Feds Prepare For Nuclear Attack On New York

nuclear attack

U.S. Federal authorities are running a nuclear attack drill at MetLife Stadium in northern New Jersey.

The drill simulates a nuclear strike on the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel.

Operation Gotham Shield simulates a situation where emergency teams have to cope with a 10-kiloton nuclear bomb explosion in NY.

Drills are also taking place in Washington, DC and Albany.

Fox5NY reports:

Homeland Security and FEMA are conducting Operation Gotham Shield.  The purpose is to practice how to assess, treat and evacuate victims during a potential nuclear attack in the New York City area.

The drills simulate a scenario in which a 10,000 ton improvised nuclear device goes off on the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel.

MetLife Stadium is serving as the primary response center during the multi-day drills.  The stadium is in East Rutherford, about 15 minutes outside of Manhattan.

The New Jersey and New York emergency management organizations are also taking part.

The exercise is part of several that are taking place along the Northeast Corridor.  Other drills are taking place in Washington, D.C. and Albany.

Federal authorities say the drills are not in response to any current events, including possible threats from North Korea.

This drill follows an exercise in October called Northern Lights that took place in Minnesota.