‘F**k Trump’ Sign Appears On Side Of Hotel In Atlanta


Someone has projected an anti-Trump message containing the F-word onto the side of a hotel in Midtown Atlanta.

On Monday Twitter users posted pictures of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Midtown Atlanta displaying the words ‘Fuck Trump’ on its structure.

Sputnik reports:

The president-elect carried the state of Georgia, though rival Hillary Clinton won some counties that comprise Atlanta, including Gwinnett, and normally-conservative Cobb county.

Protests against Donald Trump have raged ever since he won the presidency last Tuesday. High School and college students have been staging walkouts and many organizations have been organizing demonstrations leading up to inauguration day.

Some 500 protesters in Atlanta blocked streets and burned American flags Friday night opposing the billionaire’s election. Shannon Burn told Atlanta’s Channel 2 Action News, “I cannot believe that this has happened to our country…People have voted for hate. Someone who is so racist and self serving. He’s a sick person, and he is not my president.”

On social media people having been expressing disdain for Trump and organizing actions under the hashtag #NotMyPresident.

Edmondo Burr

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