Hillary Caught On Tape Boasting About ‘Rigging’ Palestine Election

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Hillary Clinton caught on tape talking about rigging Palestine election

An audio recording from 2006 reveals Hillary Clinton boasting to a newspaper editor that she planned on rigging an upcoming election in Palestine. 

According to an article by The Observer, “On September 5, 2006, Eli Chomsky was an editor and staff writer for the Jewish Press, and Hillary Clinton was running for a shoo-in re-election as a U.S. senator.

Her trip making the rounds of editorial boards brought her to Brooklyn to meet the editorial board of the Jewish Press.

The tape was never released and has only been heard by the small handful of Jewish Press staffers in the room.

According to Chomsky, his old-school audiocassette is the only existent copy and no one has heard it since 2006, until today when he played it for the Observer. The tape is 45 minutes and contains much that is no longer relevant.”

Chomsky recalls being taken aback that “anyone could support the idea – offered by a national political leader, no less – that the U.S. should be in the business of fixing foreign elections.”

This is proof that Hillary Clinton is willing to debauch an electoral process. This also gives insight into what it takes to rig an election.

LISTEN: Hillary Boasts About ‘Rigging’ Palestinian Election

“I do not think we should have pushed for an election in the Palestinian territories. I think that was a big mistake. And if we were going to push for an election, then we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win.”  – Hillary Rodham Clinton