EXPOSED: Lindsey Graham Caught on Tape Saying Joe Biden Is ‘Best Person To Lead US’

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Private audio tapes have emerged in which Sen. Lindsey Graham praises Joe Biden as “the best person” to lead America as president while criticizing Donald Trump for his rhetoric.

While Graham pretended to be one of Trump’s biggest allies in the Senate, in reality he was praising far-left Democrats and suggesting that the country will come out “stronger” after the January 6 insurrection under the “unifying” presidency of Biden.

Graham made the remarks on January 6, 2021.

“We’ll actually come out of this thing stronger. Moments like this reset. People will calm down. People will say, ‘I don’t want to be associated with that.’ This is a group within a group,” Graham said.

“What this does, it’ll be a rallying effect for a while, where the country says, ‘We’re better than this.'”

Graham is then asked if Biden would be able to make that happen, to which the senator replies: “Totally. He’ll maybe be the best person to have,” Graham says. “I mean, how mad can you get at Joe Biden?”

Newsweek report: In a second tape, Graham also criticized Trump’s rhetoric prior to the riot he was accused of inciting, with the South Carolina senator suggesting the former president “misjudged the passion.”

“He plays the TV game and he went too far here,” Graham said. “That rally didn’t help, talking about primarying Liz [Cheney]. He created a sense of revenge.”

Speaking to Cooper, Martin said Graham gave the interview from a secure location after the Capitol was evacuated on January 6, with police still trying to clear the scene.

Martin said that Graham was already “thinking ahead” about the fallout of the riot.

“He’s thinking about the political impact on his party and thinking about the impact on the country,” Martin said. “Could this 9/11 moment where the country rallies together.”

Martin said that Biden was not able to unify the country as he vowed to in the wake of January 6 and partisan divisions had “deepened.”

“Biden was not able to rally the country because he is sort of one more partisan actor on the political scene in this tribal moment,” Martin said.

n a statement to Newsweek, Graham’s spokesman Kevin Bishop suggested that the senator stands by his words, but “the Joe Biden we see as president is not the one we saw in the Senate. He’s pursued a far left agenda as President.”

“Even Democratic members of Congress have noted the radical difference. Rep. Abigail Spanberger said that President Biden was elected to be ‘normal’. He was not elected ‘to be FDR,'” Bishop added.

The newly released audiotapes are discussed in an upcoming book by Martin and Burns, This Will Not Pass.

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