Eric Schneiderman Helped NXIVM Sell Child Sex Slaves To The Clintons

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Former NY AG Eric Schneiderman blocked investigation into child sex cult NXIVM

Eric Schneiderman used his position as Attorney General to cover-up the crimes of NXIVM – a cult recently exposed as selling child sex slaves to the Clintons.

As President Trump continues to crack down on the sex trafficking of minors, the media and Democrats continue to cover-up and defend the crimes of creepy sex cults and pedophile rings. reports: In the case of Albany cult leader Keith Raniere, despite multiple complaints by numerous women over the course of years – women who claimed they were abused by Raniere and his sex slaver cult of NXIVM – Schneiderman seems to have, once again, ignored or covered up crimes of the notorious brander and starver of women. One can see why: He liked to beat and starve women himself. Maybe he saw Raniere as a potential partner-in-crime.

Yet Schneiderman was at the forefront of the #metoo movement. Isn’t it always the most sanctimonious of assholes who are the greatest closet offenders?

There are more incidents to relate. How we went after political enemies like Rob Ortt and George Maziarz.

Schneiderman indicted Ortt – but the case  was dismissed post indictment.

He also indicted Maziarz, who had participated in a political coup against him when Schneiderman was a state senator in 2009. At that time, he threatened to destroy Maziarz but was not able to do it politically.  So, when he became attorney general, he used the color of law to indict Maziarz on a raft of bogus felony charges. Maziarz wound up with a misdemeanor election violation and $1,000 fine. But his life and career were nearly destroyed.

Then there is Steve Pigeon who helped engineer the State Senate coup in 2009 when Schneiderman got overthrown as Deputy Speaker of the Senate. Although Schneiderman immediately vowed vengeance, there was nothing he could do until be became Attorney General. Then, using the color of law, he went after Pigeon and indicted him on bogus charges that can never be proven.

But that did not stop him from raiding Pigeon’s house and destroying his reputation and business.

At the time of the senate coup, Schneiderman was seen by three witnesses – all of whom told Artvoice that he – then a state senator – was screaming and threatening Pigeon at the Marriott Hotel in Albany.

He probably would have slapped Pigeon except Pigeon, being a man, might have hit him back.