Geraldo Rivera Defends Biden, Says Everyone Should ‘Get The Damn Vaccine’

Fact checked
Geraldo Rivera

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera is backing President Biden’s call for private businesses to mandate the covid vaccine.

On FNC’s “The Five” Rivera said that everyone should “get the damn vaccine” because people have no right to negatively impact his family.

He continued that as long as his grandchildren could not get the vaccine, others should be forced into having it to keep them safe.

Rivera has previously called unvaccinated people arrogant, selfish and reckless arguing that they should be banned from certain venues, including workplaces. He has also said he had no problem with the idea of vaccine passports.

Breitbart reports: Rivera said, “This was a president who was doing something that he feels necessary to curb an emergency that has already, ladies and gentlemen, taken more lives than the American civil war. Let’s put it in the context.”

He continued, “This is what we are talking about. We’re not talking about, you don’t have a right to drink if you’re 19 years old or you don’t have a right have a license before you’re 16. This is about life and death. He is impatient. He’s angry. He thought he would be remembered as the president who crushed COVID and instead COVID is threatening to crush his agenda. So of course he is in every way frustrated.”

Rivera said, “Ladies and gentlemen, there is long-settled law in the United States of America that your freedoms cannot infringe on my family’s health. You don’t have the right to spread smallpox or Measles or Polio or whatever it is to my family. I have a right to protect my family. My government has the obligation to protect me and my family.”

He continued, “Get the damn vaccine. I have grandchildren. You have to get vaccinated.”

Rivera concluded, “You have no right to make a decision that negatively impacts my family.”