Has Google Earth Accidentally Shown An Egyptian UFO Base?


An image of a strange V-shaped structure near Cairo, Egypt that can be seen on Google Earth is causing a debate online within the UFO community.

While many think it may be a weird military base, others believe it might be a landing strip used by alien UFO’s.

From a GeoBeats News report:

UFO conspiracy theorists have been busy speculating about a mysterious landmark near Cairo that is visible on Google Earth.

Based on the overhead image, the desert complex appears to consist mostly of a large V-shaped structure with six circular formations placed around it.

A YouTube video uploaded by Secureteam10 starts off by asking if the location is a “mysterious entrance to [a] secret underground base?”

The narrator goes on to say that although some people think it may be a military installation, he thinks there is a resemblance to the Freemason symbol. Meanwhile, others have suggested the possibility of a UFO base or alien landing area.

The Daily Mail quoted one commenter who points out that the structure is fairly close to a large highway, so it may not be the best place to build a secret spot.

  • Jhollman

    You can find estructures like this one all around Cairo in Egypt, they all are radar tower bases with missile turrets, the one in the picture is unfinished so both the radar and the missiles arent placed yet but u can see them in all the other locations.

  • Bill Jackson

    It looks like a sand pit. A dump truck backs up to the rectangular area and a front-end-loader runs up the ramp and dumps sand into the truck.It looks like four parking bays on the lower structure and two on the top one.