German Bank Blocks ATM Cash Withdrawals

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A German bank has blocked all ATM withdrawals

Citizens in Germany have reported widespread problems in withdrawing their cash from ATM machines across the country. 

As reported by Germany’s Spiegel, customers were unable to withdraw cash from Deutsche Bank ATMs due to an apparent “technical glitch.” reports:

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A German bank spokeswoman declined to comment on the problem first.

But the bank finally conceded a technical glitch in online banking.


The deposits and withdrawals were partially displayed twice or not ready, the bank said.

“None of these payments twice shown has taken place,” it says in the statement.

Apparently slipped some accounts due to the alleged double deduction into the red. “I could not pay by card. By double counting our account is in the red. Also withdraw money I could not, because our credit limit is not sufficient,” wrote a user on a Facebook.

With everything that is going on, one can only wonder if desperate times have led to desperate measures… or, of course, this could simply be a “technical glitch” which just happened to occur on a Friday evening – the busiest time for cash withdrawals.