Goya CEO Warns We Are on “Precipice” of Global Famine

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Goya CEO warns world is about to enter a massive famine

Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue has warned that the world is “on the precipice of a global food crisis” that could plunge western nations into famine.

In a Wednesday interview, Unanue told Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo“Americans will have to tighten their belts and consume less,” in response to her question about a looming food shortage crisis about to hit America.

Bartiromo then asked whether the food crisis is set to get much worse.

Unanue warned about an imbalance in world food production, indicating “farmers are paying double for fertilizer, they’re planting less and yields will be less.” 

Zerohedge.com reports: Unanue then spoke about “30% of the global wheat production in Ukraine goes unplanted.” He said the “global food supply chain is a very tight balance. If we interrupt the food production, we will have a food crisis that will send prices through the roof.” 

He went on to say, as a rich country, we can afford higher-priced food, but other countries won’t be able to bear it,” suggesting the US will be the last affected.  

To the Unanue’s point, the dominos are already beginning to fall as inflation riots have already sparked socio-economic turmoil in Sir Lanka and Peru. Countries across Africa and the Middle East, many of which are importers of food, are experiencing soaring prices and imminent shortages. 

Unanue’s interview is more proof the world’s agricultural system is fracturing and storm clouds are gathering. 

Watch the full interview here.