Fake Tears And The Demolition Of The U.S. Constitution

Obama sheds fake tears as he destroys the Constitution

President Obama was caught shedding fake crocodile tears during his speech on exercising his executive powers to ‘curb’ gun control earlier this week. 

Let’s face it, the NWO cabal has no choice but to use every trick of the political trade to legislate their unconstitutional gun control laws any way they can.  Since the House is onto Obama’s cat ‘n’ mouse game, he is forced to ‘legislate’ via executive order.  In so doing Obama has cast himself as the single most lawless president in U.S. history.  As a result, he is stacking up a record of tyranny that only King George III might envy.

The NWO directors have also cast Obama as perhaps the worst acting president in American history. He’s really a terrible actor who has failed to convince many political commentators and armchair analysts alike. Most agree that Obama is such an awful performer that he shouldn’t even be on stage.  Even Robbie Parker of Sandy Hook fame does a better job than him.

N.B. Really, how many times has a President of the United States of America been caught in the very public act of crying fake tears whereby everyone is asking:

Was President Obama Fake Crying?

In the wake of President Barack Obama’s speech announcing executive actions on gun control, some political pundits – professional or otherwise – contended that the president’s show of emotion when discussing the 2012 Newtown school shooting wasn’t exactly genuine.

Several Twitter users doubted the sincerity of Obama’s moment of sadness, including Oscar-nominated actor James Woods:

Andrea Tantaros of Fox News was particularly vitriolic in her criticism, saying she would “check that podium for an onion or some No More Tears,” implying the president’s emotion was calculated and forced.

“And the award goes to …” she added.