‘Family Sex Show’ Aimed At Kids Cancelled After Backlash By Furious Parents

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family Sex show

A so called ‘Family Sex Show’ aimed at children aged 5 and over, has been cancelled after thousands of concerned parents and others signed a petition opposing it.

The UK theatre company responsible for the production described it as “an alternative to porn” and invited parents to bring their children to the show where they would be urged to explore ‘sexual pleasures’ and sketch their genitals.

They advertised that there would be full nudity and discussion of topics completely unsuitable for children.

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The Mail Online reports: Theatre company ThisEgg has complained it had been forced to scrap its shocking show, which encourages young children to explore sex and sexuality, ‘before it opened’ in Bristol and Norwich after nearly 40,000 parents signed a petition calling for it to be axed.

Writing on Twitter, the group, which receives funding from Arts Council England, claimed their ‘freedom of expression’ had been cancelled, in the face of anger over unsuitable sexual content for pre-teen children. 

Parents on website Mumsnet called for the police to investigate after it emerged that participants on stage get naked for five minutes.

The Family Sex Show has openly admitted this, stating: ‘There is nakedness yes. At one point in the show, everyone on stage takes their clothes off to the level they feel comfortable to. For some people, that’s taking off all of their clothes and being completely naked.’ 

And its website contains material encouraging little children to draw and label vulvae and penises, and make them out of playdoh, and even to ‘try sexual practices’ with their ‘sexual parts’.

It also contains ‘advice’ on sexuality and gender pronouns, and links to videos about how to become an ‘LGBT ally’. 

On Twitter, ThisEgg claimed that ‘a small group of people with extremist views’ had forced the Tobacco Factory in Bristol and the Norfolk & Norwich Festival to cancel its shows in May. However, an ‘invite-only’ performance will be held at the Egg theatre in Bath this month.   

Campaigners including Laurence Fox and Dominique Samuels called the cancellations ‘a win for parents protecting their children’.