Father arrested in Australia for treating child with cannabis oil

Father arrested in Australia Man for treating child with cannabis oil

Two-year-old Rumer Rose Maujean was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma cancer on Chrstmas Eve 2014.  The cancer is a rare solid tumor disease that occurs usually in children under five years of age.

Father arrested in Australia Man for treating child with cannabis oil

The doctors claimed that there was a 50 percent chance of her recovery with conventional therapy, which started with surgery and continuing with a series of chemotherapy treatments.

Rumer Rose’s Father, decided to find and use medical grade cannabis to help her recovery. He claimed he was just using high CBD and low, or no THC cannabis oil as an adjunct in order to “increase her chances of survival beyond 50 percent.”

The Northern Daily Reader reports: Tamworth medical marijuana campaigners are rallying behind a Brisbane father who has been criminally charged for using cannabis oil to treat his dying daughter.

Adam Koessler was charged at a Brisbane hospital last Friday for supply dangerous drugs to a minor after giving his two-year-old daughter, Rumer, medical grade cannabis oil in a desperate bid to treat her stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer.

Mr Koessler has been bailed to face court on January 20 but as part of his bail conditions is unable to have contact with his daughter.

Since being forced off the cannabis oil last week, Rumer’s condition has dramatically worsened and she is now in intensive care on morphine.

Advocates of medical cannabis have been outraged by this arrest and claim parents should have the right to treat their own children with an effective medicine.



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