Green Fireball Lights Up Sky Over Bangkok

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green fireball

A huge green fireball lit up the night sky over Thailand on Monday as it streaked past and exploded.

According to reports, the flash was seen in several parts of the country, including the capital.

Dashcam videos were published soon after the fireball hit the sky showing the dark night turn into day for a few seconds.

It is suspected that the fireball was a small meteor that burnt up in the atmosphere at a high altitude, according to the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand

The Taurid meteor shower may bring more fireball sightings over the coming days.

The American Meteor Society say that 2015 may be a year with an unusual number of Taurid fireballs, which peak between Oct. 29th to Nov. 10th.

However, they also say that that most Taurid meteors appear to shoot upwards (unlike the fireball seen in Thailand) and not all fireballs seen at this time of year are from the Taurid meteor shower