Media Ignores Floods In South Asia That Has Killed 2,000

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Media ignore South Asia floods that kill 2000 people

The mainstream media has remained silent on the devastating floods that have killed over 1,500 people in South Asia.

As the mainstream media remains focussed on Hurricane Harvey, torrential rainfall has devastated South Asia for the entire month of August.

Bored Panda reports: Across India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, record amounts of heavy monsoon rains have caused disastrous flooding and landslides.

Thousands of homes have become completely submerged, poor villages have absolutely no access to food and medicine, and nearly 1200 people have died – including children.

Millions have been displaced, and are now wandering the region homeless and searching for help.

In case your local news station hasn’t been reporting on it, here are 30+ photos from the scene that you won’t soon forget.

The GlobalGiving Foundation is working with a number of charities and aid organisations to provide relief to the many groups affected by these events, and you can learn more about it here.