Bloodthirsty Hillary Clinton Urges Kids To ‘Resist Trump’

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Hillary Clinton issues 'resist Trump' message to kids

Hillary Clinton has risen from her slumber, sporting a new haircut and a renewed thirst for blood, calling on her younger supporters to “stand up” and “resist” Donald Trump. 

The 2016 presidential race loser took to Snapchat on Wednesday to send out a sassy message to fans on International Women’s Day.

A fired up Hillary told young supporters that the fight against Trump must go on, “there’s a lot to fight for: Planned Parenthood, education, healthcare, jobs. Every issue is a women’s issue. So stand up, resist, run for office, be a champion,” she said in a 10-second rant. reports:

Numerous users on Twitter were amazed to see Hillary alive and sporting a new hairstyle.

Others mocked the former First Lady, resurrected old Hillary scandals and drew comparisons between her new look and characters from various forms of media.

Then there was one incredibly perceptive Twitter user who compared her appearance to the diabolical antagonist from the film adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Hillary infamously announced her use of Snapchat while on the 2016 campaign trail, joking about the fact that Snapchat messages delete on their own – a reference to her email controversy in which she reportedly deleted 33,000 emails from a private server.