Germany: ‘Compulsory Labor’ For Citizens To Serve Migrants

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German politician Eckhardt Rehberg has provoked a heated debate on whether citizens should be forced to do one year social service in "service migrants"

A German politician has suggested introducing a “compulsory labor” program to force young Germans to spend a year in the service of migrants.

CDU MP Eckhardt Rehberg suggested that graduates should be forced to either commit to one year military service or one year social service, explaining that this would solve Germany’s current inability to cope with the migrant crisis.

“We need compulsory service, we have no other way to manage the mass of refugees and their integration”, the MP said. reports:

The plan would relieve aid workers who are struggling to cope with the huge swarm of migrants and are “at their limit of exhaustion,” according to the report, which states that Germans, “would basically be forced to service refugees.”

“Everyone who today says this can’t work will think differently about this six months from now,” said Rehberg.
The very idea of any kind of “compulsory labor” program is obviously extremely controversial given Germany’s history.

As we reported last month, some schools are already forcing children to clean up trash left behind by migrants, prompting outrage from parents.

German schoolchildren are already being impacted by Angela Merkel’s decision to accept potentially millions of “refugees”.

As we previously highlighted, some German schools are ordering girls not to wear shorts or skirts so as not to offend or provoke sexual assaults from migrants staying in nearby refugee camps.

Meanwhile, as Breitbart reports, the Germany’s Interior Minister recently, “announced his intention to drop educational standards in the country to help migrants get into school or find a training place.”