Google Blocks Users From Accessing Project Veritas Expose of Pfizer

Fact checked
Google begins blocking users from accessing Project Veritas' expose of Pfizer

Google has been caught censoring and blocking users from accessing information regarding the recent Project Veritas expose of Pfizer.

According to reports, when you attempt to search “Pfizer Project Veritas” Google presents users with a page instructing users to go to mainstream media outlets to find out information about the story. reports: The results have since been “fixed,” quite literally. Most of the top listings for the phrase, “pfizer project veritas” show “fact check” websites claiming the video is “unverified” or corporate media news outlets calling the incident “alleged.” Others published a story, then retracted it later.

In other words, they’re running the Hunter Biden laptop play on this one. It wouldn’t be shocking if Deep Staters released a letter saying the video is Russian propaganda.

Congressman Ken Buck went on with Tucker Carlson to discuss.


This is why it’s so important for patriots to spread the word themselves. Don’t wait for corporate media or Big Tech to do it because they won’t. The people need to know just how evil Pfizer really is.