Hollywood Elite Lecture Public About “Oppression” At The Grammys

Millionaire Hollywood elite complain of 'oppression' at the 2017 Grammy awards

On Sunday night, the elite of Hollywood gathered at the Grammys to lecture ordinary working American’s about how oppressed they are living their millionaire lifestyles. 

The 2017 Grammy Award ceremony saw an unrelenting attack directed at President Donald Trump, as the out-of-touch elites urged the public to revolt against their democratically elected leader.

Informationliberation.com reports:

The great wordsmith Busta Rhymes, for example, attacked President Trump, or as he called him, “President Agent Orange,” for “perpetuating all the evil that you’ve been perpetuating throughout the United States.”

Truly savage.

From Gossip Cop:

…host James Corden opened the Grammys with a rap, in which one of the lyrics stated, “Live it all up because this is the best and with President Trump we don’t know what comes next.”

And very soon after, Jennifer Lopez took the opportunity to express herself while presenting the first award of the night for Best New Artist. “At this particular point in history, our voices are needed more than ever,” she told the crowd. “As Toni Morrison once said, this is precisely the time when artists go to work.

There is no time for despair, no place for self pity, no need for silence, and no room for fear.” Lopez added, “We do language, that is how civilizations heal. So tonight, we celebrate our most universal language, music, as we honor the voices of the past and the present.”

…Katy Perry performed her new song “Chained to the Rhythm,” which features a heavy political subtext. The singer wore an armband reading “PERSIST,” a reference to Elizabeth Warren, and ended the performance by declaring “No hate” while the Constitution was projected on a screen behind her.

… Also, Busta Rhymes went on a rant against President Trump and his immigration policy. “I want to thank President Agent Orange for perpetuating all the evil that you’ve been perpetuating throughout the United States,” the rapper said prior to his performance.

“I want to thank President Agent Orange for your unsuccessful attempt at the Muslim ban.” He added, “We come together! We the people!”

The people came together, they voted for Donald Trump to be our president.


As these hacks represent the will of billionaire Hollywood elites and the leftist establishment which has had practically total control over America for the last 30 years, nothing they said was even mildly controversial.

On the other hand, female singer Joy Villa wearing a “Make America Great Again” dress triggered a massive sh*tstorm.


  • rcwarbirdbuilder

    Fck Hollyweed, keep your opinions to your self and go act.

  • mike

    All these academy award shows are made for & by the useless people in society.It is nothing more than a bunch of useless bimbos slapping each others back to say how great they are, while the rest of society knows that they are really a bunch of losers.

  • Lindsay Zipprich

    Why don’t they get a giant mirror and look into and see who is causing all the problems. I am really getting sick of hearing,seeing and reading anything from these Leftist trying to ram their agenda down our throats. All the self righteous assholes are just a bunch of brain dead, brain washed cultural Marxists trying to tear down our government and our President. I don’t want to live in a Marxist, Globalist Police state. If they do and don’t like the direction that Trump is trying to take the country then leave and go live in a Communist country. They could go to Germany, France or some other European country that the Socialists have wrecked and volunteer to work with the Islamic refugees that they seem so eager to bring to this country.