Germans Officially A Minority In Their Own Country

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Germans officially become a minority in their own country

Germans are now officially a minority in their own country, with Frankfurt declaring that 51.2% of its city’s inhabitants now have immigrant backgrounds.

According to new statistics released in June, Germans are expected to become a minority across other major German cities in the very near future. reports: There are big differences between Germans and immigrants in family structures, where Germans have far fewer children and far more single households for economics and employment.

Meanwhile, the proportion of the poor is twice as high among immigrants, while having a much lower employment rate.

Especially immigrant women are less active in the employment market, with 59% in jobs, while 78% of German women work.

The next German cities where Germans are expected to be a minority in the near future are Augsburg and Stuttgart.

They will then enter the range of other European cities such as: London, Amsterdam, Geneva and Brussels, where the ethnic population has been outnumbered.