FBI Remove Posts About “Pizzagate” Scandal From Social Media

The FBI have been instructed remove all posts about Pizzagate from social media in an attempt to suppress details of the scandal from the public.
'Pizzagate' Illustration by David Dees

Police and FBI have been instructed to begin removing all posts mentioning “Pizzagate” from social media in an attempt to suppress details of the pedophilia scandal from the public.

The Huffington Post reports that “After the restaurant’s owner, James Alefantis, and staffers began receiving death threats, Alefantis contacted local and federal authorities, including the FBI, to get the fake news stories removed.”

But law enforcement has sided with the man who allegedly named himself after his love of children (J’aime les infants), and are now censoring Pizzagate stories from social media. According to News.com.au: “The FBI and police have since instructed the completely unsubstantiated story be removed from sites such as Facebook and Reddit.”

Mainstream media refuses to lay out the evidence for readers to analyze, instead instructing them to take their word for the fact it is “preposterous.”

Whatever your views of fake news and where it comes from, Pizzagate does not qualify. It is an organic citizen investigation that has amassed a huge haystack of evidence that demands professional inquiry.

Maybe they all just really, really like pizza. And sick art. And icons of pederasty. And using pedophile slang. And making really depraved comments on disturbing photos of children on Instagram. And associating with bands that use pedophile imagery in videos and comedians that hint at their attraction to children. It’s possible that they’re just a collection of very strange, powerful people whose eccentricities make it look a lot like they’re a bunch of twisted, sadistic child abusers.

Anything is possible. But the the fact that all these major corporate news conglomerates are going so aggressively after some “internet conspiracy” and claiming it is “debunked” without looking at any of the evidence, suggests there is a major cover up in action.

By refusing to lay out the evidence for readers to analyze – falsely claiming “there is no evidence” – corporate controlled media appear to be protecting the interests of the elite – as usual. They are assuming their readers won’t do their own research, and will be accept their verdict on important issues.

For those interested in thinking for themselves, the DC Pizzagate blog provides background information and lays out some of the circumstantial evidence uncovered by investigators.

The treatment of Pizzagate has stark parallels to the time CNN tried to convince their viewers that reading WikiLeaks was illegal in America, and viewers had to rely on CNN to tell them what was in Podesta’s emails.

That tactic couldn’t have backfired more spectacularly on CNN. The network’s pandering to the Clinton campaign and dishonest election coverage played a part in the Democrats losing the election. Mainstream media is stuck in the past. People don’t fall for that bullshit anymore.

All the signs are pointing to Pizzagate backfiring on mainstream media in the same way.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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