Fusion GPS Behind Attempt To Link Trump To Pedophile Epstein

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Fusion GPS behind attempt to smear Trump as having ties to pedophile Epstein

Fusion GPS, the pro-Democratic firm behind the discredited Trump dossier, attempted to tie Trump to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein – a close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

According to a journalist at The Washington Times, Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson concocted the false narrative that Trump and Epstein were ‘close friends’ in order to undermine his presidency and take the heat off of the Clintons.

Infowars.com reports: Ken Silverstein, a reporter for Vice.com who wrote a piece attempting to tie Trump to Epstein in January 2016, confirmed to the Times it was sourced by Fusion GPS.

“Since you asked, yes, they helped me with that,” Silverstein said. “But as you can see, I could not make a strong case for Trump being super close to Epstein, so they could hardly have been thrilled with that story. [In my humble opinion], that was the best story written about Trump’s ties to Epstein, but I failed to nail him.”

“Trump’s ties were mild compared to Bill Clinton’s,” he added.

Trump’s ties to Epstein appear to be strictly social, including some dinner parties, two plane trips, and meeting at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida – a far cry from the over 25 confirmed flights by Bill Clinton aboard Epstein’s Lolita Express, and his visits to Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean (known to many as “Pedo Island”).

While he only served 13 months in prison, it has been alleged that Epstein trafficked girls as young as twelve to his private island to engage in sex acts with his rich friends.

In an act seeming connected to the attempt to tie Trump to Epstein, an anonymous woman filed a lawsuit claiming Trump raped her when she was a teenage acquaintance of Epstein’s.

“Jane Doe” dropped her dubious civil lawsuit a few days before the presidential election – a story that inspired an episode to Law and Order Special Victim’s Unit at the time.