Glencore: The Criminal Conspiracy Behind The Clinton Machine

The crooked Clintons and the criminals they serve

Glencore: The Criminal Conspiracy Behind The Clinton Machine

Reddit has joined Anonymous, 4Chan and WikiLeaks to expose Hillary Clinton and the criminal Clinton machine.

A Reddit contributor going by the name of Emperor Worf, has done some great research, “followed the money” and mapped out the long history of Clinton corruption dating back to the 1970’s, though it probably goes back even further.

Glencore is the World’s 3rd largest family business, and the 10th largest company on the Fortune Global 500 list. It has headquarters in Switzerland, London, the Netherlands, and Jersey.

Founded by Marc Rich, Glencore is a commodities trading giant whose primary interests are oil, gas, and mining

Glencore is also a huge money laundering scheme spanning from the US to Asia to the Middle East and back to Canada, that allows the Clinton’s and their pals to get around international law.

Read more from Reddit Contributor Emperor Worf

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  • Lock Her Up

    People always talk about the Clinton Machine, but no one knows the specifications of the machine or have even given a general description—until now!
    The Clinton Machine is an ordinary cotton candy machine with a toilet seat mounted on top. They fill it up, add some sugar, and whirl it up; spinning and spinning. Then they put it on a cardboard stick and market it as Clinton Foundation or First Woman President or whatever other candy-flavored shit they’re peddling.
    The surprising thing is they want people to believe over half the people buy her shit, say “Mm, Mm Good!”, and ask for more!
    DO NOT TRY IT! It’s been shown by the State of California to cause possibly irreversible brain damage.