Germans Warned To ‘Stay Away From Windows & Not To Wave At Obama’

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Germans Warned To 'Stay Away From Windows & Not To Wave At Obama'

Police have warned residents in the German city Hannover to stay away from windows and not to wave at the US president in case they are shot by Obama’s secret service.

The police have issued flyers to nearly 2,000 people living near the Congress Centre which is due to be visited by Obama on April 24.

Obama will be meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the Hanover Messe, an industrial technology fair.

The Mail Online reports:

As well as keeping away from windows and waving, residents expecting visitors that weekend will have to register them with police a week beforehand.

Hanover Obama visit

People working in shops lying within the security area will also have to register.

The elegant zoo district is being turned into a fortress!’ said the Bild newspaper about the security operation, which also includes removing bicycles from streets the presidential motorcade will pass along and turning off mobile phone transmitters at unspecified times.

Trains and bus lines will be halted all around the security zone, manhole covers welded shut and police snipers placed on rooftops.

All overseas visits by American heads of state are traditionally surrounded with extra security, but the terror attacks in Paris last year and Brussels last month have made this excursion even more fraught with danger for the authorities

It added: ‘The residents living in the Zoo quarter will be closer to the U.S. President than anyone in Hanover.

‘But nevertheless, it will be virtually impossible to get even a glimpse of the most powerful man in the world.’

Although the police letter does not specifically say residents risk taking a bullet if they wave from a window at the president, no-one is left in any doubt that that is the message authorities are sending.

‘Please understand that security forces operate under special alert during the visit of the US president,’ police added in their security note.

American secret service agents are already in the city plotting the security arrangements for the visit. Just where he will be staying remains top secret.