German Chancellor Angela Merkel May Be About To Resign

Is Angela Merkel, Germany's Chancellor, about to resign?

Rumours are circulating around Berlin that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is going to resign from her post due to the atrocious handling of the migrant crisis. reports:

It has long been said that they would have to drag her out of office as she would never resign willingly.

Nevertheless, Chancellor Angela Merkel is coming under a lot of criticism behind closed doors.

Civil unrest is rising in Germany and the dissatisfaction with her open border policy to get the Noble Prize failed and is turning into a political nightmare.

So how do you give her a graceful exit? The rumor is that she should take the position as the new UN Secretary General.

This would leave Schaeuble having to deal with the refugee crisis. It is already starting to snow in Germany. This is going to be a very bitterly cold winter and the refugees are going to experience real hardship.

  • Kinash1982

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