FBI Chief Says He Is ‘Certain’ Hillary Clinton Broke The Law

FBI boss says he is certain that Hillary Clinton broke the law

The FBI are showing signs of losing confidence in Hillary Clinton as investigations into her misuse of a private email server when she was Secretary of State uncover potential criminal activity. 

FBI chief, James Comey, has accussed the Presidential candidate of violating laws whilst handling classified government information through her private home server.

Washingtonexaminer.com reports:

The fact that Pagliano received immunity, experts have noted, could signal that a grand jury has already been impaneled, though it depends on the details of the agreement. Those details are presently unclear.

“I’m also told Comey and his team increasingly doubt Clinton’s story,” Gasparino said. “Most officials know private email servers are easier to hack into than secure government servers.

They also know that even documents not labeled ‘classified’ may be top secret.”

“Law-enforcement sources also say Comey’s record as a prosecutor shows he has zero tolerance for such abuses,” Gasparino wrote.

“However, FBI sources say he has no backing from President Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch to recommend charges against the former secretary since a Clinton presidency may be the best chance to preserve the Obama legacy.”

“That leaves Comey in a bind: Does he do what is politically expedient and deny the reality that Clinton’s e-mail server activities violated the law, or follow the evidence to wherever it takes him?” he added.

  • Bill the eighth

    He has to follow the evidence and indict this criminal. If he does not, the last veneer of a free constitutional republic where all are equal under the law is ripped away, exposing the corruption and how the oligarchs are held to a lower standard for all to finally see.

    • Zaphod Braden

      The People are about fed up with CRAP that never gets FLUSHED.
      That thieving BITCH has been taking BRIBES called “speaking fees” and she and those who paid the BRIBES should all be arrested.

      • Bill the eighth

        YES SIR!! I agree and I want to see that evil, ugly bitch doing the perp walk in chains.

  • spirittoo

    All those MF’s in Washington break the law … so what else is new?

  • desertspeaks

    Either the law applies to everyone, or it applies to no one!

  • Zaphod Braden

    Hussein Obama claims Congress “must do it’s Constitutional DUTY” by accepting his nominee, but Hussein REFUSES to do HIS Constitutional DUTY of evicting illegal invaders and securing OUR borders “during a time of war on terror”. Hussein is the Chief Executive. Hussein’s PRIMARY CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY is to enforce the laws, yet he REFUSES to do so.
    “our” politicians take oaths to uphold the LAW and the Constitution. When they REFUSE to, when they openly DEFY and circumvent the LAW, they FORFEIT their “Governmental Immunity”. Every Politician who goes on record as supporting ILLEGAL INVADERS should be held financially responsible for PAYING REPARATIONS for the crimes done by the ILLEGALS.
    Start CIVIL FORFEITURE on the assets of Politicians that cover for ILLEGAL INVADERS.