George Soros & Disney Smear U.S. Troops As “Neo-Nazis” on Day of Afghanistan Attack

Fact checked
Soros and Disney smear U.S. military as neo-nazi's on day of Afghanistan attack

George Soros and Disney both collectively decided to issue a scathing attack against U.S. troops on the very same day they were attacked in Afghanistan.

On 26th August, the far-left outlet Vice issued the following vile tweet: reports: But who, exactly, is Vice?

We all know who Disney, Soros and Arts & Entertainment are. TPG Capital, Vice’s biggest shareholder, is a private equity firm with more than $100 billion in assets. Among other things, it is a major investor in the Viking cruise line. Why are these companies–Soros aside–supporting a low-rent outlet that viciously smears the U.S. Marine Corps? We have come a long way from Walt Disney, in the wrong direction.

The phenomenon of woke capitalism is hard to understand, but it seems clear that companies will not stop promoting leftism until they feel pain at the bottom line. I encourage you to contact the companies involved here, express your disgust, and where appropriate, take your business elsewhere.