don’t poke bears that you don’t want to have eat you.

    • Roman Marquez

      Their too stupid to realize that we ignored them before the election when they tried to convince us who to vote for,and none of that has changed.

    • Leigh Loden Spurlock

      Absolutely. Love this.

  • freeman

    coming from a bunch of scum bags, rosie is garbage trash the same as the rest. and yes try to strike. look at robert denero he flopped, after what he did coming out about vaccines then turns his voice to praise them. your movies will never see another dollar of mine and now neither will the rest of the loser nwo puppets.

  • http://outube.com/user/BereanBeacon Dave Falanga

    Hollywood walk of shame is what they are.

  • upset

    I’m not sure how we will survive without Rosie O’Donnell, Amy Schumer, Miley Cyrus or George Clooney but we will just have to make the best of it.

    • amongoose

      I’m sure we will be able to find the material for jokes elsewhere.
      They just won’t write themselves.

    • http://www.lightforcenetwork.com/ Shabda

      It isn’t as if on ANY/EVERY day of the year there aren’t tens of thousands of unknown actors and actresses that wouldn’t literally JUMP at the chance to replace every one of those “celebrities.” Yeah, I am quite certain that we WOULD make the best of it! Now if only they’d do what they claimed they would do…

      • MontanaTrace

        They are not sure what to do. Someone needs to give them a script with their lines.

        • Tom Cook

          Maybe they could pretend to be Americans.

          • April Stoner

            You mean “ACT” like an American. Well I guess they are the same thing, except “ACT” to me means deceive, and apparently I’m correct
            Because they have been deceptive all along, about who they really are.

      • Jeffrey Smith

        I’m one of them… tried for thirty years, but I’m not pretty enough for the movies. Pity, the hoi polloi might actually enjoy seeing some talent.

        • http://www.lightforcenetwork.com/ Shabda

          Hey, I don’t care about your being pretty enough for the movies, I’d MUCH rather see actual acting talent have a shot at it rather than people like these that are doing so much crying and whining about not getting their way….but it IS a tough business, which is why so very few find success in that field. I am all for you getting a shot to replace Clooney any day of the week however!

        • Tom Cook

          Many actors have gotten by quite well by being ugly. Boris Karloff, Bella Lugosi, Lon Chaney, etc…

          • Ryan Schneider.

            Lugosi aged badly and is better known for his later work, but he was actually quite handsome as a young silent actor in his home country.

          • Somethingwicked

            Don’t forget Rosie, Whoopie and Jane Fonda…equality, you know…

          • Dave Polson

            I wrote Hanoi Jane Fonda off over 45 years ago, haven’t watched anything she’s done since!

          • Marie Bookout

            Commie Pinko

        • Elaine Bouche Kiefer

          I for one, would love to see some actual talent. Rosie, Amy and Miley have no talent and aren’t even pretty. Good luck to you, sir.

      • Tom Cook

        We still have a lot of conservative performers.

        • Ryan Schneider.

          And Libertarian ones.

      • Ryan Schneider.

        More scabs then a major 2nd degree burn victim!

      • Somethingwicked

        Do you know the way to San Jose? …..in a week, maybe two, they’ll make you a star!

    • redeemed357

      Absolutely love it. You crack me up….

    • Dickn52

      Who? Haven’t seen them in anything worth remembering…just saying.

    • joecrouse

      when was the last time Clooney was in anything?

      • it’s my opinion

        And, who is he anyway? Who cares what he thinks and does?

      • Rosanna Judah-Elliott

        He thinks he’s all that because his Muslim wife is a Human Rights lawyer.

    • Blessed

      O Donnell is a looser amy schumer should let her father govern he is a gross libtard,Miley cyrus is the worst mentor unless you want your daughter to be a slut,and clooney,his looks are fading and so he will too,he is the only one that madw any decent movies,but there are hundreds to take his place when given the chance https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1a201d68cf77a6de8fbebc852c5eabb34459905a692410127f757a6fe7f26bb9.jpg

      • it’s my opinion

        When you first see Clooney, he doesn’t look bad but, his actions and behavior make him look like the idiot that he is.

        • JoAnn Farmer Talley

          Clooney was never good looking…his name got him in movies….

          • it’s my opinion

            Clooney was good looking. A matter of opinion. But, I can’t stomach who is he.

          • Rocky Torres

            I am glad I am not the only one who felt that way when he was on TV. Whey got on the big screen I was like, “oh, no. Are you kidding me?”

          • Somethingwicked

            He knocked up his wife, I guess she thinks he’s ok. Or they do it in the dark 😉

        • Somethingwicked

          Ugly shines from the inside out…

    • curry

      It’s like we are being threatened with a gift , but sure I will take it and hope they stay true to their word and STOP making movies put people back in touch with each other.

      • Kimberly Spurgeon

        “It’s like we’re being threatened with a gift.” Best. Comment. Ever.

      • JoAnn Farmer Talley

        I wish they would threaten us more…I like this threat…..best post …curry!!

        • Manuel A. Rodriguez

          To the famous tv stars, actors, and movie stars. We would truly miss you useless, lying, cheating, drug addict over paid racist bastards! If all of you would move to another country! OMG SO FUNNY! How we would say good bye in all Languages “eat do do F..f off and die”

      • MaryO

        Another perfect statement!

    • it’s my opinion


    • Sherry

      I hope they have a “safe place”.

      • Stainmaster Zinc

        North Korea?

    • Patrick Brennan

      Rosie O’Donnell is a has been… Does she really think anyone gives a crap what she spews out of her pig mouth?

    • kat

      Hahaha, don’t watch any of them. Won’t be missed.

    • April Stoner

      I’m willing to try

    • Zombyz1

      I’d rather attach the exposed wires of an electrical cord to my tongue and plug it in to the wall then to watch something with one of these insufferable a$$holes in it ever again.

    • MaryO

      Perfect statement!

  • John C Carleton

    Really! Is that a promise. They are threatening not to make any more D grade movies with no plots until Trump is out of office? Are these the same ones who were going to leave the country if he was elected? The ones who showed they have a big mouth and no personal honor to back up their words! They want to stop running their mouths and getting huge paychecks for regurgitating fantasy! Ok by me. I hope they live up to their word this time, not holding my breath. I bet we could take up a collection of card board boxes to help them with their move out of the country.

    • amongoose

      As we say in Texas,
      “All hat and no cattle”.

    • John Kanard

      Not until Trump is out of office,just a month.lol…Most of them get more time off between movies anyway,and do you think they would be on any sort of picket line?

      • Tom Cook

        They did not say out of office. They said voluntarily quit. So if he serves his full term ….. Naaa they would never go through with it. As we used to say action is much stronger than words.

        • Cindy Fisher

          8 years.. Yea hollywood don’t want to make money. Wish it were true.

      • Claire Robbins Thomas

        They say “just a month” because just like the small children that they are, that sounds like FOREVER to a 2 year old!

        • drjgorman

          That sounds like forever to a teenager, also. Ask any parent.

          • Claire Robbins Thomas

            I am a parent drjgorman. Luckily, mine are 27 & 31. The older one still acts like a 2 year old, but she’s in Texas, supports herself and isn’t my problem anymore.

          • John Lavis

            Well if she is supporting herself then she is not acting like a 2 year old is she…how many 2 year old’s do you know of that support themselves?…

    • Slicer

      I’d rather use the cardboard boxes as their new housing!

      • Susan Slater

        that is what i was thinking!

    • Susan Slater

      I for one would bring them a truck!

    • it’s my opinion

      I couldn’t have said it better. Bravo.

    • SilverDragons

      I bought a little American flag to wave goodbye at them as they boarded their preferred transport out of the country. I still want to use it.

    • Lorenz Stransky

      They said they would move out of the country if Trump one. They’re still here, unfortunately.

      • kat

        They lie about everything. I bet they don’t strike for a month. Just hurting themselves. I rarely go to movies. Can’t remember the last time I bought a CD. Won’t be doing either for a long time. I think we need to strike against them.

        • Rick

          In total agreement with you. Thank goodness I bought and stocked up on CD’s of movies made during Hollywood’s golden years. I would rather watch those over and over again instead of watching anything that Hollywood produced the past twenty years more than once.

        • Donna Warrington

          kat – agree 100%. THEY NEED US, without an audience, they are nothing but mimes…LOL

      • April Stoner

        Are you kidding, you know they won’t leave, they only threaten to leave, Trump was supposed to drop out, and he didn’t, so now we need to get
        these losers to the boarder, I guess their peeps that do everything for them are on vacation, or abandoned them for their ignorance.

      • Somethingwicked

        LIAR! LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR!!!! (tip o’ the hat to Carol Kane)

      • Lil moone

        because we dont want them lol

    • adriatica

      Maybe they’re waiting to see if the left can do something about not getting him inaugurated. Or, maybe Cher is still waiting for her spaceship to be built. I would hope that Canada has already told them they’re not welcome there.
      And I guess the rest of them just couldn’t bear to give up the big American bucks.

      • Somethingwicked

        Now the witch is calling for martial law! Somebody help the girl!

    • LucMilLin

      Did not, most of these jerks, promise to leave the country if Trump were elected? They lied then, and they are lying now.

    • Marlene

      Only for a whole month. These people are waaaay too into themselves to realize there is more to the country than just one little rich town,

    • Brian Thompson

      It is a fake story – there is no call for a strike.

      • Michelle Evans

        Snopes is not a credible source.

    • Saucy1949

      They won’t they are all talk and threaten. No class. Our real movie stars are dead and gone.

  • tomatoman

    frikking hilarious idiots.. how typical..Hollywood and the music industry…satans two major tools he has used to bring in his new world order///.. so he can be “as the most high”.. book of Isaiah … 14:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.
    ohh please please you maggots.. strike strike strike…. frikking marvelous

  • ricck lineheart

    So long , your ACTING wont be missed !..Besides whatever happened to a boatload of you fools that said you would move out o fthe country i fTrump won the election ? …No one else would have you ??

  • John P

    YES! Hollywood has destroyed our culture! Weimar Republic!

  • mike

    if these Hollywood idiots think that anyone cares what they think or say – you are wrong. If you don’t like what Americans say – leave now !! there are plenty of planes leaving this country every minute: be on it ADIOS

    • SilentWitness

      Many said they were going to leave if Trump won. Why havent they moved? Get out you Imbeciles! They dont get it do they, they are in the entertaining business, there are substitutes so if the masses decide to boycott them, they would be out of work and they come and threaten us????

  • TxPatriot53

    Those fools really think Hollywood is that important, they are delusional.

  • rcwarbirdbuilder

    Take you jew controlled hollyweed and leave the country.

    • Anita Bowers

      No they are more likely controlled by China . China is buying up everyone and every place in Hollywood. Maybe they should move to China and see how long they could make these kind of demands there.

  • Drakon Drakon

    Hollywood is tied to satanism. ‘Nuff said.

  • Staffer

    Rosie doesn’t have the balls to strike.

  • Staffer

    Have not seen you work for a long time. Weren’t you already striking?

  • BRYinTX

    pfffttt….do it. don’t have cable, don’t go to movies.

  • Amaris

    they think that by striking, the legal and constitutional election of Trump will be overturned just because they say so, and Hillary will be their president? Oh the silly fools, strike away…., Hollywood should have been boycotted a long time ago….

  • Baz

    Good, do it! Be good to see an end to fucking shite movies!!

  • Ball_Buster®

    They are truly in living in their own movie life. What makes you have that lifestyle is because of Americans working our ass’s off. You hollywood types are there for our amusement. Now dance monkey’s, dance.

  • Rodney Volcko

    I got cable so I don’t have to watch the shit they put TV` AND WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE??YOU LIE AS MUCH AS hILLARY

    • SilentWitness

      Hillary’s lapdogs and bitches! Birds of a feather flock together. They dont get it, we the people could boycott their movies or their shows and then they will be out of work! How dare they threathen us!

  • David Kramer

    How come they didn’t get this angry with all of the following actions of Pres. Obama during the past eight years?

    (By the way, MOST of the following articles are commentaries by
    LEFT-wing, progressives.)


    “The Bureau of Investigative Journalism in Britain has estimated that, in
    the first three years after President Obama took office, between 282
    and 535 civilians were credibly reported killed by drone strikes —
    including more than 60 children.”



    “We’re looking right now at a reality that President Obama has essentially
    extended the very [drone war] policies that many of his supporters
    once opposed under President Bush,” says Scahill.”

    Obama to boost US military in Iraq


    Obama Has Bombed Twice as Many Countries as Bush


    To Defend Iran Deal, Obama Boasts that He’s Bombed Seven Countries

    U.S. Dropped 23,144 Bombs on Muslim-Majority Countries in 2015


    Nearly 90 Percent Of People Killed In Recent Drone Strikes Were Not The

    Are Obama’s Record Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt and Iraq
    Fueling Unrest in Middle East?


    “We are joined by William Hartung, who says that even after adjusting for
    inflation, “the volume of major deals concluded by the Obama
    administration in its first five years exceeds the amount approved by
    the Bush administration in its full eight years in office by nearly
    $30 billion. That also means that the Obama administration has
    approved more arms sales than any U.S. administration since World War II.”

    Former Drone Operators Say They Were “Horrified” By Cruelty of
    Assassination Program

    Obama Backs Biggest Nuclear Arms Buildup Since Cold War


    Donald Trump and other conservatives’ deportation fantasies are awful.
    President Obama’s actual record is even worse.


    “Obama’s government has deported more than 2.5 million people—up 23% from
    the George W. Bush years. More shockingly, Obama is now on pace to
    deport more people than the sum of all 19 presidents who governed the
    United States from 1892-2000, according to government

    Obama’s War on medical marijuana


    “But over the past year, the Obama administration has quietly unleashed a
    multi-agency crackdown on medical cannabis that goes far beyond
    anything undertaken by George W. Bush.”

    New Report Finds Obama Spends $180K Per Day Undermining State Medical
    Marijuana Laws


    “”What’s the Cost?” confirms how much the U.S. Justice Department has
    spent over three presidential administrations to investigate, raid,
    arrest, prosecute, and imprison hundreds of medical cannabis patients
    and their providers — nearly half a billion dollars. Far outspending all of his predecessors, the report reveals that President Obama has dedicated nearly $300 million to such enforcement efforts, despite his repeated pledges to not use Justice Department funds in this way.”


    “Clinton’s successor, President Barack Obama, has spent more taxpayer money
    fighting medical marijuana than former President George W. Bush did
    during his two terms, according to a June 2013 report released by the
    pro-medical marijuana group Americans For Safe Access. In August, the
    White House announced Obama does not support changes to the legal
    classification of marijuana, despite growing evidence of its medical benefits.”

    Obama Administration suing to keep Black people in prison


    “Last month, President Obama quietly did something that should shake every
    American to the core. Seeking to enforce federal crack cocaine laws
    that have since been repealed, the Obama administration asked a
    federal appeals court to ensure that thousands of human beings,
    mostly poor and mostly black, remain locked in prison — even though
    everyone agrees that there is no justification for them to be there.”

    Obama’s War on whistleblowers


    Obama Administration Fights To Withhold Over 2,000 Photos Of Alleged U.S.
    Torture and Abuse


    Obama Wants to Spend a Trillion Dollars on New Nuclear Weapons


    The White House Has Been Covering Up the Presidency’s Role in Torture
    for Years


    Obama’s War on civil liberties



    Noam Chomsky: Obama’s Attack on Civil Liberties Has Gone Way Beyond


    Obama is Bad on Civil Liberties, But That Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone


    “Obama voted for the 2008 FISA amendments, a position that outraged liberals
    at the time. He continued the Bush-era surveillance of communications
    networks. He ramped up the war in Afghanistan. He vastly increased
    drone use overseas. He’s declared a war on leakers. He participated
    in the assault on Libya. He’s approved the assassination of American
    citizens abroad. His DOJ has aggressively made use of the state secrets privilege. He’s fought relentlessly to block lawsuits challenging privacy violations and presidential abuses.”

    Obama administration asks Supreme Court to allow warrantless cellphone


    Obama Has Already Broken His Pledge on Surveillance Reform


    Obama protects Wall Street bankers from going to jail


    Obama still hasn’t closed Gitmo


    Obama promised to close Guantánamo. Instead, he’s made it worse


  • UserName3


  • UserName3

    This would last 3 seconds. Okay maybe not 3 seconds, but as soon as the Jewish Hollywood tycs start realizing their bank account isnt growing it will be over.

  • UserName3

    I am calling for a boycott of Hollywood

    • thank_you_for_calling

      Just do it! #iam

  • Alexis Z Michelsen

    Wow! Just when I thought things couldn’t get better and he’s not even in office yet! He’s making America great without even trying! Good riddance u bunch of hacks I stopped paying for your shit years ago. BitTorrent like a mothafucka!!!!!!!! Does the strike mean you will stop fucking babies and sacrificing children to moloch? Probably not, but won’t be tolerated under trump 10 days til judgement day sickos! Tick-tock…..

    • thank_you_for_calling


    • MaryO

      Wow. Yet another PERFECT statement! Love it!


    That means we will be spared bad movies?..Sounds like a win..win!..What they fail to realize. .just as many support him..and will tell them to go pound salt!..If I was them I would worry about affecting their careers with their stupidity. ..

    • Somethingwicked

      There are enough movies on YouTube to satisfy the world of its make-believe fix for fantasy for the next 1,000 years

  • Acetic_V_Gina

    Buh bye.

  • Acetic_V_Gina

    Hopefully the reporters join in as well!

  • UserName3

    quit paying and start streamimg

  • Jackie

    Hey Meryl and others. No problem I will just watch MMA and makeup tutorials then. God what a bunch of fart sniffers.

  • Nevek Erusael

    Go ahead, I double-dog dare you! Cut your own throat, we don’t care and you don’t count. Just a bunch of over payed, self-righteous pukes. Last movie I payed to see was “American Sniper”. Just because the liberals didn’t like it, I knew it would be good.

    • thank_you_for_calling


  • Hal Walter

    Wasn’t this why we have all those “reality” shows? Seems it was because of a writer’s strike so the industry figured out a way not to use writers! If Hollywood closes, I bet Bollywood or someone will figure out how to fill the gap! Now THAT would be a hoot! But no, hollywood is NOT the center of anything! Its entertainment, like football, MMA, and life in general.

  • Braden

    Do it!! Then we can go back to watching movies with no overtly political tones and celebrities that don’t feel the need to inject their personal opinion into every conversation

  • Usat Mud

    Just like they were all going to move to Canada, right?
    NO BALLS. NO BALLS. They aren’t gonna do jack!

  • Braden

    It’s funny how a lot of the celebrities promising to strike are the ones who haven’t been able to find work lately anyway.

  • Johnny patriot

    Rosie should go on a hunger strike, the bloated beast.

  • StillNight

    What the hell are these people smoking? I think they should get out of Hollywood for their own good. They need to detox before they kill off what little brain cells they have left.

  • Deanna Donovan

    A bunch of fake people paid to portray people that they are not.
    Their opinions are not as important to the people that pay to see them in movies as THEY believe they are.
    If you just do the job that you’re paid to do, we’ll be fine. This nut Meryl Streep never said boo about the young man that was tortured and learning disabled. Trump did not make fun of anyone’s disability.

  • Merrill

    I hope that all who protest Trump’s victory winning the presidency and does not respect that Goes broke in Hollywood

  • Gregory Alan of Johnson

    That last paragraph has got to be one of the most arrogant group of words I’ve ever read. Movies/TV could stop yesterday for me just fine. I’ll choose what I want to see.
    As for folk having withdrawals, that not my problem.

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    They also promised that they would left USA in case Trump won. How many of them actually left? Only a few.

  • Hawkfan

    Great idea !!! Hopefully the strike will start tomorrow………….this shows just how stupid and juvenile these idiots are. Let’s hold our breathe until Trump quits !!!!!

  • Denise B

    They really are bloated with their own sense of self importance, aren’t they?

    • Lorraine

      Ya think??? Ha ha ha

    • Debbie Romig Simmons

      yes, yes they are.

    • thank_you_for_calling

      totally! lol

    • Franco Tramble

      What else can we expect from those in Hollywood. The worship of self seems to be the basis of the cult of Scientology that so many of them belong to. If they all walked out on strike it would be the best thing that ever happened in US history. The masses would finally realize how irrelevant everything about them actually is, their industry would never recover.

      • Zombyz1

        They all share a collective brain…it’s kept in a jar on L Ron Hubbard’s desk.

        • Somethingwicked


      • WHMay

        Have you seen A&E’s Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath? I lived near Clearwater, but I didn’t realize how evil and cold they are.

        • Franco Tramble

          Yes, I have seen it. I hope that Leah Remini is armed at all times in order to defend herself from the attempts at revenge from this cult. We all need to have her back 100%.

    • Zombyz1

      Like effing ticks

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    I don’t even go to watch shitty movies just because famous Holywood stars play on them. And they expect me to care about their shitty political agendas?

  • NoiseMan

    Who cares?

  • Laura

    Yes please strike…. when we care or beg them to come back maybe then the self absorbed “hollywood movie stars” will get over themselves and shut the hell up.

  • MeToo

    Wait….What? Did it really say that without Hollywood there is no America? And that Hollywood built America? Wow…

    • kat

      Who do they think they are? We the American people pay their salary. We do not care for their opinions. Be an entertainer and shut your pie hole.

    • WHMay

      Sort of like, “We built this city. We built this city on rock ‘n’ roll.” (Uh, no, San Francisco was established in 1776.)

  • RFlanary

    Oh, no. Not that. Please. <>

  • Cher Bartlett

    They really think they are that important? America was built on the backs of the hard working farmers, that supply your food. They were here long before Hollywood. Get over yourselves….No TV or movies? Maybe we can get back to the real values that mean something to familes that have been torn apart with your vulgarity, nudity, and entitlement.

    • dolly

      Cher, you said what is the perfectly healthful reason for all who watch movies: “No TV or movies? Maybe we can get back to the real values that mean something to familes that have been torn apart with your vulgarity, nudity, and entitlement…” Movies are not what improves our lives, but living in the real world doing enjoyable things with our families, friends, plus exercising instead of sitting on our duffs watching bad, even good movies.

    • Dodi Marie Livergood

      Cher, Best comment so far!! Our kids and grand kids would be so much better off!!

    • Leigh Loden Spurlock

      Yes. Love this

    • kat


    • MaryO


  • NoMoreMB

    These are the dogs of the entertainment industry. O’Donnell abused her children and got away with it because she’s a Hollywood lesbian, Streep applauded a child rapist, and adamantly supports another who mocked a child who was raped so badly she can never have kids, Messing is a low talent has-been, Asner is going through senility badly, horrible mental deterioration – he divorced his wife at age 85, do we really need to care what these misfits are doing? Their last bid for the limelight is to piss on our new President. Shame on them. Leave the country, go to hell.

  • tution

    Move Hollywood to Canada! Didn’t most of the stars already move?

  • Evelyn Scarberry

    I would love to see Hollywood on strike! Go ahead make our day! That would be a blessing. No more filth! Yea!

  • Mark

    The only people that care for you, are your fellow actors. We hard working Americans don’t give a shit about you over paid actors, who get on screen and pretend to be someone you wish you could be. The people who go out and work for a living 9 to 5. Five days a week are the ones who built this country. Not your spoiled lazy ass. Plus it’s people like use who pay your salary by watching your movies. Sounds like yall are fixing to go broke.

  • Steven

    I had to stop laughing before I could write anything. What a bunch of inflated buffoons!

  • Susie Parton

    Wow! Great idea. We can replace them with people who will actually make a movie that isn’t bordering on porn, and no more inflated salaries that make ticket prices so high that many people can’t afford to go see the movies. Please, please, go on strike now!!

  • Frankr433

    Good, maybe ill get a job as an actor.

  • Richard StJohn

    Is this a joke? If it is real then i think it’s time these slime ball libtards find out just how irrelevant they are. Watch what happens. Other companies will move into the vacuum and hollywood will become nothing.

  • D Scott Baker

    Hollywood is our backbone….. what about farms, construction workers, every technical and mechanical profession ? Now, if all of the blue collar workforce were to strike..that would cripple the country…..oh wait… the majority of The US (blue collar workers) voted FOR TRUMP. I say as the stars strike, revoke their citizenship and send them to Iraq to become citizens there.

  • Al Bounds

    And I should care because……………………………………………………………………?

  • John Kanard

    Weren’t the people listed supposed to move if Trump won?

  • beavig cleavig

    I never watch her shit anyway, so if any other hollywood assholes act like her I probably don’t watch their shit either and never will

  • Carol Green

    I agree that Donald Trump’s presidency is beyond horror itself, and if I thought a Hollywood strike would do some good, I would support it. When Carrie Fisher was laid to rest, Meryl Streep offered this: “Take your broken heart, and make art.” I think Hollywood is actually in a far better position to make great art than almost anyone else is. Imagine the power of the stage, incredible Hollywood talent, clever screenwriters, producers and directors– all overwhelmed by fear, desperation, and anger over the Trump election — all endowed with God-given talents to change people’s minds and enlighten — all motivated to tell a Trump Tale in their own ways. I’d say a clever screenplay or two, or a dozen, could spring from the hearts, minds, and guts of Hollywood to masterfully manipulate words and sentiment for a string of damn good movies this very year. I’m telling you, the stories are there for Hollywood! If you need some starters, how about a story about what Trump’s tax returns must say? Get some stars in there playing the taxman, the banker, the attorney, etc., trying to get to those taxes to publicly expose them, put some steam on Old Donald’s neck and thumb screws on his fingers that tighten. Such an opportunity it is to fantasize about what is so bad on Trump’s taxes that he can’t afford to let us see them…. And, how about a movie on the guy who lost his thriving business, because Trump wouldn’t pay him for his construction costs? Fictionalize it if you must so the censors won’t pick it to death. I’d LOVE to see a movie on Trump’s religious philosophy, based upon his childhood, school days, and college years contrasted with his religion now… but all a spoof on hypocrisy. I tell you, the good work of Hollywood’s best, could give us all a historic record of this clown’s presidency. We need some movies on global warming and the petroleum industry, fracking and farms, all a part of Trump’s melange. So, Rosie O’Donnell, don’t quit on us! Start working fast, girl, and give us some entertainment! As a teacher, I’d like to see a great movie depicting what our new Education Secretary has in mind: A world of charter schools and vouchers could show what the separatist world is all about, where a Hell-Fire and Damnation Elementary School is on one side of the street, and on the other is a Fascist Elementary School — all possibilities in a Trump Utopia — with a Twilight Zone feel. The Trump Presidency is a goldmine of possibilities for movies. I don’t know, Rosie, why you’re just sitting there, girl! I think Trump LOVED watching you throw in the towel with this article, Babe. Take a few days, and then, come out fighting!

    • Jack

      Carol, did you forget to take your medication today ? If so, you had better just go and take it there’s a good girl.

      • Carol Green

        How like a Republican drone, off on another tangent. Let’s get back to more movies about the Trump catastrophe…

    • Richard Webster

      are you serious ? are you that brain washed, first off you have to love the night of the golden globe awards when Streep said all you will have to watch is football and mma football had higher ratings then the awards show. , people dont look up to actors they play fantasy, they are entertainment and that is it, sports are what people look up to , i am sorry but i think you need alot of help if you think them going on strike would do a dam thing cause it would not accwpt save people money from going to the over priced movie theatres to watch shitty movies they make

      • Carol Green

        Hahaha! How like a Republican drone, off on a tangent. Football HA!

    • Richard Webster

      by the way, he has done more than Obama did in 8 years all ready and he isnt in office yet, the clown and lame duck president is the one moving out, that is who they should make a movie on, him and hillary and all there lies and corruption and how they should be in jail for treason at least, how we the American people stood up and said we will not become a socialist state like the democrats want. that would be the real movie to come out and then part 2 would be how Trump made America great again

      • Carol Green

        Dick, You’ve been reading the Republican Fake News again, now haven’t you? Read the Huffington Post now, won’t you please like a good little Dick.

  • Nexusfast123

    Gave me a good laugh. A bunch of self aggrandising tossers.

  • Mary Lou O’Connell

    We the people have spoken! This Democratic, Hispanic, Woman is tired of the corruption from the Democratic Party!
    It’s not about Hollywood and watching your movies! Get real! There’s a lot more serious issues involved! Our country’s military is weak! We need to build it up, again, for the protection of our people! Our borders are being crossed not only by illegal aliens but by terrorists who want us dead! And the spending is out of control. A vote for Hillary would have meant four more years of Obama and his failed leadership and policies!
    Go ahead and boycott your movies, there’s more intelligence in reading a book!

    • kat


  • Mary Lou O’Connell

    Is there no “like” button for a lot of these comments? I love the comment, “Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care!” Lol! Too funny!

  • Just my opinion

    Hollywood “is, simply put, the base of the entire modern American
    culture. It is the foundation of the country, so to speak, the glue
    that’s holding it together.
    Really? I think the hard working American people of this Country are the foundation, not Hollywood! Freedom of choice, remember what that means? We chose Trump, we didn’t go all crazy when Obama was elected twice! Believe me, there were a lot of us very unhappy about it. With him letting in all the illegals and causing racism to escalate like it was a long time ago! He is ruining our Country! Now was our time to speak up and WE DID! Get over yourselves and learn to be human again! You will survive like we did, but we now have a hell of lot to fix because of Obama! I’m tired of caring if your feeling getting hurt, to damn bad! You want to boycott, go for it! Just know you are helping to rip this country apart even more! We should all be standing together now and making America great again. Taking care of our own Country first! Either stand with us, or tear America apart! Your choice, something we still have so far.

  • Romney Marsh

    I don’t own a tv. I don’t care if you go on strike or not. I don’t go to movies. I don’t care if you go on strike or not.
    I also notice than more than half of the actors on the list are not even working right now. They are not wanted. They have nothing else to do, so they are going on strike? Seems like they already are.
    Thank you for helping get Trump elected for a second term.

  • Jack

    Oh please Rosie – GO ON STRIKE. See how much the rest of the world would care less. PLEASE DO IT !!!! PLEASE PLEASE. That way we would never have to lay eyes on you again. Hahahahahahahahah.

  • Lucinda

    oh yes, please do….. then you will really see how much people care about you lib ‘entertainers’.. and spare us from the crap you ‘create’… actually your meltdowns are more entertaining than your acting, singing or comedy….. you are all comedians actually, just not the type of comedians you want to be known for……. geesh

  • william douglas

    MONTH long? Go away forever!

  • Mary Fran

    What inflated egos those actors have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t help laughing. They need a reality check. If they do what they propose, perhaps it will finally smack them across the head how little they mean to the rest of us.

  • Padukie

    Billy Joel said it best…Say Goodbye to Hollywood, Say goodbye to my baby

  • Verdigo

    Wait a minute now. No more Miley boy body Cyrus?

  • Loretta Edwards

    “Without Hollywood, there is no America…” Well, I’d bet that’s news to more than a few people. But, wait, is it at all possible that you people of Hollywood are being a tad short sighted? I don’t remember Hollywood bringing in food to the grocery store, electricity to the houses, fuel for the gas pump, heat for the winter or, clothes for our children. I dont remember Hollywood providing jobs for our families, teachers for our schools, police to enforce the laws, government to protect and harrass all us “less than Hollywood elites”.

    I took civic in High School and I swear they NEVER taught us about Hollywood’s vast importance in America’s very existence.

    Honestly, I think you are so full of yourselves that you can’t even see how ludicrous your comments, speeches, threats and demands are.

    Your corrupt candidate lost. Just thank the Lord she is going to jail because she and your man, Obama, should be sharing a cell.

    Sleep tight Hollywood, the world is going to just go right on spinning even if you don’t get what you want. hahahaaahahahahaaaa.

  • MickeyFreakinDougal

    I’ve only paid to see two movies in the last decade, so go right ahead and strike. I’d rather watch old movies on Netflix anyway.

    • MickeyFreakinDougal

      And based on the looks of this website, my guess is that this is a fake news story, anyway.

  • D. Fermor

    Yes, strike! Then the theatres can show movies with original story lines, persuasive acting, engaging cinematography — you know: foreign films!

  • Michael Murphy

    Did you just compare yourself to Adolf Hitler? The President t serves us? Did Obama serve you? You think that you are so all important! We Don’ t need the electric lights to see the true stars!

  • Michael Clemons

    Hollywood is NOT the foundation of America. Hollywood is a whore to money and power and would NOT BE MISSED ONE BIT. PLEASE,,PLEASEEEE go on strike. No one will beg you to come back. No one will miss you. Good riddance to all actors. Id love to see ALL of you actors have to get a real job. EGO MANIC BASTARDS.

  • Jaime Osbourn

    The refuse to accept a fascist America, while trying to overthrow a democratically elected president. Do you children not see the hypocrisy?

    • Bob Smith

      Hitler was elected you dipshit.

      • Jaime Osbourn

        Did the word “Democratically” confuse you? Hitler was “elected” after pitched riots and physical intimidations of his opponents that was so severe that it was feared that the country would slide into civil war. In fact Berlin was put under martial law. It is a real pity that you cannot tell the difference between the two cases but you progressives were always a little light on nuance. Also ad hominem attacks don’t help your case but again I can see how stooping to personal insult is the only way you have to express yourself.

        • Bob Smith

          “… after pitched riots and physical intimidations of his opponents that was so severe that it was feared that the country would slide into civil war.”

          So just like modern america then? Dipshit status stands. Please try again tomorrow.

          • Jaime Osbourn

            Your actually comparing American elections to Hitler’s? I take it you gave up reality for Lent? Put the bong down and attempt to make a cogent point

  • http://tinyurl.com/hulkabigtoe Sgt. Hulka

    C’mon, this has to be some kind of parody!
    America without Hollywood is like Nazi Germany without Hitler?!?
    Are you frigging kidding me?
    Is Poe’s law in effect here?

  • WTH!!!

    These people are completely out of touch with reality. They are the base of American culture?! Take your heads out of your butts for once in your lives.

  • bumble

    If it means I no longer have to see that fat loud mouthed nasty woman Rosie they can go on strike forever. Not sure who needs these morons as a thinking brain can entertain themselves.

  • Pat

    F**king get over it. F**king liberals. Move to Canada like you said you were going to do.

  • Matthew Talbot

    OMG…you mean no more Ed ASSNER(an admitted commie), Rosie or Messing?? What are we going to do?!

  • Diane Rickman Carder

    hey I will just read more books. they do not have as much power as they think

  • SoCalCop

    It must suck to be that stupid and out of touch. If the liberals and socialists in Hollywood decide to strike until Trump resigns, maybe the conservatives in Hollywood will step up to the plate and produce some GREAT entertainment over the next four years. Imagine, no gratuitous sex and violance. Now that’s something I can wrap my head around.

  • shacked

    LOL!! these numnuts are delusional. Good stop all your trash programming I don’t watch it anyway.

  • What a Crock

    LMAO…..They won’t strike. Obviously these morons forget where their money comes from. If they do strike, America will still function. Besides Rosie was suppose to leave the county anyway. What happened there?

  • Darrell Habel

    It’s.been years since I’ve gone to see a movie, I won’t miss a thing.

  • hugo

    They had no problem with a racist niggar in office that did what he wanted when he wanted without approval. Hillarys bodyguards and campaign manager said she would pull temper tantrems when she didnt get her way, is that what the fatass Rosie Odonnel wanted and Amy”nasty”Schaefer with her miss piggy head. And Myley Cyrus, you stay to drug up and sucking ever guy you meet. All you has beens are worthless. This country voted on the person they thought was going to get the job done. America spoke up and won, get over it.

    • hugo

      Amy fatass Shumer, sorry miss piggy.

  • compguy83

    Good grief. None of this is real. None of these people said anything the article claims they did, and its a poorly written lie at that.

  • kb

    are these freekin people for real ?? I would say their egos have gotten way out of hand, and maybe by being our of work for a while will help that…wowieeee

  • Debby Woodbeck

    I thought Rosie was leaving if Trump won. And just to let them know, they are not the majority of the American population. Blue collar workers are, and we won’t President elect Trump. What are they going to quit making trashy TV and movies? And Meryl Streep needs to protest Hollywood. “Violence incites violence.” She said, so that would mean all the violent movies that Hollywood produces has incited the violence in the world.

  • burg2504

    Uh, shut your pie holes and dance monkeys

  • Rock J. Dueck

    This is what happens when pampered fools speak without having a script. They will miss my money more than I will miss them.

  • tttt9erfan

    I love how the ultra rich are asking the lower wage earners in Hollywood to take a month off! “The base of the entire mordern American culture”…their arrogance is astounding!

  • Juan Doroteo Carrio

    Rosie is getting fatter by the day

  • Tom Malone

    Go ahead and strike. Movies and Television suck lately anyway.

  • Joe

    Why don’t those idiots like rosey odonald do like they said and just leave the country! We don’t need trouble makers like her.Obama was worse than we ever had why did they not boycott him! Grow up people and let trump do his job! We should boycott all those causing trouble.with all the sex,drugs,and perversion on tv.who needs you anyhow!

  • Clive Smith


  • Joan Fiser

    How does Hollywood affect more Americans that can not afford to go to a movie? All those stars shine cause of people other than California? Please all leave their are other Countries that make movies that would gladly take our money! Grow up and live in the real world.

  • Charlene

    A Hollywood strike would be a fantastic opportunity for people to get away from Hollywood and turn to their scriptures. You people are there to distract the masses from what they should be doing other than spending countless hours watching you and your fake and false influence in society. Go ahead and strike. We invite and welcome you to do so.

  • Suzanne Oliver

    I for one am no longer interested in Hollywood or the drivel they
    produce. The menu they offer is: remakes of classics (no thank you, I
    will watch the original), barely veiled progressive liberal propaganda,
    and very veiled progressive liberal propaganda. I have started
    watching PureFlix…movies by conservative directors and producers
    (David A.R. White is a favorite). No nudity or profanity, great stories
    and acting and very little blood and guts. My brain feels “clean” for
    the first time in a long time. You don’t realize how posionous this
    hollywood crap is until you detox.

  • Vince Guarnieri

    PLEASE do I am sick and tired of Hollywood. I think its high time we get rid of it all.Strike forever! You will not be missed.Here is whet you should do leave all your money you made from us the people and fucken leave

  • Cyn Lee

    yeah…OK! …just like you puppets-with-a-microphone were going to Leave the Country. ha!

  • sandman

    Go ahead! Do anything to lower ticket prices! But I suggest you call your agents and lawyers first, cause those very lucrative contracts you all sign, might have something to actually say about that!

  • sassC2

    For the love of God, let it rest. We didn’t act this way when Ovomit got into office….but then, we had class.

  • Angel637

    Go ahead you won’t be missed and we don’t care!!..I never watch tv anyways..I hate TV..Donald Trump2017 yay!!!!!!!!!!!..Goodbye all you cry babies..Go to canada already..We the people don’t care,Just leave!

  • Nan 1962

    I would rather read a book anyway.

  • Diane Volk

    Who the hell cares if you strike. Thought you were all going to leave the country if he was elected. Well____________ Still waiting.

  • Marguerite Turner White

    Wow, How delusional can they be? They really don’t know the normal person do they???

  • Roman Marquez

    These people are just pissed that someone or something,thank God, threw a monkey wrench in their plans to hand us and our sovereignty over to the U.N.World government, putting us at the mercy of our enemies, the first thing the communists did when they took over in China,was gather up all the landlords and behead all of them, this letter is a joke and completely ignores the Will of the people, I’m getting tired of hearing their false accusations of racism, fascism,they don’t know a damn thing about Benito Mussolini, who was a fascist, if they did, they would see that they’re the fascists, someone needs to sue these circle jerks for slander,

  • lyndawells

    Can we get that in writing please, my prayers would be answered, no more opinionated so called celebs, who have no idea how the average person lives in US. Just go away.

  • Romasweets

    I haven’t gone to the movies or watched TV since I got on facebook. My friends are far more entertaining, especially my grandchildren.

  • http://www.sshooter.net/ Paul Stewart

    Actors who don’t get any decent roles any longer threaten strike. Lol.
    Please, for the love of God, stop with your tantrums you overgrown toddlers. Get on with your life.

  • johnteklinski

    LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!! Sure: the American economy simply cannot function without entertainment! THIS is how the extent of the bubble that they live in. They actually beleive that their contribution to the economy has significance enough to compel a president to resign!!! How incredibly ignorant.

  • Sissy Barker Zieten

    They are all so full of themselves. Go ahead and strike – it’s your paycheck. LOL See if I care . . . what a bunch of fools they are.

  • James Dunn

    How do these total dumb asses spell democracy – I think its T – a – n – t – t – r – m!
    P & moan and whine – goodbye, and don’t bother to write!

  • Laura

    do us all a favor and strike….you will then realize we won’t miss you one bit.

  • ds17701

    Wow. These guys are really impressed with themselves. It’s no wonder that they are so out of touch with real people who work for a living.

  • Ben

    But but but, I thought they were all going to Canada??????oooo I hear Trumps knees shaking…..ahhh NOT…

  • Wade Koon

    Oh please do. These Hollywood elites think their threats matter to us, the regular working people of this country? We pay their salaries when we go to movies. You don’t get to tell us what to do or how to think…at least not conservatives. Liberals are weak-minded and will follow you off a cliff…good riddance.

  • Dale Hash

    Their omnipotence is nauseating. Let them strike for how ever long they desire. There is plenty of Literature out there that still hasn’t been read. Strike away cry babies!

  • Terri Sturgill

    I cannot miss something that never even got produced, hope you feel the same about the money you lost [never to return]. Bet in actuality, you don’t even have current projects. Oh, btw… don’t hold your breath.

  • GeeJay

    After reading this the Hollywood sickness is far worse than I feared. It’s actually on life support and the prognosis is grave. There is no sign of brain activity and it is being kept alive solely by machine. We the people have just one recourse…unplug and mercifully let it die.

  • Theoline Isaacson

    Who cares??? Not this deplorble.

  • Snark Master

    They might as well go on strike because I’m sure as heck not going to be watching any movies or tv shows with any of these clowns anytime soon.

  • Lorraine

    Omg! Our prayers have truly been answered! Yay

  • SilentWitness

    Didnt a good number of you said that you will leave America if Trump wins. Have any of you moved yet? If not…Why? So shuddap! you feather brains!

  • litlsistr

    OH GOD, PLEASE STRIKE!!! You can enjoy no pay while families turn off their TV’s and pay attention to each other again!

    These airheads need to remember they have provided ENTERTAINMENT. Their opinions on our government and laws that define our country are MEANINGLESS and, if it takes a season of self-depravity for them to SEE clearly their ONLY ROLE is to ENTERTAIN, then BRING IT ON!!! THE SOONER, THE BETTER!!!

  • Duhh

    Celebrities should stay and fight. I want to see their careers ruined, audited and bankrupt..They deserve it..

  • Andy Stanczak

    What these spoiled Celebrities don’t understand with their Temper Tantrums is this will only make People like Teump more. In addition to that, the only People they will hurt are Mom and Pop shops, Stage Hands, Prop People, People who being them Coffee and a slew of others. They are the ones that won’t get a Paycheck. They have Morgates to pay, Car payments, Rent and so on. The People that will be affected.

  • tannerose5

    Well, I just read ALL of the comments and not one person supported the actors. So. . .suck it up buttercups, your candidate lost, Shit happens and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. Maybe Rosie and all the others who threatened to leave the finest country in the world should start a “Go Fund Me” page. I’m sure you’ll find at least one person to give you money. . .but it won’t be any of the commenters on this page! We will even help you pack if it means we won’t have to listen to a bunch of whiny babies anymore.

  • Hamandidnothingwrong

    Oh noes, at least 4 years of no more kikish degeneracy whatever will humanity do!?

  • Jeff

    They are correct in saying that we are the ones with the power and that the president is there to serve us not the other way around. However, what they forget is the president is there because the people did elect him and we are the ones with the power. So what they are actually saying is screw the people, we elite and rich are the ones with the Power.

    And the other thing they forget is they are rich because we pay for them to entertain us, not for their political views. They all need to shut their mouth’s. Just ask the Dixie chicks.

  • Jesse Callahan

    That would be worth watching them fail even more. What a bunch of losers. Avoid their TV Shows, Musical festivities, stay away from their Hollywood films. Watch their sponsors drop them like hot coals.

  • bobby cross

    wow. good riddance to them.

  • Chaplain C

    No new movies? OMG! What will we ever do? Can we actually survive not seeing Rosie for 8 years? ROFLMAO! Who do these no-talent morons think they are? I go to the movies when I’m BORED! Somehow I survived not going for YEARS! I think I can find something better to do! These high-school drop-outs do not contribute to society, if they did CA would not be on the verge of economic collapse! I say WE The People BOYCOT Hollywood until they issue an apology to the man WE elected! What a bunch of idiots!!

  • signals

    Nothing like living in la-la, make-believe, hollyweird land and assume you represent humanity. Lets see how long it takes these RICH, PRIVILEGED, NO TALENT IMBECILES to realize that the USA don’t care?

  • Phil Taylor

    Lmao! Really! Such a long list of has-beens backing this one! They couldn’t last a month without their narcisistic (sp) lifestyles or paychecks. Then again…Maybe by taking a break, Hollywood will once again come up with original ideas and cease with the retreads they have been forcing down the throats of moviegoers for years!

  • Celeste Spradlinwillis

    Man and wowwww…..good bye and don’t forget when you are like the Average American don’t gripe cause you brought it on yourselves….they are so out of touch is so true…..if it were not for the Average American not anyone else they wouldn’t be where they are…..neither would the film industry period when it comes to executives…it takes the Average American to buy these DVDs, get Netflix, Hulu and the cable companies and so that will stop….you aren’t hurting Average America we would save a whole lot of money…they are overpaid, overpriveledged and have no clue what reality is anymore…they are just showing how ungrateful they are and shouldn’t be making what they do or even considered an actor or actress….I don’t care what or why they are doing it they better hope this doesn’t back fire on them….see ya don’t want to be ya….over privledged and overcompensated spoiled brats…..our society is so off kilter and this is why ;(

  • Connie

    You people are nuts! Your bloated egos just think you are the background of this country. No one really gives a hoot what you think politically. Your value only stems from a good line. The American people have spoke and we choose Trump! Strike, move, whatever we are tired of your liberal bullying! Just shut the hell up!

  • Jason Melissinos

    Wow… So much for saying you accept everyone equally… but you’re going to stomp your feet and try to bully the president elect to not take office. How about you entertainers wake up and realize you are NOT the voice for everyone. Millions of people do NOT agree with you, and your liberal tactics. Love Trumps Hate.. unless you disagree.. then you’re labeled everything in the book. But your own actions show you more to be bigots than anyone else. Your false hypocrisy has been exposed, and yet you still act like you know “what’s best for everyone.” Enough of your liberal bullshit. Keep showing everyone how hypocritical you are, acting like bullies and trying to force your ways, even though the election determined who the president is. “Do as I say, not as I do.” The new liberal motto.

  • Will Phoenix

    How many of these people should be busy packing because they promised to leave the country? STFU!

  • M Rob

    That is a ridiculous move. That threat will only strengthen Trumps resolve. He only cares about winning.

  • llred

    Oh please! These arrogant, snots think middle America gives a damn if they go in strike and don’t make their trashy movies. Got news for them. Who do they think goes to their movies anyway – other Hollyweird freaks? What a bunch of dolts!

  • Peg

    Wait a minute…more lies? I thought some of these people were leaving the country if Trump was elected? Why would they care if they left the country?

  • Jerod J Husvar

    No one. Cares. Let them strike.

  • Dan Tweedy

    They’re protesting Trump by shutting up? About time! I love this strategy.

  • Rixar13

    Rosie O’Donnell, ← You’re Joking Right?
    ISS ← Irish Sarcasm Society ← O:) ← You’re Joking Right?

  • greylady67

    Funniest thing I have ever read! Do they really think they are the foundation of this country? I hope they do go on strike because they are putting the worst garbage I seen. The movies they produce violate every principle they claim to stand for.

  • Arlene Melson

    Hollywood is a DEN of evil , actors have admitted to this , good , let’s get rid of it , there’s ALWAYS old movies laying around to re-watch if u r that desperate. You sat on your butts while this Whole nation went to hell under Obama , burning our flag , making fun of our religious beliefs , changing our Constitution, look at your lives , none of you are happy , switching spouses, turning your heads at pornogaphy, child molestation, sitting back saying nothing about the law changing the crime of child molestation !!! STRIKE IT , KNOCK IT DOWN ,TOTALLY!!! WHO AS A MATTER OF FACT , MADE YOU A CELEBRITY?? WHAT CAN BE MADE , CAN BE TAKEN DOWN , CAN BE NO MORE . HOPEFULLY SIN CITY WILL DIE

  • JE

    Oh, well, I guess we’ll have to watch football and MMA.

  • Blackwater


  • hopeful8

    Oh hey Liberal Hollywood. You seem to have forgotten your place. You are employees hired to entertain. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s time you are reminded of that. You’ve missed a golden opportunity to use your platform for unity. So the rest of us; we got this.

    For every one citizen (whom you claim to speak for and who you claim is filled with anxiety, fear and disgust over America’s President-elect), there are 10,000 who are not. And guess what Liberal Hollywood? Some of those people live within your very own cult-like little bubble. We are going to lead this country by example by not putting up with nor giving in to your TANTRUMS, BULLYING AND INTOLERANCE. We don’t need you. You will be the ones who lose more than you have already. Bring it on. #merylstreep #rosieodonnell #debramessing

    Sincerely yours,
    A former fan

  • C Thompson

    That’s hillarious! Most on that list aren’t even getting acting jobs anyways, and some I would actually avoid seeing a movie if they were in it. All the best to them. I hope they put their money where there mouth is. When life goes on without them maybe they will rethink their importance to society.

  • Nicholas Ralph Baum

    Yea! Best news ever!

  • The Deplorable Joe H.

    Yes. Do it. PLEASE.

  • Dave Garry

    Cool. Now maybe the horrible TV shows promoting the occult and deviant sexual practices will stop.

  • The Deplorable Joe H.
  • general357bcd

    Oh my gosh I am really afraid that will happen not really the fact is people still like money and always will you asking an entire industry to shut it’s doors and stop making money lets look at that a minute ok shall we.
    a actor actress has a shelf life if you will so your like a seasonal crop. here today gone tomorrow .
    you over rate your importance truly you do .
    shutting down the entire industry would include cameramen makeup artist equipment maintance costumes prop makers and to many to mention. who relay on that check they receive to feed there families now that’s a lot of people your hurting with that idea just those that work for the industry.
    Now think on this if you will who is gonna pay there bills? you well you should but you won’t you like money to much too.
    then there is the production companies well they like money so if you walk out they will simply find someone else to do the job. the threat is a very empty one.
    we can do with out the pretend as long as you can go with out money and you and your friends might face a huge backlash if your allowed to return t all.
    it’s simple any one looking for a job would jump at the chance of your so called strike including writers new ideas are needed badly in them movie industry .
    so go ahead strike please.

  • Dickn52

    Ok, so they go on strike and don’t make movies….How will I know if I missed anything great or not? And who cares anyway?

  • Clem_the_Great

    Promises promises………. the country would be much better off.

  • jjjeannieee

    Who the Heck do these ppl think they are? I prefer watch youtubers over Hollywood BS anyway.

  • EdWood

    I thought they were leaving. WTF?

  • KanawhaReprobate

    What a bunch of delusional idiots. I guess they think that we can’t buy entertainment from foreigners in Europe instead of the foreigners hanging out in Hollywood. They’re doing us a favor. It might give some young American artists the opportunity to shine and shove their useless Marxist butts out of there.

  • Kathy

    These Hollywood stars as they call themselves…… really need to come down out of the clouds. Who are they to decide for the entire country? For crying out loud. Can you just let the guy get to the moment when he’s at least sworn in?

  • Kim Daly

    Seriously. I wish I had the money to take out a full page add to tell them all to shut the fuck up. But I’m just a nurse who works like a dog to make it week to week. They are elitist assholes who are so out of touch.

  • joecrouse

    Im failing to see how this is a problem

  • George Ferko

    Trump and Congress should start by repealing all the favorable tax breaks Hollywood receives.

  • thank_you_for_calling

    That last paragraph made me lmao! They have mighty high opinions of themselves don’t they! Hahahaha! Go ahead, go on strike, PLEASE, do it! I really want to hear their reaction when they find out NO ONE GAF!!!!

  • Pam Rouse Miller

    They think he’ll resign??? Hilarious!!!

  • Mac McFayden

    Wow!!! Look at all the money I’ll save…Oh wait – I haven’t been in a theater since Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon tried their shit in the early 80’s. It breaks my achy breaky heart that I won’t hear Ms Miley sing anymore. I’ll just add these nut cases to my list of “I don’t care and won’t watch” personalities. Tim and Susan, Jane Fonda, and many more!

  • Dimitri

    Boycotting Hollywood until Mr. Trump resign? Alright even the Beast is standing down in front of Mr. Trump.

  • Stephanie Garmon

    This is the funniest article I have read in days! I would hate to think that Hollywood, with its pedophiles, elitists, druggies, bigomists, illegitimate children, was the foundation of my culture. It’s bad enough out here in the real world. Who needs the fantasy of these clowns to top it off? Spare me.

  • TommyLent

    Oh who cares??!!!

    Movies & music suck these days anyway.

    I have plenty of DVDs to keep me occupied.

    In the meantime I’ll just watch my “Dirty Harry”, “Mad Max”, “Deer Hunter”, “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “Deep Throat” and “Kanye West Live at Rikers”

    • TommyLent

      Uhhhhhh huh huh huh. I said “Suck”! Uhhhhhhh huh huh.

  • Anita Bowers

    I can not believe just how self involved these people are. They really do have mental health problems . They are Bullies and can not get him out of office , no matter how much they cry and stomp their feet. I have never seen People that act this bad because they didn’t get their way. Their actions have me re-thinking about who I even want to watch on TV or in the movies. We are seeing some real personility’s of these people and I don’t like what I am seeing. I will NOT be watching them anyway like a lot of other people . We are feed up with their demands , if anything it makes me want to get more involved in helping Trump with everything I can. Those people need to live in the Real World and get a real life . No body cares about what they want, They need to just sit down and shut up or leave the country . Maybe they should go make movies for ISIS and see how they like it.

  • exxonv

    Oh no!!! No more Hollywood? What will I ever do…

  • http://www.themacretrolution.blogspot.com spiceyweasel

    Well, bye. Time to open some more studios in Texas. Half of those assholes promised to leave the country if Trump won and they’re still here. Go make movies in Canada, eh? In other words….Take off, hosers.

  • Pat Barnett


  • MontanaTrace

    Rosie, that’s an incentive for America to ask him to run again.

  • Nanette Parks

    Maybe we should just boycott the movies you do make….that might send a more powerful message. Do what you want Hollywood….you’re more dispensable that you think!!!

  • Harry Ballsaq

    Trump making America great again. We won’t have to see those Fuxtard.
    And no unemployment for them either.

  • Trish

    You celebs are pathetic! Go ahead & strike! You’re only entertainment! You won’t be missed!

  • Bob McMillan

    Maybe you should move…I hear Botswana is nice…

  • cowcharge

    What an a** hole. Hey buddy, no one cares.

  • M Busby

    had no idea Hollywood controlled how I live. My money sure does not support them in any way, nor do they support me. Go on strike and stay there, when you become homeless due to no income, don’t come crying to the Real American people

  • I did not have

    I would pay to make this happen!

  • Alan Moore

    I think maybe its time to start making movies somewhere else. These people make 4 or 5 movies and they think they can run the country. They seem to forget that” we the people ” who voted Trump as president ,also made them movie stars. What rights do they have that they should decide what’s best for the rest of us…?

  • Eyes Open

    What does Rosie O’Donnell do these days? She’s not in movies or on a show…and Ed Asner?? Wasn’t his last gig Santa Claus in the movie Elf? Good God. I think we’ll live. All of these people could be replaced in a nano second…and some have already been replaced and are too stupid not to realize it.

  • Tim Madewell

    Who cares, Hollywood has not made any good shows or movies in years.

  • Glenn Davis

    Protest as long as ya like. I have DVDs. Rosie, I thought you were moving.

  • Jaye

    Hollywood, as you know does not appreciate the idea of Trump for the Presidency. The minority and Putin are looking forward to having the twitter addicted Trump, lead our great Nation. Just a thought: What has Trump got up his sleeve? What has Putin got up “his” sleeve? And, then there is Trumps manager, Kellyanne Conway saying we should not pay too much attention to what Trump says, and that we should listen to his heart …. DUH! Ladies and Gentlemen: It is imperative that the “thinking” caps are on!

  • JohnnyAdams8

    Just keave n go to suadi arabia

  • Paul Seaton

    Wait a second. Did that Hollywood spokesperson just compare Hollywood as the driving force in America to Hitler as the driving force in Nazi Germany?

  • Larry H

    Nothing but has beens who cares if they quit or not they can all quit.

  • dallascyan

    I will do them one better. I refuse to pay, rent or purchase a movie they are in. I won’t buy a magazine with their picture or any products they endorse. I won’t watch any TV shows with them in them. If enough people did this, it would go by the wayside just like they said “they would leave the country” if Trump was elected. Basically Hollywood is telling us that our votes don’t count, only their opinion matters and we are a bunch of ignorant dumbshits.

  • bflobobo

    Go for it, you stupid moronic idiots. And move out of the country, too.
    Actually, I apologize for insulting morons and idiots

  • Paul Burgener

    Should be pretty easy to boycot them, now.

  • AV8TR

    I’m sure the shareholders will have something to say about that one.

  • Dan Finch

    And they called trump a clown? These drama queens little hissy fit ain’t no threat…. They can shut down Hollywood until a democrat gets in back in office for all we care. Nobody’s going to miss the garbage theyve been putting out For years. The world doesn’t revolve around them. Well manage just fine without their movies or petty tirades… Plenty of reruns to watch!

  • sb

    is anyone curious who this “spokesperson is?”

  • Danielle Napoli

    GOD is in charge of everything including the “STARS” so wake up America. If you think GOD cares about “STARS” think again.. he has put Trump in charge to make GOD great again in America!

  • isthisrealnews?

    I can’t find any other news outlets or any sources that this is true, is anyone else concerned this is fake news?

  • rockinroadie

    I thought they were already on strike!!!

  • Blessed

    please look at the source with the amount of money they make,these ppl are all about drama queens,these ppl are actors and actresses they memorize lines and try to immolate reality, everything is fake! they live in a fairy tail, but technology is so good they can make it look real to the ignorant,and we are the land of the un edcuated. Rosie Odonell actually believes her own BS,I hope they all move to Canada or Iran, Iraq. That way they can learn to live in gratitude. Rossie take your low life and get the BLEEP out!

  • PursueJustice

    Another perk for a Trump presidency. Maybe all of Hollywood will just die off.

  • Billy Matthews

    Those people are freaking certifiable. Do they understand that they get paid to entertain? People have more than one way to be entertained, heck someone might even pick up a book lol!

  • beauxdog

    I love it… the Hollywood elites call for all out strike including the people who work in memorabilia stores. How much of their wealth do you think they are going to donate to keep the best boys and grips from losing their homes?

  • Eddie

    Strike, strike who cares, don’t watch their movies and acting much anyway. So strike.

  • Don Smith


  • Jim_Ank37

    Please go on strike and make it eternal!

  • Janet

    OMG! This is so laughable! I would love it if all of Hollywood went on strike! You think we don’t have anything else to do with our time? Have you ever heard of the Internet? It’s time people shut their damn TVs off and pay attention to their health and families. America does not depend on Hollywood, Hollywood depends on America! Get the facts straight!

  • Judy

    Oh please do we do not care!

  • First Last

    ☠ Hollywood if they could ☠

  • Ralph A Jansen

    This is probably the best news out of the whole election cycle. Hollywood going on strike? That would be GREAT!! Once all the movie theaters run out of things to show,they will have to find an alternate revenue stream that no longer includes Hollywood movies. People may find out that there are much better movies out there then the crap they show now. Strikes have a way of blowing up in the faces of those who go on strike. (Hostess anyone?) Perhaps enough movies will do bad enough that a strike would sink some of the major movie companies. Imagine if they came up to a calendar year, all the expenses they have to pay, and realize they have no movies to put out…

  • Marie Strickland

    ARE YOU ALL FRICKING CRAZY???? I never heard such ranting from egomaniacs as this. You think you are the “base of the entire modern American culture”. What the hell are you talking about you idiots. Go ahead and strike and see how many of us care.

  • Bart St.Germain

    Why Don’t y’all all just do what you promised the first time and leave the country. No one cares about your sorry ass D grade movies you been making. First off Rosey ODumnall needs to get her fat ass out the country like she said she would. No one watches or cares about her fat ass anyway. And the rest of y’all can go with her. You guys are so stupid. I promise this country won’t be any worst off with y’all gone and TRUMP as president than we have been the last 8 years of Dumbo as president. So get out all of you.

  • Hypatia Sensor

    They took over and strangled what would have been a naturally occurring culture subversively for their own ends as they have throughout history. The cycle repeats. It’s like deja vu all over again. See 1791 in France for some historical background.

  • Jay Thomas Randolph

    Wow, the same people who promised to move out of America if Trump was elected, who used the power they thought they had to control us, which did nothing, and they are still here in America. Now they somehow think they have more power to promise us not to do anything for Hollywood for a Month, well we all know that is a lie, but I sure wish they could promise us that we would not have to see or hear from them for a year. Give the young talent who would be grateful for the chance to work for a lot less and do a lot better. Hollywood has never and never will be the foundation of America. They are a sideline distraction. The working people of America are the back bone of this country, and I just hope you give us a chance to prove it to you.

    I think it is long past time that Hollywood clean house. Time to groom the next Dean Martin, John Wayne, or Marilyn Monroe.

  • Susan Slater

    Really, these are some of the worst performers in Hollywood. Rosie is a fat pig. Ed Asner is washed up! George Clooney is a terrible actor with sucky movies. Amy Shumer is not even funny. She is pathetic. So, if you want to stop performing, I applaud you. Stay off the fucking stage!

  • TKpeterGunn

    Don’t tease me now…..promise me you mean it!

  • 1sadcanuck

    fantastic..I am for it…2 things come out of hollywood..shite or crap

  • Susan Slater

    one month? when have you seen any of these on tv in the past month?

    • Susan Slater

      or movies or a stage?

  • Iplumeria

    Please do us a favor and strike. See how much you actually matter. You won’t like it.

  • Ginger Morris

    So tired of the Celebrities that don’t even RELATE to the middle class. With their millions of dollar jewelry and homes and the Red carpet for 20 mins.. MOVE OUT OF THE USA PLEASE.. AND TAKE NASTY ROSIE WITH YOU.
    Most of your B movies are. not worth watching anyway, with all the violence, cursing and sex… WE are board with you anyway.. Clean the Hollywood/ Hillarywood SWAMP. http://www.GreciaEstateHome.com

  • ole grizz

    Aren’t these the same collective morons that were going to leave the country if Trump was elected? Since not working means no pay, is anyone actually stupid enough that they’ll follow up on this either? Keep crying snowflakes, it brings me daily joy and fulfillment that puts a smile on my face.

  • Jules

    This would hurt the regular working man…the prop people, the camera man, shop owners, souveneir shops, etc….the people who make the $$$ to strike are the celebrities….they don’t care who they hurt just so they are making a point about Trump….assholes

  • shari

    For crying out loud, we as the American people nor hollywood stars did any of this when obummer was elected so wth….. and to the hollywood people go right ahead and strike, your fellow workers will get all the money then… besides the fact these are the same actors that said they was moving to Cnada sooo ummm why are they still here?????

  • Reid

    God please do. All four of you suck anyways!!! No one cares if you boycott doing movies in which u make millions of $$$. Please strike.

  • Jake Hammond

    yes, please do so. You idiots dont mean anything to general public now
    anyways with you all throwing major temperamental mood swings. We dont
    need any of them at all anyways. Who the hell do they think they are.
    Furthermore it wont hurt the USA and will prove your ignorance.

  • Bill McCormack

    That works for me, I don’t want to see their faces anymore if that is how they decided to act. Bye.

  • Gabby

    Stick to acting. You geniuses will be losing the $$$$$. So no movies, oh well. Maybe your movies will be boycotted by your fans. We have a new President who loves America. He will take the oath of office on the bible and not the koren. I thought these individuals were leaving the U.S. A. if Trump got elected. Rosie is to star in Hairspray. Can her. She threatened Donald Trump. Where is the investigation? Raven Simone has a job offer. Good bye job. You need to be respectful to our new Leader.

  • Ray D.

    Just think. No more half-naked Miley Cyrus until Mike Pence is President.

  • dwaynechamberlain

    I have a better plan,,, mass suicide!

  • Yvonne Wilson

    No, Hollywood shouldn’t do that. It would be best to make a motion picture portraying the last election. Maybe if people see it in a movie, they can see the true. Make a picture about the election with the famous statement, “I can say anything, and I won’t lose a vote!”

  • SeRiOuSLy!!??

    who the hell is this going to effect!? plz…just quit and leave the country!

  • Perry Butler Jr

    Goodness no more self empowering rewards events honor themselves, how will the deplorables survive for the next 4/8 years without them, thank for reruns as most of what they produced now a days is total junk.

  • Carol

    I call for a strike for all the movies and tv shows of the listed celebrities that does participate in this Trump Strike!!!!

  • Mary

    First they are moving out of the U.S. and now they are threatening to strike. Is this another casual threat…all talk and no GO!!! I say GO GO GO. Plenty of people waiting to pick up your leavings and Make Hollywood Great Again.

  • jackie massie

    Rosie and Milley meed to leave the Country like they said they would.The rest just need to get a life and Man up. The American people voted for Trump that is who we wanted. So strike you only hurt yourselves , it hurts your pockets not ours.

  • Wheatley

    This is actually giving me a lot of insight into the enigmatic mind-set that causes these celebrities to believe they have influence. They actually believe that we can’t live without them and so they believe their disapproval is being perceived as a threat.

    It’s about ego. Of course! I get it now!

  • downhill_run

    Please tell me this ISN’T a joke!!!! They don’t realize we are sick of most of them now.

  • Jose Colella

    8 straight years with no crap made by this ass-clowns? yay!

  • Pablo Sanchez

    Aren’t they supposed to be living in Canada, already? (eyes looking up)

  • Tom Clarke

    Does this dumb shit think that anyone is listening to her? Shouldn’t she be in Canada by now anyway? Earth to Rosie, Trump is our President for the next 8 years. Buy yourself some calendars on your way out of the country and shut your pie hole until 2024. Worthless POS.

  • PeacefulArgument


    “Without the work of Hollywood and the lifestyle promoted by it, there
    will literally be no more America to rule for Trump. So, in effect, it’s
    not us that are going to force Donald Trump to resign his office; it’s
    the people of America who are going to make him do it, because the God’s
    honest truth is – without Hollywood, there is no America. It’s like
    trying to run Nazi Germany without Hitler at the forefront – it just
    becomes pointless,”

    It seems to me that Germany did VERY well after hitler killed himself.

  • Bobby O’Dell

    Do it!! We’re sick of your bad movies anyway!! More conservative movies and less moral destroying propaganda garbage!!

  • DONE!!

    Hahahaha, BYE!!!! Like there’s not thousands out there more than willing to “scab” and take their place and in this instance, I’m quite fine with that. Smh…,lol

  • Debra

    So let me get this straight…instead of watching a movie at the theater that I can no longer afford, I will stay home and spend time with my husband and daughter? Or perhaps there will be no television and we will go outside and spend time together? I wont get to see Rosie O’Donnell? Perhaps I can tell my daughter she is finally honoring what she promised every American and leaving this country? No, she is not honorable? Then I will just be honest with her and tell her that every one of the people on this list have forgotten the mistakes they made while representing themselves to our families and children and then asked us to “forgive” them and continue watching? No? I know!

    I finally figured it out! I just need to tell my daughter that when you follow the law, vote under this Country’s laws, and it doesn’t work for you (regardless of the other MILLIONS who followed the law) that you should try to circumvent every other American and force them to do what you believe is right for them regardless of how the system works (fascist) Because the very first sentence was not about “we the people” it was actually about “we the film and television industry” (It’s about time people understood that we the actors are the ones with the power and that the president is there to serve us). Now it all makes sense. WOW

  • scooterdude

    Aren’tthey supposed to be packing up and moving to Canada? Poor Ryan Reynolds…if that’sso then hhe’s about to get a bunch of @$$holes for neighbors.

  • Bob

    Disney would be very happy that the whole Hollywood became part of the Looney Tune family

  • SignLady

    Oh! please don’t threaten us with a good time!! Boycott!! Please do!! If you think we will miss your over paid, self important, arrogant, liberal opinion hacked behinds you are sorely mistaken!! We were all hoping you would stick to your words and leave the Country like you threatened to before the election!! But yet you are still here. Still making those little videos telling all of us and even CONGRESS what to do and how to act and feel. Get it through your thick heads – we don’t care what you think or how you feel!!! But keep on doing what you’re doing and Republicans will be in power for a LONG time because all you are doing is pissing us off and bonding us together even more to make certain you and those like you continue to be DEFEATED at the ballot box!!! Bye bye!! Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out!!

  • Old Marine

    You got to be kidding! They truly are a bunch of stupid idiots ! Who cares if you strike.

  • John

    Maybe they will have a reality show about them all being on strike.

  • http://www.redconvoy.com redconvoy

    To the directors in Hollywood—WRITER RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!! WON’T DISAPPOINT!

  • RandyF

    Here’s a dollar, dance for me monkey. Guaranteed, I can easily outlast any hollywood “strike”, no problem. Oh, and aren’t most of you nitwits supposed to be in Canada by now anyway?

  • Rosco1776

    Congress looked for communists in hollywierd back in the 40’s and 50’s, today they are coming out of the woodwork! I wish they would have tried harder! I haven’t been to the movies in years, rightly so.

  • Ed


  • Lucus Windsor

    Oh gee I can’t wait to see how many actors will stop working and producers and writers. HA!

  • curry

    This is hella funny if it’s true , liberals crack me up.

  • Average Joe

    GO FOR IT!!!

  • Millie

    You guys are dumb as hell, this story originated from a satire site : therightists.com

    It doesn’t surprise me though, you types will believe anything 😀

  • Don Echo Wilson

    LOL… Please… A month? Consider this… the Movies coming out this year 2017, don’t look all that promising… Besides if there is a paycheck.. they will come… So stop teasing us, with idol threats.. As I see it the list of actors/actresses haven’t made a good movie in years… Please get over yourselves… Because you make Millions of Dollars does NOT mean your smarter than the American People. And that is who Voted the American People. See like everything else in your fantasy worlds… We DON’T NEED YOU! You need US, the American People to pay to see the crap you make. It is you lot that think that you have the upper hand, when you don’t… Film Studio’s are Businesses, they are in business to make Movies that make a Profit.. They don’t need you, they can find other’s to replace you, and most likely at a cheaper price than what you think your worth… So stick that in your pipe and smoke it… Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic Party got their Asses Handed to them… By who? The American People… Because Democrat’s always have their hand out… Working a Real Job is what matters… If you think I am blowing smoke up your ass… Just look at the state of California… Democrat’s have totaled the state of California… I damn sure don’t want to visit a state that has as many Illegals in it as real American’s living in it…

  • Lou9999

    I guess the celebrities don’t realize that the more they shout against Trump, the more we want him. If these Libtards are so against him, he must be doing something right.

  • Tina

    Is this the same clowns that was going to leave the country and because they won’t make a dime if they do, didn’t? Go away, we don’t need you, we have our own lives.

  • Ken Connolly

    Bwahhaaaa really…..go for it douche bags.

  • Trey Hudson

    Seriously? If they spoke for everyone Trump wouldn’t have even won the election! Such arrogance on their part to think that we care that much about movies. There are enough movies already out their to keep us in movies til we die! Not too mention there are enough actors that will refuse their petty ignorant move.

  • Monkeywrench542 .

    wow, could we be so lucky to have the liberal elite idiots actually try and strike in hollywood?

  • Rhonda Lemp Hughes

    WE DONT CARE!!! Go away. I have no reason to see you ever again! BU-BYE

  • Ron

    How great it would be. Just think all the things that would get done without all those idiots.

  • Patti razzis

    Oh please do it! There are thousands waiting to take your place. Sad and pathetic. You have he power to unite, but you choose to divide instead.

  • konc2

    Don’t go teasing us you worthless piles of chitt if you are not serious, why don’t you really make us all suffer by committing suicide if Trump does not resign by , say, January 12, 2017.

  • Nanner

    That would be cutting your nose off to spite your face. Please Rosie…Take your whole face. Sorry Donald, I said before you could.

  • Goliath

    Whatever happened to them moving to Canada that sounded so much better I was trying to screw up everything because they realize that be too easy

  • Genny

    Excellent idea. Strike now. 9.5/10 of your movies are not worth watching. So you want Trump to walk away from the Presidency that he has already started working on and hand it over to Hillary Clinton or just to Hollywood. Please let us know. We don’t know what to think or do without celebrities directing us. We would be so lost without you.

  • laci

    When was the last time Rosie had a gig. I guess you could say she has been on strike for while now. The rest are all an after thought, won’t matter to me one little bit if they go on strike. A strike of has been actors does not phase me in the least. What is really funny is they obviously do not know Trump very well. He is ready to stand up to real pit bull world leaders these little puppies will only give him fodder for a tweet.

  • James

    I hope this is true! Imagine those who aspire to break into the movie industry who would be happy to be scabs.

  • Sharon

    We can only hope. We will live. I would be more upset if all all brave military left or our CDC scientists left..Sharon…

  • Tim Casey

    I hope shes not joking cause you know how that leaving thing worked out!

  • Janny Dare

    Who cares? Let them strike my life will go on just fine.

  • Dan Bennett

    Well STRIKE then, you sons of bitches, and see if anyone cares!

  • Roger Neil Bottorff

    This has got to be the stupidest thing I ever heard. America isn’t Hollywood thank god, and to think they think they are so important to society. They have been mostlet detrimental

  • SophiaWeisheit
  • DAb


  • Tami Booth

    Really Hollywood??? Obviously you didn’t vote for President-elect Trump and he STILL won. There are more middle Americans that did therefore we don’t give a rats behind what you do!!! Your profession or “craft ” is what you do. So do it or shut up. I don’t care. And most of Americans who have much more important careers I.e. Nurses, teachers, electricians, police, firefighters—–even tho we’ll never make what you do, we make far more influences on people’s lives than you aspire too. We’re finally tired of the middle class to consistently be overlooked and feel that Mr Trump is the person who will help us. Please stick to your craft. Nothing about your political thoughts do we give a “rip” about. And you should have been more excited about the award you received,accepted it gratefully, then go sit back down !! I’m sincere when I say, we don’t care about your opinion unless it’s about your films……and sometimes not even then, depending on the film.

  • Rae

    Let them, I have books that are way better than the movies ever are, no skin off my back

  • J Ervin Bates

    Rosie is just teasin us…..she was gonna move out of the U.S, too! Wish I could believe Hollywierd would do this, though!

  • Karen Beasley

    So,when all these people are striking are the high paid actors going to pay the car notes, mortgages and put food on the table of the others in the ‘bizness’ but lower on the pay scale? This threat of a strike would really bother me if I cared about Hollywood.
    Ed Asner is still alive?

  • Tom Cook

    These pumped up actors need to find out just how irrelevant they are. Especially that fat,no talent, loudmouth Rosie ODonnell. I wonder if SAG is going to pay the striking workers, while on strike. If not George Soros would be willing to. I will not miss any of the liberal trash coming out of HollyWierd any way.

  • chuckfaerts

    Ok, please do!

  • Fusion Skydweller

    Rosie O’Donnell, Amy Schumer, Miley Cyrus and George Clooney are part of a group of celebrities that no one’s heard about in years and literally no one will notice their gone.

    That’s about what I got from this article, but please keep trying desperately to stay relevant.

  • Angelia

    Only a month?? Why not a year?? two??? I know FOUR!!

  • Cindy Glover

    Please go and don’t let the door hit you in the hind-side. Celebs make way too much money as it is. You are not the foundation of our country. The foundation is people that get up early, go work hard every day for the little bit that they make. We are tired of supporting your extravagant liberal behinds anyway. We are also tired of supporting people that are capable of getting a job but wont work and instead they teach generation after generation how to sit at home and draw the benefits we work for. It’s time for a change. The new administration may not be perfect and I do not at all support Trump’s morals or beliefs, but we need change for those of us that are as you say the “deplorables”. You dont need to strike, we as hardworking Americans way out-number you celebrities. We should be boycotting you for you thinking you can make decisions for us.

  • Gastronome44

    Hollywood is welcome to go on strike, rather it would better if “Hollywood” just disappeared completely. America would be far better without Hollywood. It is essentially an unnecessary menace to society. Good Riddance.

  • EmpatheticRN

    Do these people really think that they’re that important? Honestly, I don’t even think that they’ll be missed. Oh, maybe by the other leftists who believe their dribble. But, mainstream Americans have other things to worry about, and call me crazy….but I won’t be clutching my pearls over their commical threats. Go Away Already! Now, git!

  • Rosanna Judah-Elliott

    Notice all these guys are has beens and don’t do much acting. Thank God. So no big loss. You know they aren’t gonna do it. Just like they said they would move to Canada and they are still here. THEY are the ones that need to act, we’re just here for the show! LOL!

  • Rosanna Judah-Elliott

    Well, let’s see if they can last 8 years! LOL

  • Sherry

    Please….don’t make anymore movies !! I could care less if there were no more actors. Then they get to see how the other half lives. Please….move to Canada, move to Mars, move to wherever…just get the heck out of the U.S. We don’t need trash like you.

  • Paul

    You Hollywood cronies can go on strike, our make nothing but trashy movies un fitfor families to watch. We need actors back li j e John Wayne, that would tell you all to shut up and support the President. You are all a bunch of loosers in my book. Meryl Streep told a pack of lies last night. Get a life, you are all overpaid, and support a crook like Hillary and Obama. I know this c will all backfire on you, Us Americans have spoken and will support Donal Trump. You assessment in Hollywood can all take a slow ship to China.

  • Capndweeb

    Wait, so this means the Hollywood left will stop spreading lies and hate and trying to destroy America until Trump resigns??? No more constant death and sex and murder and greed and evil? HALLELUJAH!!
    Bring it on! PRAISE GOD!

  • Sue

    Go for it I bet the American public can do longer without you than with you. Think of all the people that live in proverty that can’t afford to go see your movies. You don’t deprive them of any thing. And if you feel turning your backs on all the good work you do for charities is worth your haterd towards one person, show us all how much you don’t. Care about America’s political process or the American’s that said their say by voting.

  • Shaniqha Devon simpleton

    Let them strike, the production houses will still produce movies with new talent.

  • ArchEcoTech

    Let the culprits line up and strike, at least than we will know who the real enemy is. What happens after that…………..maybe deport them or call in a drone airstrike?

  • Terrie Haywood Shrum

    Do it .Nobody cares. He is our elected President.Just like all of the ones before and the ones who will be next. Accept it and move forward.

  • TB

    I’m fine with football and MMA. Besides Rosie?? Movie?? She sucked in A League Of Their Own, with Tom Hanks, Garry Marshall, and Gena Davis to seek help from. Hell, the little kid and Betty Spaghetti out acted her.
    Ed Asner………Really? Give me John Wayne reruns and Tom Selleck westerns anytime!!!

  • PD Thomas

    So here they go again. The Hollywood elite. Obviously they can afford to go without work for an extended period of time, but have no consideration for the working class who work on movies and television series. The people working paycheck to paycheck to have a roof over their families’ head and food on the table. The elite have no regard for anyone else. If you want to make a point – quit, don’t work. There are people three deep behind you willing to do your job.

  • waltoszsusan

    Let them strike…they promised to leave anyways…maybe we should hold them accountable..

  • Glenna

    Last time I checked God was the foundation. We are to hold Him in the highest regard not you over paid cry babies. Pick a country…ANY country and move if you didn’t get your way. AND if you are not leaving, then shut the heck up. Trump is the POTUS, get used to it. You all have some nerve thinking you represent those of us that actually WORK for a living. You know, the blue collar workers. You are out of touch with reality, living in that fantasy land they call Hollywierd. I would rather watch MMA or football than a bunch of whiney folks who think they have the ultimate say in this land of the free because of the brave.

  • Sergio Piery

    ……….” without Hollywood, there is no America. It’s like trying to run Nazi Germany without Hitler at the forefront – it just becomes pointless,”……..I love it………..they are finally being honest…………..THEY ARE EQUATING THEMSELVES WITH HITLER!!!!!!!!………appropriate for elite socialists……………

  • wgone

    OMG i so wish it were true but they wont stick to the plan like the Canada promise. Hollywood needs to DIE so they can understand how unimportant they are.

  • quickfxs@yahoo.com

    The rich hollywood elite are delusional and forget that many in the movie industry are not rich like they are or that the Hollywierd lifestyle runs America.
    Go ahead..please stop making trash for a month. Better yet stop completely until Trump resigns..it will be a nice 8 years of not having to listen to people like Rosie spout liberalism and hatred through her blowhole!
    I though she was moving anyway, now she just wants moral support to sit on the couch and do nothing.
    Please strike…i beg you.
    It will not affect my life at all, in fact, it may improve it!

  • Ron Whosoever Williams

    PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE GO ON STRIKE!!!! Please put us deplorables in our redneck place! THAT’LL TEACH US A LESSON! After all, we certainly don’t know what’s good for us as evidenced by a Trump victory, amiright? Who knew the Kool-Aid you’ve been serving us just wasn’t as strong as you thought all along, huh? My word of advice to Mr. Clooney and friends: Put everything you’ve earned from making your movies & television shows into a Roth I.R.A. – You are going to need it to live off of after your next blockbuster fails at the box office and your television pilot ends up at the bottom of the Neilson Ratings due to the heartland of America, the basket of deplorables boycot your productions. We are your bread and butter yet you let your ego and arrogance run rampant to the point of producing PSAs to “change minds” and pursuede others to alter their vote because YOU didn’t like the outcome of an election? Get over yourselves quickly or you WILL find yourself unintentionally or not, blacklisted. America has spoken. Trump is our next president. Stop all this fuckery and foolishness and move on.

  • sharon

    When is it starting? I can hardly wait, but promises, promises, promises. Like their leaving the country, it will never happen, so sad, something to look forward to just to have our hopes dashed. Besides it is not them that have the power, it is us by refusing to pay good money for this constant trash. Boycott everything Hollyweird.

  • Claire Robbins Thomas

    Is this REALLY a problem? The way I see it, all the movie houses have to do is go to the $5/2 bin at Walmart, buy up the big hits from 10-12 years ago, advertise them, then make more money on them then when they showed them brand, spanking new.
    Because, really, wasn’t that what Hollyweird was going to do except edit in a few more ethnic actors and scenes and delete some really redneck scenes?

    I have NO RESPECT for these Hollywood types who think they are the center of the universe. Yes, they are entertaining PERIOD.

  • JoAnn Farmer Talley

    Thank god….no more semi porn, stupid plots, remakes because no one has an original idea any more…it will give this country a break from the sleezy crap that Hollywood spews out…does this mean no more Kartrashians either?? Does this mean all of Hollywood will shut up and go away? Hell we can make anime movies with characters that you can hardly tell aren’t human..a lot cheaper too….Anyone need help packing??

  • Christina Haakman

    I hope so… There the ones that has played a huge part on our Country losing the family values and morals with all the crap they put out there!!! They should rethink and revalue themselves!! That would be a huge plus for this Country being great again.

  • Clyde_Frog

    Please do! I dare you! Any of you! But everyone knows none of them have the nads to follow through with their empty threats lol. Why would they need to strike when they already promised to leave the country anyway and couldn’t even keep that promise?

  • Chris Stetsko

    GO AHEAD! There are How Many starving actors/actresses/writers that are waiting tables and baristas in LA, New York, and elsewhere that wouldn’t jump at an opportunity? And these pampered entertainers burn through money like a fire in a paper factory. So yeah….Don’t Sing It/Bring It!

  • spangman

    Well….if they want to strike……..go ahead……PLEASE. We should boycott the movie theaters. Don’t go to the movies, don’t rent movies, just download them off the internet for free. Maybe they will have to move to another country.

  • Kim in St Louis

    I dont see new movies. So none of this matters to me. However, SAG will never strike, because they are whores. Slaves to the fools that pay them so well. Gee, then they might actually have to WORK !

  • Susie Perales

    These Hollywood folks are the biggest hypocrites alive. The whole industry is the most racist business I have ever seen. How many minorities have they let into their circle of snobbish pretenders? It took decades for all minorities to get work in the movie industry. If they did get work in the past, it was only to play stereotypical characters that demeaned them. It was a miracle if any of them were recognized for the coveted Oscar. It is so pathetic to see them fighting for equal rights when they have not practiced it in their little movie world. Are they that blind or just delusional and ignorant? It’s such a shameful state our country is in. I’ll never watch another awards show. It’s not an awards show at all, but a mob of narcissistic, self-righteous bigots.

  • Ross

    Bunch of crybaby actors. Pull up your big girl panties, ’cause you know that your candy-asses won’t do a single thing.

  • SilverDragons

    I find this statement rather vague.

    “It’s about time people understood that we’re the ones with the power
    and that the president is there to serve us, not the other way around“

    Does this mean Hollywood is in power? Lord have mercy! We are all doomed.

  • Sean

    LMFAO! I will never watch, another movie, support or buy anything these actors are affiliated with! Rosie O’Donnell, probably the ugliest woman I have ever seen, she’s not even an A list actress, who is she!,what has she done! Any one crazy enough to back or support her, your a retard! Actors, actresses, song artists, authors, your nothing special! You are who you are because, we allow it! Piss off enough people, we will be asking for you to resign, or you will be broke as Shit fileing for BK no one will ever support or pay for anything your a part of. I can’t stand stupid Ass entitled people!

  • duerr

    If they are serious they will cancel the Grammy’s but like all of them that were going to leave the country it’s all bullshit.
    It would be great if they followed through with it.

  • Louise C

    I would LOVE to see them all go on strike and NOT make any money while promoting their liberal immoral ideas in Hollywood! What an asinine idea for them to come up with this. It will only hurt them, not us. Hollywood DOES NOT speak for the rest of America. I can’t stand your liberal, immoral and godless ideologies. So good, stay home. Only one thing; make it longer than 1 month please! These people are insane.

  • Walker

    I can’t believe their arrogance. Do they really, really think that we can’t live without MOVIES???? Really???

    Can they really be that stupid and shallow??

  • Walker

    Hell, just a month?? Most people won’t even notice they are on strike. this is unbelievable.

  • Dusty

    They’ll do this right after they get done moving to Canada I suppose…

  • Kevin

    Hollywood, shut up and entertain me. Bitches.

  • Charlene Geren

    Hahaha….You are talking to the people that voted him in ….lol…this is about the funniest thing I’ve heard so far…..go ahead and strike,don’t make any movies….I never go to your liberal movies anyways…as you may recall, we are evangelical Christians.Grow up and put on your big kids underwear,you bunch of warthogs. 🙂

  • Jim himself

    Only ones calling for job stopage are the ones out of work.

  • Karen Delgardo

    So we will go back to watching channels 2, 4, 7,9, and 11. Our kids will go back to playing outside in the backyard instead of watching your crap on TV and in the movies! It will be a rebirth of America! Maybe you don’t get it! I guess you Tinsel Town missed the Trump Train!!!!

  • ‘Steve Qualls’

    Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, crackle, popcorn, Roku, 300 million Americans that would love to live in the pie in the sky that these folk live as entertainers. I highly doubt that anyone would miss them. Lol.

  • Timothy Baker

    When did Hollywood become the foundation of America. I hope it collapses and those idiots who want to use scare tactics and gang violence to push their agenda can crumble with it.
    America is stronger than those idiots.

  • Jane Bowen

    Rosie O’Donnell, Debra Messing, Ed Asner and Michael Shannon << pretty sure i'd never pay a penny to see a movie with any of these wankers in it. lol i don't even have a clue who michael shannon is….. you will not be missed. now there's some reality.

  • Lone Ranger

    When you ‘stage’ your walkout , don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. Unless drama queens – get over yourselves already.

  • Michael Clark

    Oh please do…PLEASE!!!!

  • What_IQ


  • Forrest W Gayman

    thought they were leaving before . now a strike . do something leave already

  • Kubla Khan

    Hahahah!!! … This is the funniest thing I have heard all week! … These stupid idiots actually believe anyone would give a rat’s rump if they went on strike? .. The stupidity is OFF THE CHARTS!!!

    I would rather watch reruns of Gilligan’s Island than see these asshats on television or movies anyway … IDIOTS!

  • Dee Jones

    Someone please explain to me, how is it they actually believe that without Hollywood there is no America? I really think we would survive without them! The question is would they survive without us?

  • eugene klumpp

    who cares what that fat bitch says anyonethat listens to her fuck them to they don’t run this country not even close their no bodys …….. imo

  • Jon

    Please please strike and see how many people give 2 shitz.

  • Detcord

    This delusional narcissistic Hollywood garbage thinks THEY “are the base of the entire American culture?” PLEASE strike and go away…it will be years before anyone notices!

  • Suprememayo

    The old “we are right and everybody else is racist” hate filled intolerant diatribe from the liberal morons.

  • Ron Boutwell

    Hollywood, please do this. Let this be the one threat that you follow through with. You all claimed you would leave the US if Trump was elected yet you are all still here. I guess you were all just ACTING (like someone with integrity). Please boycott Trump. I promise you a reality check. America can survive far longer without your movies than you narcissistic pansies can survive without a fat paycheck derived from box office proceeds. You just make movies for entertainment. The nation does not depend upon you for anything important.

  • Ezra Tank

    Rosie O’Donnell, Debra Messing, Ed Asner and Michael Shannon …

    Ed Asner is still alive? LOL. Not exactly “stars”.

    And of course it’s all about themselves as usual. They don’t realize all the “little” people that support their massive egos would be out of work as well. You know like your “assistants”, camera people, make up, lighting, set people, writers … they would all suffer so these morons can say “LOOK AT ME”.

  • Rocky Torres

    YEAH!!!!!! Let other upcoming, better actors take your places. LOL

  • Alan Lofland

    Plz plz plz hollywood callapse , you celebrity pussballs

  • JohnnyMac

    Haha ha what a joke…… But Seriously this Is What’s Wrong With AMERICA Right Now PEOPLE like his Starting Crap And For Stupid Reasons . By People Who Are Still pissed Clinton A woman Didn’t win . Rosie is nobody And All That Stand With Her Are Nobody’s .

  • Sammy Tan
  • bluelove

    Really? Promise?!?

  • Neesie

    “…Without the work of Hollywood and the lifestyle promoted by it, there will literally be no more America to rule for Trump. So, in effect, it’s not us that are going to force Donald Trump to resign his office; it’s the people of America who are going to make him do it, because the God’s honest truth is – without Hollywood, there is no America. It’s like trying to run Nazi Germany without Hitler at the forefront – it just becomes pointless,” the spokesperson concluded

    This is a joke, right? Please tell me no one actually believes this…

  • Mike Phillips

    Build a wall around Hollyweed and have them pay for it. Won’t miss it,
    there are lots of good football games!

  • Vince Vonheeder

    Now all they need is a roomful of scriptwriters, a producer or two, and a director. With all these big names, gotta be a blockbuster! Wonder how PE Trump can “resign” from a position he’s not yet in? *sigh* Only nine days to go. And then four (to eight) years of watching this foolishness from all of the “highly educated” elitists. Gonna be entertaining.

  • Last Bastion

    WOW. They put WAY too much stock in their self importance. They’re skating on thin ice as it is! No one cares about THEM! They are all OVERRATED OVERPAID NOBODIES!!!

    Now here comes the heavy sarcasm…. I’m SURE the producers are just going to let these crybabies breach their contracts to go on with these hissy fits.

    They are *NOT* the “foundation of the country, so to speak, the glue that’s holding it together” by ANY stretch of the imagination. Such narcissistic BS will be their downfall.

  • Lance Harris

    Judging from the last 10 movies I have seen, I would say they were already on strike.

  • Larry B Pickett

    when is that obnoxious ‘you know what” going to keep her promise and leave the country. – and take her friends with her,

  • Jay

    Awww… It’s adorable.
    Someone who earns millions for playing make-believe seem to think that America revolves around their every whim.

  • commonsensefailsyou
  • hot pursuit

    I can’t wait! I’ve been meaning to re-read many of my old American history books anyway.

  • J R Moses

    PLEASE STRIKE! That would save me the trouble of always pleading with people to BOYCOTT your sorry asses.

  • Duane Layton

    Oh PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do this, so tired of seeing the GARBAGE your selling as entertainment anyway

  • Elaine Bouche Kiefer

    Please, do us all a favor and make it a permanent strike.

  • Beulah

    Ok Trump supporters let’s give them a dose of their own medicine…..Starting Jan 20th anyone who supports Trump should not go to ANY movies for 2 MONTHS. We have the power, not them. We can survive without them. They cannot survive without us. Get the word out to all your facebook friends and family. Let’s show them what we think of their pitiful threat!!!!

  • Shawn the Sheep

    You know what is funny. These people spent all this time comparing themselves to Hitler like it is a bad thing, but, at the end of the article, they compare themselves to Hitler like he was a good man who ran Germany. Funny, don’t you think?!

  • Bob Comment

    Will they be making any movies in Canada where they are going to be living?

  • IllIIllIlIlIlIlI

    so now we’ll get some FRESH NEW FACES to be given chances to show us what they got? Damn, maybe i’ll even go become an actor and show them how to do it with out being a whiny AHOLE!!!

  • Wolfhoundcop

    Written by a Russian….lol Look at the credits…ha ha

  • Cindy Alderson Petrovich

    Not that I’m a Trump supporter but this is quite the empty threat! It’s been years since I have seen anything worth watching, let alone to pay the price of a movie these days. Hollywood has lost it’s imagination and has relied on remakes of old movies way too much lately. So, as far as I see it, no great loss if they go through with it.

  • matt miller

    Hmmm…No Rosie, no Miley, and no Clooney for the next eight years?! I’m IN, bro!!! And everybody in Hollywood goes unemployed? Pretty heartless, but okay. Eight years of family time, camping, game nights, actually communicating…Cool. Actually, all the young people in Hollywood would JUMP at the opportunity to get work when the self-important celebs decide to strike. So, go ahead! It’ll just be a welcome improvement!

  • ones opinion

    Rosie who???
    Cyrus… put some clothes on….

  • Lois

    LOL!! This may be my big chance!!

  • supertech

    Please do it you bunch of pointless, pathetic snowflakes. Do you honestly believe that washed up entertainers striking will make even the slightest bit of good?? Even if the decent entertainers went on strike it wouldn’t matter. The only people who would care are you lot and the hangers on in your cosy little bubbles. Out here in the real world…we wouldn’t give a s***. You are as useless as you are deluded. Please go on strike and entertain us all. That’ll be a first then won’t it??

  • Michael Simpson

    Sure it’s easy to go on strike for a month when you haven’t really acted in years. I don’t know who most of these people are…but I can say that the world isn’t going to miss Rosie’s acting. It’s been 4 years since Clooney has done anything of note so I opine that he won’t be missed. Debra Messing? Looked her up in IMDB. Can say with certainty that I’ve never seen any of her movies. Michael Shannon played Zod in a Superman movie. I think he was pretty well destroyed so no need for him to be in a sequel. Ed Asner? Seriously? I liked him in MTM but that has been off for years and I doubt the Christmas reunion is imminent. So, the scads of other actors who are willing to give up a paycheck but are unnamed are lower in star power than the ones listed. There are plenty of actors who will take your break from acting as an opportunity for their break. Who knows, they may find some actual new talent. I am all in for a Hollywood strike. Let’s do this! I’m not acting until Trump is out of office!

  • Chaz d

    I’ve been boycotting Hollywood for decades – I don’t go to their crummy movies, and don’t have cable TV so don’t watch their stupid TV shows that insult my values and intelligence. Reading good books, watching old movies, documentaries and studying technical stuff has (I hope) made me a smarter and better person than if I had wasted that time taking in the sewage that Hollywood pumps out.

  • duder1897

    Rosie just mad cause Donald called her fat, ugly and stupid. Leftists hate the truth. Four of the most irrelevant people on the planet are making threats. Watch out. This could get super boring.

  • Sarandipity44

    YAY! That means we only have to watch the intelligent ones! This is great news!

  • momietimes3

    I can’t wrap my head around their idiocracy! WE THE PEOPLE voted him in. By electoral college AND by popular vote! Get over yourselves Hollywood & other libtards! You WILL NOT be missed!

  • No vote Hillary

    Rosie and the rest should strike Hollywood till they go broke. Personally would love to see Hollywood shutdown a lot longer than a month. They need to talk to Meryl Streep….She is a has been that is BROKE. She had a job as Mrs C. on a remake of Happy Days until she mouthed off at the globe awards about Trump. Ron Howard fired her next day She said that job was going to finance her retirement. Maybe Hillary or Obama will finance her retirement now….NAWWW they don’t care about ?

  • lamk123

    Is this a satire site?

  • Richard J Eberhardt II

    Is this a threat? COOL!!! I do not watch anything current. It all SH-uh, wait… Poo Poo!

    She is still mad because her show got canceled because no one was watching but her armed guards. (some will get that) It’s the only fame and time she gets any more. But seriously. She promised she was leaving, so go. But leave your horrible American Dollars here, since this is so horrible. She must not have heard of the “Little Boy Who Cried, Wolf.”

    Rosie, no one cares about you. Their love their money too much, and you have no power anymore, well, never did. 🙂 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1c091e71f1840a935cf89b913b34033c36ac3a08d894fbefa19830d9ded68ccb.jpg

  • Zxer91

    This is fake news folks.

  • Mike Dockins

    Oh good Lord, please go. Please, please, please go and never come back.

  • Patricia A Lynch

    Gee maybe we will get some better tv and movie shows. When did they say they r leaving the country? I wish they would hurry, there r boats, trains, & planes leaving everyday get on one.

  • jrp

    REALLY? No work means no pay…….so how long do you think THAT strike will last you egomaniacal idiots!

  • Donald

    They are going to start making movies in Canada, right

  • Marty Brown

    You threatened to leave the US if Trump was elected, but you are still here. Now you are threatening to stop making movies. You know that this is just another threat that you will fail to follow through with. You want your paycheck too much so that you can support your lifestyle. Go ahead, stop making movies and television programs. I haven’t seen a movie in a couple of decades and don’t own a TV. The only ones who will feel the impact of your strike would be the little beople behind the scenes of the set like the makeup artists and the carpenters that build the sets, and the lighting techs.

    Personally, I would like to see you pack your bags and take your liberal ideology somewhere else.

  • BobbyD

    Apparently these a$$holes have not figured out that we are a democratic republic which held elections and the Republicans won in all areas. If you don’t like America and the American people anymore then stop marketing your stuff here and physically move to another country.

  • Skully Truth

    So ridiculous! Now Hollywood “celebrities” are threatening a “boycott” unless Trump resigns. These people are so out of touch with reality in general, who cares what they think? A Hollywood “star’s” opinion on politics is like asking a dude that puts Mentos in a Coke bottle about torsion & quantum physics. Please get over it you Self righteous, out of touch, clueless, wealthy, narcissistic, megalomaniacs. And no, I’m not on either side of the fence, fences are for sheep. It’s time for all the bullshit to stop and for this country to pull itself together and move forward…..

  • bmc

    All the ones listed are washed up anyways, so no big loss. Bye Felicia

  • Darlene

    I did agree with a partial sentence It’s about time people understood that we’re the ones with the power. Not Hollywood, but the people. These self absorbed self promoting hypocrites think they can control the country? They are nothing but a bunch of pampered jerks. I sure hope the American people stop contributing their hard earned money to support these people.

  • Terri E. Snow

    This is hilarious and ludicrous! Do they really think this will impact America? Seriously? Yes, I enjoy going to new movies, but if the “choice few” decided not to be in the limelight anymore because they got their panties in a wad, I would not be sad. Grow up, people – the majority voted in our next President and that overrules your silly decision!

  • Irishmist

    Why can’t they give him a chance and then fight with him ON THE ISSUES? I used to like Rosie, but since she made fun of President Trumps’ son, I no longer am a fan! Sad really!

  • http://maximumwebpresence.com Traci

    Thank God, I have already quit watching these pieces of shit. They need to go live on their on island.

  • Richard

    Love it I /WE ” DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU”

  • Donald Lee


  • R, Benedict

    Are you kidding me? The Hollywood elite really think they are the foundation of the USA? Everything associated with a movie is a luxury. Movies are not necessary for the American way of life. Pure and simple they are a luxury. The spokesperson is an idiot, he/she actually compared Hollywood to Hitler. Who does that? Goes to show how out of touch Hollywood actors in general are!

  • Cuda

    Hollywood thinks far too highly about itself to think it is the glue that holds America together, Family and Faith still hold this country together and if Hollywood thinks otherwise then go on strike, full strike hell turn off the network TV stations also since they are just actors as well and see who is groveling in a month or 60 days! Hollywood hasn’t the sack to go on strike for a week let alone a month, I quadruple dare you Rosie O’Doodlecakes! You will find 50% of America is already shutting you off and of the other 50% you will find they come to earth and reality and see they don’t need your bile and filth in their lives either! Hollywood will never strike for 30 days unless it lines their pockets, they are the worst hypocritical elitist of all!

  • Mary Bucciarelli

    Go right ahead and strike. Then maybe you will find out that you are not as important as you think you are. We can live without you , ladies and gentlemen. I just hope that you will then see and accept the truth that your presence and opinions are very disposable and we will all live and prosper without you.

  • Leigh Loden Spurlock

    Please strike, we the deplorables don’t care. He’s the better choice for this country. I don’t want a murderer and a liar and so many other perverted things I could call HRC to ever sit in the highest seat in America, she’s pure evil. GOD HAS SPOKEN AND TRUMP IS WHOM WAS CHOSEN. Get over it. You celebrity types just think you rule this world. You dont.

  • Budreaux, curmudgeon.

    Let them strike. I think that we will strike in return. Ask the Dixie Chicks how much running their mouths cost them.

  • Brian Assanowicz

    In the spirit of inclusion….ADIOS MOTHER FUCKERS. Besides, went 75% of you supposed to leave the country anyway? BYE

  • Barbie

    Many of the liberals are short sighted thinking Hillary would be best. They don’t realize that she is part of George Soros plan for a One World Order which would allow people from other countries to park their butts here for free which would bankrupt our Country. Also she would have let RADICAL ANTI-AMERICANS in to put an end to the US as we know it. That’s why Hollywood, big banks and big companies who are the ELITISTS and George Soros will sabotage Donald Trump at every turn they can Look at what Obummer is doing now. These marchers are part ELITISTS and part PAID PROTESTORS and I can’t for the life of me understand why the Liberals can’t see this.

  • N.S.

    I’m almost speechless at the outright ego that is displayed in this article. Do they really think that people would risk losing their homes, pensions, medical, etc because someone who wants to finally uphold our counties laws will be taking office? And what? It is because of Hollywood that cars get made? It is because of Hollywood that we have a space program? That we have other industry beside them?

  • Barbie

    Of course, these Hollywood numb nuts are with Soros as they are the ELITISTS. They are the ones that want to take over and be on the top while deciding how we.should live which would most likely be in the gutter.

    These people are the worst of the worst and we should ALL BOYCOTT THEM. A double whammy. Stand up for our new PRESIDENT-ELECT
    For we have a bumpy ride ahead.

  • Jim

    What a moronic statement. Just like Reagan firing the air traffic controllers, there are plenty of aspiring actor, directors and film makers to take their place!!! Seriously, America will end if they don’t make movies????

  • mmexicott

    Somebody should explain to Rosie that she needs a job in order to go on strike!

  • Christie McGuire Struck

    Okay, just curious, does this include all the people who count on their paychecks working as camera operators, wardrobe people, etc? They honestly think that their industry is the “the foundation of the country, so to speak, the glue that’s holding it together.” ?? Wow, they are a little more out of touch than I thought.

  • Lylefish

    This is really really funny stuff. Go ahead and strike! Trust me you moronic liberal shitheads will not be missed.

  • Knotalibby

    Do it!! Please! Just, just DO IT!!!

  • Paulette Cimmarusti

    I have been very quiet when it comes to the Hollywood craziness & have been removing articles like this from my facebook. I did not want to spread their trash because that is what the media wants. Now I am pissed & speaking out, “this is ridiculous”. If Hollywood stars knew what they were talking about, maybe they would run for a government office. Instead they are not researching for facts & just spouting off what they have heard through the grapevine. Stick to movie & t.v. show awards Hollywood. Your fans want to hear your appreciation & thanks, not go on a stupid political rampage. Ronald Reagan was not liked, but you never saw people acting like idiots throwing tantrums or crying because their candidate didn’t win. Republicans didn’t like obama, but you never saw them act like fools. And, for all of you who threatened to leave if President-elect Donald J. Trump won, well, why are you still here? Donald Trump is here to stay, so get over it & grow-up.

  • drjgorman

    If you don’t do what I want, I will cut my arm off. Hmm . . . This just shows the intelligence level, of most of those, in the entertainment industry.

  • Estelle


  • katitdid

    “Hollywood is, simply put, the base of the entire modern American
    culture. It is the foundation of the country, so to speak, the glue
    that’s holding it together. And think about what happens when you
    destroy the foundation of a house. It comes crashing down, right?” Seriously? Hollywood is the foundation of our country. This journalist is nuts. If they go on strike the only ones that will really hurt from it is the little guy. The guy they all say they are there to stand up for. God I hope they do this just to watch them all crawl away seeing they have no influence on anyone that has a brain. I did not vote for Trump or Clinton. So I speak without bias. This has got to be one of the most funny and idiotic ideas I’ve heard so far. lolol

  • Lordhelpus

    Why only a month? Because that’s nothing for the liberal elite. Go for a year or more you pretentious nomcompoops.

    Hopefully the despicables will join in an elongated boycott against Hollywood

  • msmaddog

    Yea!!!!!!!!!!Make that a permanent strike please! No shi–y movies, videos music, etc for a year or 2 or 3………

  • Sharon Russell

    Unbelievable! They’re not TOO full of themselves, are they? What a joke. All Hollywood seems to be able to do these days are sequels and remakes, anyway. No original thought. Which kinda makes sense if you make the mistake of listening to any of these self-absorbed idiots. Bye-bye now. Don’t let the door hit you in your capacious, collective asses!

  • Claire Robbins Thomas

    I am still in awe at the fact that the Demi-libs are throwing themselves so hard behind a candidate who should have never been allowed to run because of pending charges, and STILL shouldn’t even be discussed because of the irregularities found at the Clinton Foundation.

    I’ll never understand the liberal thought process. THANKYOU,JESUS!

  • dagwat

    I’m calling for a total boycott of Hollywood until they all starve to death or leave this country like they promised to do.

  • Guest

    Im thinking this is more fake news but if not I think its funny hollywood thinks it the cornerstone of the country. Im okay with Hollywood going away. We the people can do much better without being stuck to the tv, have at it hollywood, Im tired of your snobbish overbearing spoiled opinions, so bye.

  • incognito67

    so, no more remakes of the same movies? good, maybe with the time off, Hollywood can come up with an original idea for a movie for a change.

  • sue

    Who organized this shit? Are they kidding? This is hysterical!! Do these overpaid, under talented dimwits really think the thinking, hard working American people really care what they say or do? Not one of them can manage their own life with class and dignity and yet they think they speak for us? I have seen and read it all now…Holy Shit!!

  • J-Mom

    It will be a good time to wean ourselves from our attachment to Hollywood’s form of “entertainment.” We are all on some variable reinforcement schedule that keeps us coming back to view several movies for every one that is worth anything. I like the fact that Meryl Streep made the case for eliminating violence in movies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBtP1DQR_Qk


    Dear Hollywood…..STFU!

  • Sydney Holden

    Could be possibly the best thing that has happened to America in a long time. Maybe people will stop watching TV or movies and get out and enjoy hiking, biking, working in their garden. This could be a great blessing of a Trump presidency that no one thought about. I am one that thinks if we could clean house in Washington DC, then we need to get with cleaning house in Hollywood. After that we could clean out wall street and all CEO positions.

  • Kozak

    LOL. Oh please, do it. I would love to see how a complete shutdown of Hollywood would result in bringing America to it’s knees.

  • Deb

    Hollywood going on strike might be the best thing to happen in our country! Maybe it will demonstrate to these people who think they’re so important just what little fish they are in a big pond. They act like their opinions are the only ones that matter, and that is obviously NOT the case. There are millions of people in the US who have already spoken, so please take it like an adult and stop whining like little babies just because it didn’t go your way! Oh, one more thing, you are NOT speaking on my behalf!!

  • Jane01

    Roll on Rosie wit ya fat ass! Clooney is a washed up has been! WTF is Amy Schumer? And hey Miley Cyrus…your village called, they want their idiot back! Next!

  • Stainmaster Zinc

    “We’re Waiting” .gif

  • Delani

    This seems rather childish to me, but I agree that he needs to resign. First, he just lost a fraud suit. Second, he’s already looking at charges from the IRS for tax evasion and insider trading.

    Along with that, this man has made fun of a disabled reporter, called for his supporters to physically attack immigrants- the people this country was literally founded for- and blamed everyday citizens for his own shortcomings. He lied about the Carrier deal, lied about car companies and their import export policy. He calls for a China boycott and yet builds every item he sells in China. He uses illegal labor so he doesn’t have to pay his employees at federal rates, and is literally forcing the Secret Service to rent a floor in his building. We, the taxpayers, get to rent a timeshare in Trump Tower. Seriously.

    He has no class. No experience, and is still trying to get mexico to pay for a wall they’ve already told him isn’t going to happen. The idea of that wall alone is physically impossible. He wants to approve immigration reform that would very literally require a police state to enforce. He’s asking for a registry the likes of which haven’t been seen since WW2. He’s appointed antivax people as the head of Vaccine Safety, an anti HUD person as the head of it, and someone who proposed school vouchers- a policy that literally destroyed Detroit’s school systems- as the head of Education. We should all be very concerned. This man is a textbook Narcissist. He cares for no one and nothing but himself, and uses Twitter to attack private citizens and make presidential announcements. None of this is normal. None of it is acceptable.

  • Jim Cunningham

    Without Hollywood there is no America? You arrogant fucks! Strike for years. See how it is without anyone blowing sunshine up your entitled asses!

  • Cheri coffey

    Wow!! And that would really hurt us!! We work all day, come home, fix dinner, get showers, and go to bed for work the next day. Without you there is no America??? You hold yourselves much too important. You would actually be doing us deplorables a favor by making us get back to the basics of lives and we have dvds. Wow you’re not that important believe me, you will be the one hurting without all your millions and your producers millions!! Have a great week, I will

  • Kevin

    Is this fake news? Because I can’t believe anyone would be stupid or misguided enough to say Hollywood is “the foundation of the country… the glue that’s holding it together.” That’s why so many of you are in the Hollywood bubble and SO disconnected from so much of this country. Your money can buy so many comforts all over the world, you’ve lost touch with the cost of freedom and how great you have it here!

  • hapvalpsu

    Sorry, but conservative Hollywood continued to work (when they could) while Obama was President. They didn’t pout, stomp their feet, or call for him to resign. Maybe they realized that their opinion was not as valuable to others as it was to themselves, and that they needed to take care of their own business, rather than protest and cry. And I don’t think they stopped loving this country just because someone they disagreed with ideologically was in office. They might not recognize parts of it (I’m looking at you California and New York), but they still love this country.

  • Patricia Brady Chamberlain

    The group claims to be speaking on behalf of all of humanity…….utter bullshit. Where can I get a copy of your group members? I promise to share it with as many people as possible. One month is not enough, please fold up your little scripts and get the hell on. I stopped watching your make believe crap years ago. You think Hollywood is the foundation of the country, the glue that’s holding it together, you’re delusional, the lot of you. Your glue is all watered down, it isn’t working. You really should put some more thought into fanning these flames, the Lord just might kick that soap box out from under you. This is God’s country and He will defeat satan, coming soon!

  • Gator88

    I say bye they get paid to much anyways dont need them thought they were moving to Canada in the first place all talk

  • The one who knows

    I wish they would go on strike or better yet move to Syria. They haven’t made a decent movie in years and the decent people of the US wouldn’t miss them at all.

  • Michael Serianni

    Really no more crappy remakes of what were great movies 100 years ago but have been done to death with crappy actors

  • peggy mckenzie

    Let the spoiled rich people do it. I doubt that this is real though. pure fantasy.

  • Roy

    Let em strike I don’t care I don’t watch or listen to em anyway. As far as I’m concern they can all move to Canada.

  • Marcie

    Yes … finally something to look forward to… time to dust off your books America! B…bye!

  • Beth Lostetter

    why give these idiots any press, they are nobodies, nobody cares what they think, I don’t support any of these stars. How about we go on strike till they leave the country…..Please

  • kathy

    Laughing….. What a joke these people are. Totally crazy they think movies matter. Who the fuck cares. I hope they squirm in their own shit for the next 8 YEARS!

  • Kate Goder

    HaHa you think that’s going to happen, not all of Hollywood earns big bucks just the 1percent. So you think everyone will agree to a ban …Hilarious

  • TomH135

    ” Hollywood “is, simply put, the base of the entire modern American culture. It is the foundation of the country, so to speak, the glue that’s holding it together. And think about what happens when you destroy the foundation of a house. It comes crashing down, right? ”

    That about covers the Ovomit administration and what its done and still doing to the country.

    Strange that the “land of make-believe” thinks that they are the “modern American culture” but the VERY REAL AMERICAN’S OF THE NATION should be disavowed their choice of President because they know better. Perhaps they need a re-write of their scripts.

    The final stupid insult is that they use the Nazi and Hitler to make a point…..they all need to leave the country for the balance of their lives to any 3rd world country of their choosing.

    Are these paid make believers so self-absorbed that they actually think people would think….”I should vote the way (insert actor/actress name here) would vote. Or that the American Voter would think, “OMG…now that (insert favorite hollywood/ nitwit) has spoken, I realize the mistake I made.”?

    We need a better class of performer….even though these are making me laugh now, way more then when they act.

  • Peter Quinn

    This HAS to be Fake News because no one would give a F if Hollyweird closed down…

  • 2tor

    I think that’s a great idea! Then I don’t have to boycott certain celebs.

  • ibterri

    Ha ha. Oooooh, I’m so scared. Hollywood knows nothing about politics, even though they think they do. Hey Hollywood – we listened to you (or maybe not) and then we went and voted. Ha-ha. End result. Enough said.

  • Jesusgirl04

    Is Rosie O’Donnell still relevant and I thought Ed Asner died…

  • Brenda Wagner Stover

    I stopped watching them long ago and I have never been happier!

  • Schlag

    Apparently these out of touch liberals don’t realize that most of the people involved in making movies are just normal working craftsmen who can’t afford to strike for ridiculous reasons, and probably voted for Trump anyway. It’s easy to “strike” when you’re washed up and not working anyway, Rosie!

  • Gary nbamock.com

    Why would they follow through with this threat.. They didn’t follow through on their promise to leave if Trump won. Bunch of Hollywood rejects.

  • Charles

    Let the idiots strike. Very little of what they make is worth watching anyway. They are totally self deceived if they think their opinion matters to the average American.

  • patsy humiston

    Did y’all notice the “celebrities” don’t mention n their rants or care about all the people they will put out of work during their strike!! They can probably survive the month but the crews etc may not b able to. Do the mouths care? NOPE!

  • sandi

    The 1% ers on the left are not my base! In fact I condemn them as disrupters of the American political process and trying to corrupt it to be the way they want it and disregard all those voters that voted for him! These same big mouths that than retreat behind their own, guarded, walls that are designed to keep us little people out! PLEASE do stop and go on strike! There is always others willing to step up and take your place. NONE of you are all that!!!! Just pack and leave! Go to a better country, as you promised!

  • CS

    She’s still here!?!? Why is she still here??? Didn’t she and every other D list celebrity promise to leave if Trump won? Whyyyy is she still here? : /

  • jimmyt

    Trump already making Hollywood great.

  • WhoCaresReally?

    Take a hike! Take a life long strike! I am sure there are plenty of newcomers that would love to begin their careers!

  • Frank

    I can only hope these has been actors move like they all threatened to do if Mr President Elect Trump was elected. Talk about a bunch of rich Losers, Cry Babies, Whiny pathetic people. Go on strike! Who Cares about you bunch of sissified asses… Leave, Leave, Leave!!!! Now go wipe your loser tears away! Waaaaaa!

  • Kathy Biederstadt

    These arrogant gasbags refuse to see it’s this very attitude that helped get Trump elected in the first place…No one gives a rats ass what they think or do.

  • April Stoner

    Oh damn, it looks like they want to stop tv, that’s fine because I’m sick to death of reruns! I’ve turned to internet for entertainment, since I’ve seen everything at least 10 x’s, getting ready to cancel cable tv, way to much money to watch the pathetic Hollywood has-beens.

  • Jenab

    This is hilarious. These people are obviously in there own little world. They really think they are what USA is all about. They have no clue about the REAL world while living in there rich neighborhoods and privileged life styles. They do not know what middle class America is about. They think they control the country. What a Joke Who cares if they strike. No one. A strike for them doesn’t even affect them. They can afford to take off. Not like the coal minor or laborer trying to put food on the table for their family. They are so out of touch with reality it amazes me. This article just proves that. They think they are what America is about and that people should listen to them. The article shows how ridiculous and blind they are. Why anyone would want to listed to what a celebrity says regarding an election is beyond by comprehension.

  • Zombyz1

    Oh, please strike…who gives a effing shit what these pompous assholes do? Most of them can be replaced by sock puppets. The only ones who care what these “stars” think is other stars that think like them. Strike, strike strike…there are hundreds of thousands of starving artists ready to step in and take your place!

  • Loretta




  • Melody Cox

    “without Hollywood, there is no America” SERIOULY? I have NEVER heard anything so outrages! Frankly I have watched anything of hers for YEARS! In fact if anyone is as disgusted w/ hollyweird as I am; join me in boycotting them. If no one watches them they lose their relevancy therefore their riches.

  • vickir1kingskid

    They just don’t get how totally irrelevant they are to the average American! I don’t go to the movies very often any way because most of them are so filled with filth! They make millions for pretending to be someone else! WHY do any of them think that their ability to act makes their opinion on politics or religion or anything else any more important or valid than yours or mine? Hollywood, you need to get a clue! The majority of Americans don’t care what your opinion is or if you all gather together and refuse to make movies. I’m thinking that your loss in sudden millions might matter far more to YOU than it does to us! I pray for you because most of you are millionaires that are lost and on your way to hell because you don’t recognize that you need a Savior! We ALL need a Savior! We all need a relationship with Jesus! Not religion but relationship. I pray that each of you find Him!

  • Tobias Bruning

    oh NOOOOO! not that! now whos gonna act! oh man! im so bummed! lmao! go ahead, go jobless you hackless idoits! now we can all pay attention to whats real! actually happening stuff that is going on. is more important than you people ranting about a nations vote of whos going to represent us on the world stage! no more distractions! dang!

  • Richard Brewer

    Click sit site, beware!


    Dear Hollywood, MANY of us have ALREADY starting boycotting YOU…you just haven’t felt the effects yet.

    But you FU CK ING WILL…..we promise.

  • Sandy

    Do actors think we care? Honestly i could care less what they are going to do. They all need to look in the mirror and remember who made them. The public,the fans, idiots. I havent been to a movie or concert in years. I am not ,would not and could not pay that much money! I dont watch the awards anymore either. It used to be entertaining and now its just a bunch of big headed, egotistical, holier then thow attitudes.and politics.like i give a crap about rich people telling me what they think. They dont have the problems the average citizen does. They can and i hope leave America. Get out, all they are doing is dividing and corrupting young minds anyway, with their lyrics and movies. Mature americans and loving adults strive for peace not war. They are at war. Odd isnt it they are inciting the very thing they are “against”. THE MIRROR PEOPLE, LOOK INTO IT.

  • blliybatson

    Only for one month? Too short a time. Watch better old movies with none of you in them and therefore no residuals. And of course you A-listers will pay the salaries of all the others who aren’t wealthy enough to sustain themselves for the duration of shut down. You will include payments to ticket takers in movie houses, those who run candy, soda and popcorn counters and anyone else who loses money or profits from your walkout. Grow up your side lost, deservedly so. Take you basketball and go home spoiled brats. No participation trophy for you!!!

  • Somethingwicked

    Oh, you silly, delusional puppets. Rosie, let me put it to you in simple words so you can understand: WE. DON’T. CARE. In fact, we’re a little more than PeeOwed that y’all are BREAKING YOUR PROMISE TO LEAVE because Trump got elected. When’s that gonna happen, little crybabies? So you think if you refuse to pollute the world with your grotesque tripe, all of America is going to fall to their knees and beg Trump to resign? You think we are going to miss you? Splendid! I can’t wait!!!

    You know, all you celebs have plenty of money to tide you over-a month, or all 8 years. But really, calling on all the “little people”-the souvenier store clerks, the makeup girls and hairdressers, the lot sweepers and toilet cleaners; the Key Grip, the Best Boy and the Gaffer too? Do you think they can all afford your elitist plan to lay around on their azzes for days on end and lose money? Or do you plan on inviting them all, including their families, to your lovely mansions to endure the pain?

    And as for your idea that Hollywood is the center of American culture? That is so much bull I can’t even measure how deep it is. WTF. American culture is cowboys and milkmen and rodeo queens. It’s crab fishermen in Dutch Harbor, it’s native Americans fishing the Klickitat and Columbia, It’s a cabbie driving nights in Brooklyn. It’s Neil Armstrong and Casey Jones and Abraham Lincoln and the seven astronauts circling the globe right now, far above the ugliness of everything you stand for. It’s every deli owner, barista, and McDonald’s franchisee. It’s sushi and carne asada and lefse and pho. It’s sun, and wind, and rain, and snow, and the wild open spaces of Montana and Texas. It’s the moon rising over the desert and the majestic snow capped mountains of the Cascades and the Rockies. It’s Sunday School and Hebrew School and God Bless America. It’s the music and history of Nashville and Austin. It’s Ellis Island and Elvis Presley and the Statue of Liberty and the Twin Towers we will always remember. It’s mothers and fathers working 2 jobs to provide for their families, and grandmas and granddads at Walmart and people who work in the dirt for a living. It’s computer geeks that keep your iphone up to date and mechanics that fix your cars. and it’s a million other things that have NOTHING to do with your GARBAGE PIT CALLED HOLLYWOOD.

    You think you are soooooooooo special. You think you are soooooooooo influential. You think that you are the freaking center of the universe, don’t you? There is nothing sorrier than an actor who has jumped the shark, darlin’. Crossed the line between reality and fantasy one too many times and got stuck on the wrong side. Lost your marbles. Gone completely around the bend. Lost in Neverland. You’ve lost your collective Beautiful Minds. If I had the power, I’d see every one of you to the airport and wave you off on your one-way tickets to anywhere but America. Either that, or get you admitted to an insane asylum. You’re all suffering from delusions of grandeur. Go. Go away. We’re busy getting ready to party with the inauguration!

  • threelockbox

    DO IT! DO IT!! Nobody cares anyway so please do us ALL a favor and DO IT!

  • gailannr

    Go ahead strike! I couldn’t care less! I won’t even notice. I quit going to movies years ago. But I saw American Sniper and was glad I did! We won, you lost! Get over it (to borrow a phrase)!

    See Ya! Ya hoo! Badda Bing! So long! Bye bye!

  • Lynn Marie Hill

    They need us more than we need them. Do they realize they make their money because of us. I have been boycotting Hollywood for some time now. They will be collecting food stamps soon. Talk about ignorant.Hahahahahaha

  • Sherry Ann

    GIVE IT A REST HOLLYWOOD!!..allot of truth will be revealed…

  • Ellen

    Without Hollywood there is no America?? Are you freaking kidding me??? Who is this moron spokesperson talking? Hollywood is the base of the entire modern American culture? The foundation -the glue that’s holding America together? This person’s got to be completely nuts! What an ego! If those idiots in Hollywood think that they’re holding America together that just goes to show how egotistical-how stupid- how completely utterly disgusting they are! You know what holds America together? It’s the good God fearing – hardworking faithful loyal citizens of this country that love their country- love their fellow human beings- love their families and are willing to work hard for what they believe are true principles. The veterans of this country that have fought & layed down their lives for this country. That’s the backbone of America. Hollywood don’t mean s***. And you know we’d be better off without you. I personally am ashamed to even read an article like this – so totally disgusting!!!!!!

  • moneygame

    I thought that stupid cow left the country

  • Cindy Fisher

    What are you waiting for? It is going to be a great wonderful 8 years. I will help keep you gone for 8. Vote TRUMP 2020

  • Dave Polson

    Several of them already backed out of a promise to leave the country if Trump were elected, do you really expect them to carry this threat through either?

  • slohappy

    SMDH… “Celebrities” are deluded by their vainglory. It seems they believe that EVERYBODY hangs on their every word and opinion. NOBODY CARES!! Good grief! They’re so ridiculous!! Go on strike! Leave! Bye!

  • NaNaNaNaNa!! TRUMP WON

    Oh PLEASE DO IT!!!!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • trueamerican1776

    Wow a whole month? You know they are seri… ha ha ha. It tried to keep a straight face lol. If they took 4 years off then people’s lives would get better. People would visit friends and talk. Neighbors might meet and like each other. People wouldn’t be subjected to debauchery, killing, violence, glorified theft drug usage and so much more. Please go on strike!!!

  • Angie

    So….maybe they quit and let someone who is really talented take their places. I for one won’t miss them…byeeee

  • Country Above Self

    Threats? Why not just do it. And make it permanent please. I can survive watching foreign films and reruns.

  • Heloisa

    What a bunch of self-important, deluded idiots. Here’s hoping he gets 8 years in the White House and we all get some peace from this sad bunch of over-rated idiots, whose collective IQ must be abysmal. If only they would keep their word, it would be the best news I’ve heard for years. Could someone make sure these guys receive our comments?

  • Judy Minghini

    No America without Hollywood… Really!!! Arrogance at it’s best

  • dblife

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . Omg. Hollywood is the backbone of America and without them we would fall ??? Pretending has rotted their brains.

  • Greg

    Could anyone possibly care less about these over paid whinners? How funny is it when people who try to get you to beleive they are someone else want to tell you who you ought to believe.. what incredible fools! When would any one of them leave the safety of their tiny coccoon andvrun for political office?? Ha! Never!

  • Marlene

    Seriously??? These people promise to fall off the face of the earth until Trump quits. First, never happen. These people thrive on attention. Second, the news media would have to report real news and ……….yeah right. ROFL I have one request – take the ENTIRE Kardashian family with them.

  • DeeDee

    Reality is the base of modern American culture. Reality is the foundation of this country that holds it together. Maybe if you weren’t always reading from a script you would know what reality really is! Go ahead & strike.

  • Keith Beale

    Delusional egotistical narrisitic out of touch with reality snowflakes. Please go on strike so we don’t have to listen to you whine.

  • Stevie Wild

    Do they know they are merely actors ?? not saving life’s, not solving hunger, not solving anything but playing in front of the camera and GUESS what go on strike, really do – seriously do you think people wont be able to go on with life if you dingbats are not acting? My goodness they are so in the land of the lala, this would have to be the joke of the year

  • Tony W

    Is this for real or am I being punked? As I’m reading the article I had to double check to be sure this wasn’t the Onion News Network because this is so ridiculous it’s almost funny. It’s funny because the Hollywood elites obviously think the world can’t exist without them. That we’re supposed to be worried about a strike. Hollywood is the foundation of America? Really? For the better part of this country’s history Hollywood didn’t exist and yet it thrived to a point where Hollywood was allowed to exist. I really do hope they strike. Maybe that will be a wakeup call to them that they’re not as important as they keep telling themselves with endless award shows. They’ve had their asses kissed so much by so many that they’ve developed an over inflated sense of self importance. They’ve developed a Know-it-all attitude and look down on the little people. So to that I say PLEASE STRIKE. Then they’ll know what it is like to be out of work…. like many of the little people they look down on and talk down to.

  • Maree Elizabeth

    well it will be good to get rid of rosie the tool…

  • http://www.gulag.ru The Great Stalin

    Comrades, this is news as good as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact! To see all these luvvies – self-appointed and utterly ludicrous Bolshevik-like “cultural workers” – voluntarily cut themselves off from the production of mindless sellfishness, murder, gratuitous sex and violence, and the me, me, me mentality Hollywood constantly churns out will be a blessing to all humanity. May the strike go on for years and years!

  • Ted Castor

    As a member of the “all of humanity” that you claim to speak for, I am proud to say that is a lie as you do not speak for me. So please go ahead stop making your movies. The only ones that will really be affected will be the behind the scenes workers when they don’t get paid. I know I can live with no more movies being made, and I imagine that there are many that will agree with me. Humanity survived for a very long time before Hollywood and it can survive a long long time if it were to end.

  • Frightening McBean

    I can’t tell if Poe’s law comes into play here. Is this a satire site? Crazy times…….

  • Dana

    I’m still waiting on them to all leave the country like they said they would if he got elected. Go ahead and strike. Maybe people will realize they value watching TV & movies too much and start doing other things to better their lives.

  • TSZodiac

    Wah Wah Wah – we’re gonna hold our breath until we get what we want….boo hoo hoo.

  • s kidd

    GOOD. I won’t miss them at all.Turning off the TV and staying away from movies will make people start living, again.

  • Syd Barrett

    As people have been saying, these are the same ones that pledged to move to Canada if Trump won. It’s a key point to harp on. They’re a bunch of petulant children. I can’t believe they’re claiming that they’re soooo important to American culture. Hollywood used to be pro-American, but it turned into a mafia and since the 50’s its been the biggest peddler of anti-american/free-market propaganda.

  • Evangeline1031

    OH yes! Please do it! You would be doing the country and world a great service! As Americans, who voted for Donald Trump in the recent election, as did millions of our fellow citizens, we greatly resent your egotistical idea that YOU speak for US. Let me clear it up, YOU DO NOT. And if you overpaid, undertalented nobodies don’t get this through your head, and quiet your yaps, WE ARE GOING TO REFUSE TO SPEND ONE DIME ON YOUR CRAPPY ENTERTAINMENT. EVER.

  • gator

    hahahahahaha and hahahahahahaha lmfao cough hahahahaha what a bunch of whining idiots hahahahahahahahaha

  • Norman Plumb

    Say it ain’t so Ed Asner. I guess that reboot of Mary Tyler Moore is out of the question then.

  • Brian Thompson

    It’s based on a fake story – IT IS NOT REAL.

  • Mills

    Oh please do! It would be a blessing if they do strike! We don’t have cable TV for the very reason that there is such trash on TV. We might see one movie a year if at all! So go ahead, you’re not hurting me nor my family nor my feelings!

  • Kathy McKinny

    With all the movies and stuff ALREADY out there, do they think the world will end if they don’t make any new stuff??? BIG DEAL!! We have more stuff already made than we could watch in 4 lifetimes.

  • John

    Whats funny is out of the list of names given I can’t recall seeing any work from them for a few years anyway. I think the public showed boycott all Hollywood films until these self aggrandizing idiots realize they are nothing special and their opinions mater not one iota more than anyone else.

  • hobo bob

    I thought they were all moving to Canada. What happened to that threat?

  • MaryO

    PLEASE ! DO IT! Nothing’s come out of Hollyweird in YEARS unless you count “Sully” and the idiot libs in LaLaLand are ignoring that movie. I can’t wait to see how long it takes until enough $$$$$$$$ is waved under these idiots noses ($$$$ being the most effective drug of all!) and they cave.

  • Nucking Futs

    Nobody cares! Strike away. Unfortunately, the movie crews will be the ones to suffer, not the pontificating wind bags.

  • GriffonClaw

    They are Nothing more than Intertainment and can be replaced by a Deck of Cards!

  • realman10000

    “without Hollywood, there is no America. It’s like trying to run Nazi
    Germany without Hitler at the forefront – it just becomes pointless” — BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA They just compared themselves to Hitler. EPIC FAIL!!

  • Doris

    Quite you make bad movies anyway

  • Rhastafarian

    Remember good people of the Country, We are still half of the population, We can destroy Hollywood and every Liberal within that sodomy filled state of Calif. Sanctuary cities filled with the disease of Liberalism has no power to act against the conservative right of this country. We have all the numbers to ruin Hollywood, Moonbeam brown, nancy pelosi and any other Anti Christian that gets in our way.

  • kiki0730

    First…who? Is Messing actually in anything? I have never in my life watched Rosy…oh wait…in the baseball movie but I didn’t watch it for her stellar acting! I thought Asner was dead, Michael Shannon…I don’t even know who that is! Second, they are the foundation of this country? Oh the arrogance is laughable! Seriously, if not one other movie or show was made…people would adjust fine (I own some good classics and 120 episodes of Twilight Zone)…maybe even go throw a ball with their kids. The movies that come out of Hollywood suck (isn’t there one coming out called La La Land…that sums it up and I’m SURE it’ll be such a blockbuster! not)…they are re-makes and re-dos and the themes of the movies are the same old same old with a different background and actors…not worth the money to go see or own them. These people have no clue…they live in make believe land, pat themselves and each other on the back, exchange awards like Christmas presents…delusional!

  • Helene Moeck

    Hope they strike for a year. Don’t they realize that most of America doesn’t care about them and their self importance!

  • Patricia Harrington

    Hell, I thought Rosie was already on strike! Has she ever done a movie? Think big Hollywood because the majority of America voted for Trump anyway you look at it and I’ll bet we outnumber you too Do you really think the people who work behind you will go bankrupt for your sorry asses…it won’t happen. And when was the last time a POTUS resigned besides Nixon? You are all such a joke to believe that we can’t do without you grade B movies. Let’s try it for a while.

  • Dime

    Delusions of grandeur…

  • Paula Beck Sheldon

    By all means strike. Do not waste your time with rehearsals, etc. since nobody will be going to watch them anyway. BTW, you said you’d be moving. Please do – the sooner, the better. This only proves how ignorant all of you are. We’ll be giving you the 6-finger salute on your way out.

  • Joe Macielag

    Rosie, you are a liar, you said you would leave the USA if Trump elected! Why are you here? Best thing for America if Hollywood strikes; it would get rid of the cesspool of filth, immorality poisoning our kids. If anyone is mentally unstable, you lead the pack!

  • greatful1959

    Rosie, You are not a celeb. your a washed up, non-talented skank.

  • Darren Adams

    Hollywood is irrelevant , this is the problem with all these liberal luvvies is that they over estimate their own importance. Hollywood needs the people more than the people need Hollywood, you only make your money from the people and annoying the people means you could lose a lot of money and jobs. I would care if Hollywood complete closed down, the best movies are not made in Hollywood anyway, it is just full of useless idiots like Rosie O Donnell , maybe trump should impose new higher taxes on these celebrities

  • Somethingwicked

    Did she really just say that America without Hollywood is like the Nazis without Hitler? Does she…she’s saying that…OMG

    Carlos Mencia, we need a new Dee-dee-dee routine!

  • MLS

    Do they think they cannot be replaced? there are plenty of people out there wanting to make it in show business!

  • MusicCityDawg

    Promises, promises.

  • Pete

    OMG! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. You Hollywood types seriously suffer from megalomania. Get over yourselves. It’s the car companies, pharmaceutical companies, and medical professionals who run this country.

  • JJCaro

    Oooooh this is good. Can’t wait to see Hollywood OUT OF BUSINESS because of a self-imposed strike. America indeed does NOT need or care about this. Hope they do it.

  • sgfan

    Since I don’t go to movies anyway, that would be a splendid idea. You would go without pay and my life stays the same. I like it a lot!

  • Hankjusthank

    Aren’t these the same stars that were going to leave anyway if Trump won?

  • Paulfromny

    Please yes, PLEASE.

  • E Hunt

    Who cares…..a Hollywood strike! Really? All us deplorables are vowing to not attend your movies anymore anyway. See how your pocketbooks hurt when the good old working class finds better ways to spend their hard earned dollars!

  • Realist1

    Who cares? Their status as actors, singers, whatever means nothing to me! They misuse their popularity, use an award podium (or any place possible) to bully people. How’s this? I’m going on strike from any of your movies, anything you do! Grow up! The vote is over, it’s done. Pull u your big girl/boy an ties & stick to making make believe movies! That’s what you get paid for!

  • Realist1

    Messed up! Meant to say, pull up your big girl/boy panties up and stick to making make believe movies! That’s what you get paid for!

  • Howard Batton

    Thats whats wrong with the country tody is the seculars of hollywood, people that would vote for a woman that is willing to murder innocent babies so called abortion. God will get you for that. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and strike. I thought a lot of you were leaving the US what happen to that idea. I will be glad to help you move. Howard Batton

  • tomkenn

    I hope this is true and they do it. Who the hell would notice?

  • RunNWin

    Wow. People who make movies and TV shows think they are actually that important?

  • Roger Wilco

    i dont understand, Rosie O’Donnell hasnt worked in hollywood in what, 20 years? Perhaps they should rethink who they should put on the front lines of this boycott. Its like a vegan boycotting meat for a week…no one cares.

  • Rick

    So, the overgrown spoiled elitist children are going to stomp their feet, hold their breath until their face turns blue and threaten not to produce anymore of their low grade garbage that they call films until they can have their way by forcing President (elect) Trump to resign. Being as those pathetic actors want to act like children then we the viewing public of their garbage should treat them like children by ignoring them and sending them to their room not to come out until we are ready for them to come out. Children should be seen but not heard.

  • Stacey E Calladine

    Do these Hollywood idiots not realize they are merely puppets for our entertainment? We are the puppet masters, and if we want their entertainment, we will pull them out of their cases when we want to see them, and put them back if we don’t. If we never want to see them again, just leave them in their pathetic little boxes to rot. We can be better entertained by another of our choosing. So, Meryl, Rosie, Miley, Whoopi and the rest of you pathetic, wastes of space, get back in your boxes. Your work is DONE! As America becomes GREAT once more, bigger and better will come along, and you will collect dust on a desolate shelf!

  • Mary Devico Navarrete

    I don’t go to the movies anyway ,and they can afford to boycott,but the longer they stay out of the limelight coming back won’t be that easy

  • Steph

    This is pathetic. They are so out of touch with reality. When will they realize the people in the real world do not care what they think? These actors need to stay in their fantasy movie making life, feeling powerful and important, enjoying the millions they make from us watching their movies and leave the hard life of the real folks to us!!

  • chris

    Lol. I thought they said they were moving out of the country. Let him go on strike wont miss em. Make America great again

  • Patti Mann Mitchell


    My thought on Celebrities and what they do or do not do!! So many “celebrities and athletes” are over paid and not worth it. We excuse terrible things they do, as a rule! Let them leave the country or go on strike..I went on strike at the movies a long time ago. So enjoy your time off!!! Bunch of spoiled brats.

  • Kay

    What about the people who really makes the movies. The camermen,hairdresser, producers, staff that makes the movies come to life, makeup artists, caters, clean up crews, set designers & set builders. We can find new movie stars, your very easy to replace but the hard working people your putting out of business will be happy to help find new stars. There’s a lot of talent out there.
    Go ahead boycot, we won’t miss you. There’s lots of old movies to watch & you’ll be replaced very soon. Aren’t you suppose to be in CanadaRosie? Your just full of hot air.

  • f m

    What idiots……feel sorry for them. Wait, they actually do live in make believe

  • brian tokarski

    This is too dumb to be true. Its funny tho, I’ll give you that. I know people in Hollywood are dumb, but come on…lol. I think you tried too hard with this one bud. Its funny as hell tho. I’m rollin lmao

  • Robin Stevens Ellison-Hamilton

    I think it’s a great idea! Now maybe kids will actually read a book! We all know they’re not going to strike. It affects there bottom line…(money and so called power) Besides, it’s just remake after remake so back to the books it is where there lurks drama,danger, adventure, etc…and it’s not recycled!

  • WHMay

    Said the same people that were going to move to Canada, Australia, Jupiter, after a Trump win.

  • Buck Cromer
  • azacr

    We therefore conclude that Hollywood does not value the people to vote

  • cardnut

    If only . . . !

  • Rex Rickard

    Hollyweirdos are for gun control, too, but they make bloody films with violence; porno; and digital effects. They can’t even ACT any more! Guess I’ll have to watch films from the Golden Age: Gable, Harlow, Lombard, Myrna Loy, etc. too many GREATS that current dumbos can’t hold a match to. We won’t miss you at all. Please make it PERMANENT and go back to hooking and pimping.

  • Adrienne

    Ha ha ha! Bye bye!!!!

  • Tjwag

    “because the God’s honest truth is – without Hollywood, there is no America.”
    Wow. I did not know this.
    Get help, people. Seriously.

  • Charles Hall

    I thought a bunch of them were going to leave the country. They could join them.

  • Lil moone

    miley cyrus leaving say it isnt so hahhahahha fk off and rosey should get her nose out of politics and raise her children

  • Dan

    Old fat communists yell at clouds.

  • sonofjack

    And when that day happens, God will finally bless America.

  • Bill Thrower

    Would be the best possible thing that could happen. They would all quickly be replaced with less liberal people and the whole world would be better for it.

  • http://swimholes.com KrimeKat

    bye bye Hollyweird; we won’t miss you & your self-entitled pandering. You pretend to be someone you’re not for $$$$$$ – get a REAL Job

  • Blues

    They overestimate their importance to this country. Go away libs and take your filthy, trashy movies with you.

  • hoynest


  • williampenn

    Spending your life playing other people obviously causes delusions of grandeur, but this would be the greatest thing ever! Guaranteed, 75% of Americans would favor a permanent Hollywood strike in every, single poll.


    ….an unanticipated benefit to a Trump presidency.

    No more Miley Cyrus?

    That’s answer to prayer ;^)

  • Denise

    Really? Without Hollywood there would be no America! I believe they are giving themselves too much credit. They need to get off their ego trip. We will make it just fine without Hollywood. However, the spoiled Hollywood elite will not keep up their lifestyles without us, the average American.

  • Diana

    Aren’t these the same people that said they would leave if he won too. I call bullshit, you haven’t left yet and I’m pretty sure you like your lavish life. Cause money pays the bills not cry babies.

  • William Harris

    I don’t believe that these self-promoting idiots would do it because it would take them out of the limelight that they so crave but if, on the outside chance they did, there is so much foreign content television/movies I would be just fine with their actions.

  • Craigster

    Rich pedo Hollywood actors not working for a few years? Remember kiddies, they’ll be doing it for YOU, the little people.

  • zendog76

    It would be a better world without Hollywood for four years. People would work on their own lives instead of living vicariously. So win, win for America. PS, move to Canada like you promised you nasty cow.

  • Brenda Anderson

    Lets hope they make good with this threat and it’s not like the promises they made to LEAVE this country. Look whose the REAL racists. Your hollywood elites think your the foundation of this country. You still don’t get it… Normally you don’t bite the had that feeds ya, but hey, do what you gotta do. 🙂 Your all so lost.

  • Kathy

    Strike…That would that would do the U.S. a huge favor. Almost everything on t.v. and film is trash.

  • Luke puke

    Judging by the comments I would guess nobody’s gunna miss ya, fuckas, bout time the left learnt what it is to be ignored by politicians

  • Vanessa Lopez Coronado

    It’s time to follow the example being given by Hollywood. Time to boycott anything and everything to Hollywood and music. Hit them where it hurts. Getting tired of the fat pig.

  • Carson

    Who are they hurting? Not Trump and not themselves but the thousands of other workers who support Hollywood and need a paycheck to survive from month to month. Obama dropped over 26,000 bombs in the Middle East in 2016 alone. Why isn’t Hollywood talking about that?

  • Brittney Elizabeth
  • Charles Hurst

    They better hope this “revolution” stops.

  • Ed

    I think we the real people should boycott you idiots. We are the ones that pay your salary. 8 years ago I had a growing company I worked my ass off to build. I still work my ass off just to get by. My income has shrunk extremely due to your liberal unrealistic behaviors. Your are only there to entertain and have no idea about reality. I can entertain myself so go on strike and cost the working man that builds your props. You stupid bastards hope to never see your faces or your privaledged bullshit anymore

  • Rand Collins

    I’d sign up to assassinate him if it was not going to be so much fun to watch him and the Tea Partiers take a nose dive. As a Canadian with U.S. Citizenship, I am by definition a left-wing socialist (i.e., a normal, middle-of-the-road Canadian guy) U.S. standards. He seems to be giving away the country piece by piece to his cronies to put in their pockets.

    Rand Collins, MD, PhD

    • Craigster

      Wow, you’re a real piece of shit huh…

  • Rand Collins

    PS- Our American neighbors should really be more careful what kind of animals they let run around in the back yard.

  • Claire Robbins Thomas

    I believe you missed a crucial word in my response, “acts”.
    These celebrities are of the age of majority and support themselves, but do they “act” their age?

  • Irene byrd

    Hollywood is a hugh problem in the way it promotes lavish lifestyles, sex with everything that walks, the f-bomb used as a filler word to make them sound Iimportant (not one person can define the f word so they shouldn’t use it). Hollywood has lost it’s class with this generation. Nothing is sacred anymore, everybody wants to outdo the blood or vulgarity. Let’s not forget sex which is borderline porn in movies and on tv. The Hollywood industry is insane with paying these actors. Ask George & miley how wasteful they are with money. Homeless & hungry people in America who don’t have jobs. They want to rob people because they don’t like our new president. Bunch of selfish a holes. You all have money in the bank. Where most Americans live check to check. Your teaching this generation how to have a tantrum instead of getting a job and working. IDIOTS! !!!! Let’s boycott hollywood movies and crap they are selling. Let’s boycott Hollywood. Dumb people.

  • craigpurcell

    Go ahead and make my day ?

  • dee

    OMG, I think that would be awesome, it’s their INDUSTRY that’s ruined society, bringing foul language, perversion, etc to the world. Just think what it would be like for families to now take the opportunity to actually get to know each other instead of depending on TV or movies to fill their time . People would lose weight, actually may get bored enough to go outside and see what sunlight is and exercise, move around, get to know your neighbors, help people. I’ll be praying that they actually do that, I know most of them have already made their millions, so for them it’s nothing to threaten that, but others and the people behind the scenes won’t think that’s a good idea. If we ever get to the point of having to watch a movie, we can watch the old ones, the ones that had morals to them, etc. I for one am Sooooo looking forward to it!

  • James

    If only this were true, and not satire. Many aspiring actors would be only too happy to step in and fil the void.

  • Canadave

    “without Hollywood, there is no America” Surely they jest. I rarely go to the movies but when I do it’s not uncommon to have the whole theatre to myself. Hollywood is the America home of decadence, promiscuity, drug addiction, infidelity and marriages that struggle to last longer then two weeks. Do those pigs actually believe that America wouldn’t survive without them. There are literally tens of thousands of experienced actors, technicians etc. that could replace them by lunch time on the first day of their strike.

  • daveyjones

    These people really think very highly of themselves. “God’s honest truth is – without Hollywood, there is no America.” Or how about this one? “spokesperson argued that Hollywood “is, simply put, the base of the entire modern American culture. It is the foundation of the country, so to speak, the glue that’s holding it together.” Now all this is coming from people who live and work in a fantasy world. Do us all a favor please, just extend your strike for say about 4 years. Besides a few of you have promised to leave the country if Trump won. Why are you still here?

  • jasmine

    Wow they are more delusional than most American’s figured them for. Do they really believe that the movies they make are real to. To think they actually believe that America is built and sustained by them making movies. It is the biggest joke I have ever heard. No this great country is not built on celebrities sitting in their million dollar mansions deciding whether to do this movie or go out drinking and creating headlines to further their career. Each and every celebrity that wants to go on strike til President Trump steps down should have to live the life of a military solider for that month. If they can survive that maybe people would take them seriously. It is the Men and Women that defend this country, men and women that farm, drive trucks, work in a factory, mills, accountants, etc that make up this great America. How dare they think they are what holds this country is held together. And even bigger still how dare they talk for the American’s that believe in this country and speak for us.

  • darwin

    Please go on strike.

    There are actors and directors blacklisted by Hateful Hollywood that would love to have the chance to make great movies, not the trash Hateful Hollywood spits out today.

  • sweetwulf

    Did they forget what happened the last time they had a tantrum? Remember the writers strike? What did they accomplish? The birth of the reality shows we have now! These shows were created because no scripts needed to be written! Sure, we had a few reality shows (Real World) but not like it is now! Go ahead and strike, we will just move on! Besides, everything is a remake these days anyhow, no new ideas…Who needs to watch a remake, I was there for the originals and the acting was much better, thank you very much!

  • TommyThor

    All these idiots should be living in Canada by now. They’re all has Beens that everyone should be greatfull the are boycotting. Please do

  • Theresa Stuppiello

    This has to be a joke right? Fake news perhaps? Someone did not actually say all those things written in this article, especially “without Hollywood, there is no America”?!? Bwahahahaha….Studio’s must be crapping their pants. Strike? No money coming in? Never happen, and some brainless twit thinks Hollywood runs the country? If that were so, Hillary would have won. Case closed. And so is me going to movies for a long long time.

  • Zzznorch

    Another empty promise just like their all moving to Canada. As soon as the paychecks stop coming in and the residuals dry up they will be back to work. Personally I could care less if they never work again. Haven’t been to the movies since J. Edgar and I don’t watch much TV any more.

  • PB

    Hollywod striking until Trump resigns? Brilliant idea!

  • Charles McLean

    Really this pussy licking cunt thinks she runs things? I and most other real American don’t give a damn what you think or what your little mind thinks it is in control of. If you don’t like it here in my country then get the fuck out. And take the rest of the worthless queers with you. And if you don’t like what I said then bring your pussy licking ass here to Oklahoma and see what happens too you.

  • David Bickenson

    Does anyone, anywhere have a problem with the slebs going on strike????
    Jeez, the arrogance!

  • Jeff G Williker

    Nobody gives a flying f*ck. F*ck Hollywood and all of the degeneracy it brings to our once great nation.

  • bob

    These ass clowns couldn’t mount an effort of this magnitude if they actually tried no matter how much fun it would be to watch.

  • Carol Greer


  • Carol

    Rosie, you are a has been. Who cares what you all think. Please stay away forever./ We don’t need you and your cronies. Guess you love the traitor who just pardon killers. President Trump will be a great president. you are all afraid that is what he will be and get relected for 4 more year after this term. Aren’t you?Obama the Kenyan is responible for thousand of deaths with his pardon of manning. Oh I forgot chelsy manning is one of you creeps. Please take Hanoi Jane and the rest of you has been traitors with you. Why are you still in America? Thought you promised to leave. We don’t care if Hollywood goes away for good. You all are overpaid and no talent.

  • Nancy Detwiler

    worry about getting ‘their SPECIAL” state out of debt… I see they just found a $1.9 BILLION ‘error’– Let
    PATRIOTIC AMERICANS” have spoken…. If you don`t like the results PLEASE LEAVE…. We are DISGUSTED
    with ALL OF YOU…. you are pathetic—and SPOILED… GET OVER YOURSELVES…

  • http://rueuhy.com Rueuhy

    They’re threatening to stop the entertainment? This is similar to parents shutting off the wifi when their kids need punished for something like bad grades. If only this country had 100 years or more worth of movies and television shows to fall back on for entertainment. Maybe Hollywood should really find out what they are really worth and what their opinions and stances mean to this country. The worst part would be all those in the entertainment industry having to go on welfare. I say go for it.