Fox News SILENCES Trump, Censors ‘Election Fraud’ Claims From Interview

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Fox News censors Trump, removes election fraud claims from interview with him.

Fox News silenced Donald Trump’s election fraud claims in a recent interview, prompting many viewers to accuse the network of censorship.

Trump told Fox News host Dan Bongino during a recent bombshell interview:

“It’s a disgrace what’s happening, and I don’t think the country’s going to stand for it.

Trump declared that the border crisis, violent crimes increase, the push to defund the police, and political prosecutions were all evidence that America is heading in the wrong direction.

Trump’s spokesperson Liz Harrington tweeted:

“Fox News EDITED and CHANGED what President Trump said, censoring out 45 accurately describing the Fake Election.”

“You have a fake election, you have an election with voter abuse and with voter fraud like nobody has ever seen before, and based on that and based on what happened, they are destroying our country,” Trump told Bongino.

Harrington tweeted a link to an interview in its entirety, which was posted on YouTube for the full context.

The spokeswoman said Bongino had nothing to do with the deletion before describing Fox News’s censorship as right out of Big Tech’s playbook.

Bongino disavowed the network’s censorship of Trump in a Facebook post:

“I was not made aware of ANY edits made to my interview with President Trump on the Fox News Channel YouTube account,” he wrote.

“However, it’s my show, and I’m responsible for what happens with it.

“I’m looking into this, and I will provide a full account of what happened on my podcast tomorrow. I owe it to you.”

“I’ve been a staunch ally to President Trump from the beginning, even when others sold him out,” Bongino added.

“And I have the receipts to back it up.”