George Soros Invests $500 Million Towards Deepening Migrant Crisis

George Soros funds migrant crisis to the tune of $500 million

Billionaire tycoon George Soros has promised to donate $500 million to help migrants and refugees flood Europe. 

Soros published an op-ed on Tuesday saying that his nonprofit organisation will help fund “work opportunities for migrants and refugees” coming into Europe. reports:

On Monday it hosted its first forum for Heads of State to discuss how to handle what’s been dubbed the world’s biggest refugee and migrant crisis since World War II. According to the U.N., 65.3 million people have been displaced from their homes by conflict and persecution in 2015. Since the crisis escalated last year, Europe has been struggling with how to handle the inflow of migrants.

“I will invest in startups, established companies, social-impact initiatives and businesses founded by migrants and refugees themselves,” Soros wrote. “Although my main concern is to help migrants and refugees arriving in Europe, I will be looking for good investment ideas that will benefit migrants all over the world.”

Soros, 86, is a refugee himself. He fled Hungary in 1946 and spent his teenage years as a migrant in London. He worked as a railway porter and waiter to put himself through the London School of Economics and later moved to New York where he got his start working on Wall Street. In 1969 he established his own hedge fund, the Quantum Fund, with $12 million. Today Forbes estimates Soros’ net worth at $24.9 billion.

Through his Open Society foundations, Soros has said he plans to give away more than $11 billion in his lifetime. According to Soros, the latest $500 million investment earmarked toward refugees and migrants will be owned by his nonprofit foundation, and will be investments rather than grants. “They are intended to be successful—because I want to show how private capital can play a constructive role helping migrants—and any profits will go to fund programs at the Open Society Foundations, including programs that benefit migrants and refugees,” Soros wrote.

Over the past several years Soros has made several gifts toward organizations aimed at supporting immigrants, including the Migration Policy Institute, which analyzes the movement of people worldwide, and the National Immigration Law Center, dedicated to advancing the rights of low-income immigrants. Soros has also been an outspoken critic of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump and his anti-immigration rhetoric, saying in January that “Donald Trump is doing the work of ISIS.” In March, he pledged $5 million through a super PAC called Immigrant Voters Win PAC, aiming to mobilize the vote of Hispanic and Latino voters against Trump.

  • Mollie Norris

    Immigrants have started returning to their homes in Syria since Putin started his offensive against US-CIA-Mossad ISIS, rather than bombing Assad’s army. Christmas 2016 was the first celebration in years in Aleppo, for example.
    Soros is a Satan-worshipping genocidal mass murderer who needs to be incarcerated for life for the safety of the citizens of the world. His WWII career was in support of a group that hung children as young as 5 years old upside down from meathooks and flayed them alive as a member of the Hungarian Iron Fist. .Prior to that he stole the possessions of fellow Jews that his father had turned in to Adolph Eichmann as they boarded trains to death camps. Eichmann toured freemason lodges before WWII
    WTF has Soros done for US blacks besides paying them to destroy black-owned businesses. Soros is a member of the $4 billion/yr International Crisis Group, which creates crises to study crisis creation and intervention.
    The 3rd Reich allied with Illuminati Freemasons before the end of WWII. Third Reich elite Thule Society/Vril Satanists and Illuminati bloodlines are both derived from the “Aryan” Draco – Reptilian parasitic alien races described in Torah, the Old Testament; the Adversary of mankind; Lucifer and hiss “fallen angels” The 4th Reich-Illuminati planned to return in around two generations.
    We have to make a decision to worship God, who is infinite love and light and unity, or be slaves of Satan, his adversary.