Hillary To Be Dumped From Presidential Race Over Racketeering Charges

Hillary's bid for President could be dashed due to impending racketeering charges brought against her

The FBI have indicated that they will recommend to the Department of Justice that Hillary Clinton be indicted on charges of Federal racketeering, thus potentially ending her bid for President. 

“James Comey and The FBI will present a recommendation to Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the Department of Justice, that includes a cogent argument that the Clinton Foundation is an ongoing criminal enterprise engaged in money laundering and soliciting bribes in exchange for political, policy and legislative favors to individuals, corporations and even governments both foreign and domestic.”

Globalresearch.ca reports:

There are several possible scenarios which affect the outcome of the presidential campaign.

The fundamental question is whether this recommendation –which documents the criminal undertakings of the Clinton Foundation– will be carried out by the Attorney General.


Loretta Lynch was appointed Attorney General by president Obama in 2010 during his first term. Of significance, Lynch also held the position of U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York under the Bill Clinton administration (1999-2001).

Moreover, as pointed out in a recent article by Jerome Corsi, Loretta Lynch is political crony of the Clintons:

But little known is the fact that Lynch was a litigation partner for eight years at a major Washington law firm that served the Clintons.

Lynch was with the Washington-headquartered international law firm Hogan & Hartson LLP from March 2002 through April 2010.

According to documents Hillary Clinton’s first presidential campaign made public in 2008, Hogan & Hartson’s New York-based partner Howard Topaz was the tax lawyer who filed income tax returns for Bill and Hillary Clinton beginning in 2004.

In addition, Hogan & Hartson in Virginia filed a patent trademark request on May 19, 2004, for Denver-based MX Logic Inc., the computer software firm that developed the email encryption system used to manage Clinton’s private email server beginning in July 2013. A tech expert has observed that employees of MX Logic could have had access to all the emails that went through her account.

It is, therefore, highly unlikely that Lynch will follow the recommendation of James Comey and the FBI.

Nonetheless, even if the indictment is NOT carried out, inevitably Hillary Clinton’s “credibility” as a presidential candidate is in jeopardy.

Hillary: “Losing Horse”

The corporate media may attempt to cover up or distort the findings of the FBI and manipulate public opinion with a view to supporting Hillary’s candidacy.

A process of smearing the FBI is already ongoing. Will it  succeed? Hillary’s reputation has been tainted. A suspected criminal cannot become president of the USA, whether the legal procedure against her is carried out or not.

And the Donald Trump campaign will go into high gear to discredit Hillary Clinton.

Under these circumstances, the Democratic Party hierarchy (not to mention Hillary’s corporate sponsors) may decide to dump Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s Wall Street cronies will not bet their money on a “losing horse”.

Assuming Clinton falls out of the presidential race, what happens?

This scenario has already been contemplated and carefully rehearsed ahead of Hillary’s demise. 

Will the nomination go to Bernie Sanders or will Joe Biden formally enter the race as a “slip in” candidate:

If Clinton’s email-related problems get worse or other developments sink her popularity far below even Trump’s, causing her to step aside, Biden, as a more establishment figure than Sanders, would be the party’s likely choice as a “slip-in” candidate and an almost certain winner against Trump.Notwithstanding these various scenarios, Donald Trump is ahead in the presidential race. (Chicago Tribune, May 27, 2016)

The Criminalization of Politics

While Hillary, according to the FBI, is allegedly involved in money laundering and soliciting bribes, Donald Trump’s candidacy is also fragile, given his alleged links to organized crime as documented by David Cay Johnston:

But Trump was not clean as a whistle. Beginning three years earlier, he’d hired mobbed-up firms to erect Trump Tower and his Trump Plaza apartment building in Manhattan, including buying ostensibly overpriced concrete from a company controlled by mafia chieftains Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno and Paul Castellano. That story eventually came out in a federal investigation, which also concluded that in a construction industry saturated with mob influence, the Trump Plaza apartment building most likely benefited from connections to racketeering. Trump also failed to disclose that he was under investigation by a grand jury directed by the U.S. attorney in Brooklyn, who wanted to learn how Trump obtained an option to buy the Penn Central railroad yards on the West Side of Manhattan.

Why did Trump get his casino license anyway? Why didn’t investigators look any harder? And how deep did his connections to criminals really go? (Politico, May 22, 2016)

Dirty politics. So much for Democracy and “We the People”.

The Criminalization of Politics in America: The leading presidential candidates, Hillary and Donald, have shaky records, with alleged links to criminal wrongdoings.

What choice is left? Revolution. Regime Change in the US…

  • commonlaw

    What about MURDER? James Comey is a Clinton employee-like the fox guarding the hen house!! Clinton bush Cheney rot child kissinge r all criminals– the jig is up-

  • Valerie Cutler

    It violates everything Democracy stands for if the DNC chooses a “slip-in” candidate when they have a candidate who can beat Trump. Sanders has a whopping lead over Trump in the polls. Many Sanders supporters, and I mean many, many will not support a “slip-in” candidate because it is undemocratic and unethical.

    • William Carr

      You don’t seem to realize; these are just opinion polls.

      They don’t reflect “likely voters”.

      And don’t get excited about “slip in” candidates.

      The article is a hoax, after all.

  • gholden

    Please God let it happen. We’re not exactly pleased with the prospect of Clinton provoking Russia into a war that will likely be fought on and over Canadian soil. Her policies and goals are clearly apocalyptic, and Billary will inevitably become known as the smoothest, richest, and greatest criminals in history.

  • Abra Alahouzos

    How has Loretta Lynch not recused herself OR resigned yet? My mind is BLOWN that it was the firm she worked at that filed a PATENT for encryption??????????? Who is this firm? and WHY isn’t it being raided now?!!!!!

    • William Carr

      Why did you FALL for that?

      Do you know how encryption works?

      The customer that buys the program invents their own “encryption key”.

      It can be nothing more than taking a .jpg of your dog, shrinking the file to 128K. and feeding it to the program.

      That pattern of nearly random bits becomes the key. ONLY the people who know that the key is and have the same picture of your dog can open the email.

      The company that made the program doesn’t know. They can’t do much about it.

      Are you by any chance one of the Bernie Enthusiasts that is desperate for Secretary Clinton to leave the race so the loser can win?

  • Angela Brighthop

    and a bunch of conspiracy nonsense is not news

    • William Carr

      Shhh. Their brains are asleep.

      And nothing is going to MAKE them wake up until after Bernie Sanders concedes.


    But, what about the children?

  • William Carr

    So, while I’m thinking it takes outright insanity to pen a screed like this…

    I’m actually more interested in what kind of people fall for it.

    For example, the quote “James Comey and The FBI will present a recommendation to Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the Department of Justice”

    Really. How fascinating.

    Where’s the PROOF ?

    Any liar can make up a claim like this, and the OP clearly is a liar.

    But there’s no attribution. No official announcement of any kind.

    What I want to know is, how STUPID do you have to be to read a claim on the Internet and simply FALL FOR IT ?

    You haven’t learned to ‘doubt’ unfounded claims yet?

    Get with the program. This is the Internet.

    If you believe everything you read you’ll be a gibbering paranoiac in a WEEK.

    You HAVE to develop healthy skepticism to keep your sanity.

    This is assuming you haven’t LOST your sanity already.

  • cv66airdale

    In the 1980’s, nothing got built in NYC without the mob having their hands in it. If your a businessman, then you’ll have to deal with mobsters, just like politicians. This article is bullshit anyway.

  • https://m.facebook.com/lakefamilyresearch Kathleen Lake

    Any updates?

  • https://m.facebook.com/lakefamilyresearch Kathleen Lake

    Outstanding work

  • Daniel Omell

    They should call this woman “Octopussy”; she’s got tentacles around everyone!

  • Noah Rosenblum

    Now this is funny/sad.
    Loretta Lynch will NEVER proceed with any prosecution against Hillary and the Clinton foundation, not as long as that huge lump of jihadist SHIT currently occupying the WH.
    I wish that our senate had the same guts & balls as the senate did in ancient Rome back on 44BC when they faced their Caesar.

  • Anne Morgan

    So this article was written in June, discussing the imminent dumping of Hillary Clinton form the ticket. When are they going to get around to doing it?