Groundbreaking Study Warns Cell Phones Cause Cancer

Fact checked
New study reveals that cell phones cause brain cancer

A new landmark study on the dangers of radiation has concluded that cell phones do cause cancer. 

The study looked at rats and mice who were dosed with cell phone radiation within the 900 – 1900 megahertz range, for 9 hours per day. reports:

The exposure would last 10 minutes before being followed with a 10 minute break, for a total of 18 hours a day.

The study was significant, in that it used levels of radiation that were much higher than in previous studies, which found no link between cancer and cell phones.

This experiment exposed the rats to somewhere between 4-9 times more radiation than previous studies.

The results of the two year experiment showed that the radiation caused a 3-4% increase in heart and brain cancer in the rodents, over control groups.

That may not sound like much, but the types of cancers that showed up are fairly rare without radiation exposure. In addition, the results were similar to what has been seen in some human trials.

This may not be enough to convince mainstream science, but it’s certainly enough to keep them from accusing concerned citizens of being crazy conspiracy theorists.

Whether or not cell phones cause cancer, is still a valid question worthy of more research.