Experts Warn ‘COVID Children’ Are Experiencing Severe Cognitive Deformities

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Covid children are suffering cognitive damage, experts warn

Experts are now warning that millions of children are suffering severe cognitive problems due to COVID lockdowns and mandatory mask-wearing.

A New Jersey speech therapist says she’s recently seen a wave of infants and toddlers ‘unable to communicate’ after being born during the pandemic – one of several now-surfacing consequences of school and day care closures seen over the past few years.

The phenomenon, speech pathologist Nancy Polow says, is part of a concerning trend in kids born during or shortly before the pandemic, who are ‘falling behind’ on key milestones due to a lack of social interaction during that time span. …

Compounding the crisis, when parents sought help, they were often met with lockdown-related roadblocks, such as masking restrictions, the challenge of tele-health appointments for toddlers, and fear of in-person therapy. reports: These are children. Their lives have been made significantly worse and more difficult because of COVID hysteria.

Many of us tried to warn the “experts” about this — the experts who insisted that nothing was above COVID, everything in the whole world must be subordinate to it, and that children would not suffer greatly from being forced into isolation for months and months if not years on end.

We tried to warn them. We failed. They did not listen.

And this is what happens. Get ready, because it’s just getting started.