Hero For ‘The People’ Bob Geldof Wants 100K For Speech On Poverty

Hero For 'The People' Bob Geldof Wants 100K For Speech On Poverty

One of the self-professed “heroes” who fights to end world poverty, Sir Bob Geldof, is now charging $100,000  to talk about the plight of poor people.

Geldof recently billed Australian organizers $100,000 to talk about Third World poverty and greed, before heading off to his 5-star hotel room paid for by stunned organisers. 

According to The Daily Telegraph:

Geldof, 54, spoke about the tragedy of Third World poverty and the failure of governments to combat the crisis at a Crown casino function in Melbourne on Thursday night.

Fellow activist, World Vision CEO the Reverend Tim Costello, spoke for free.

An event insider said the Geldof payments, which included the costs of a minder, appeared hypocritical.

“It was an inspiring speech. But when you think he got paid $100,000 to talk about poverty it seems like a bit of a contradiction,” the insider said.

“That’s $100,000 that could have made a difference to poverty right there.

Everyone who was in the audience would have walked away in awe. If only they knew the full story.”

  • Jim Bronaugh

    It always ends the same. No matter who, what, when, where, or how, people always turn out to be great floating turds in the toilet of life and even flushing can’t remove the tell tale scent of the corruption.

  • Bridget Cairns

    rather like the charities here who pay the CEO’s large salaries