Fire-breathing ‘Dragon’ Appears Over Scotland

Fact checked
Fire-breathing dragon spotted in the skies over Scotland

A startling cloud formation over the skies of Edinburgh, Scotland saw what appeared to be a fire-breathing dragon alongside the hand of God blaze across the skies. reports:

Tom Foster, a 26-year-old physician, was photographing the Scottish capital when he captured the brilliant scene above.

“When I first saw the cloud I knew it looked spectacular but it wasn’t until after I took the picture and looked at it on my camera that I started to see the unusual shape it made,” said the amateur shutterbug, who posted the image on Facebook.

“What I see most often is the ‘hand of God’ like quite a lot of other people do. I’m not incredibly religious so not sure about the God bit but can certainly see the hand,” he told Caters News.

“But then I can also see the dragon’s head and neck. It looks like it is breathing fire.

“I love the picture because everyone sees something different in it. I’ve had hundreds of comments and messages from people suggesting different things,” he added.