Erdogan Threatens Belgium: “We’ll Send More Terrorists Your Way”

Fact checked
Turkey's Erdogan threatens to send more terrorists to Belgium

Turkish President Erdogan has bragged about sending one of the terrorist bombers to Belgium, blaming authorities in Europe for failing to realise he was dangerous. 

Bakraoui was arrested in Turkey in 2015 and upon realising that he was a terrorist, rather than jail him as Erdogan does with journalists and personal detractors, the Turkish leader chose to send him to Belgium instead. reports:

In a statement made to reporters, Erdogan, while standing alongside visiting Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, said:

“One of the Brussels attackers was detained in Gaziantep and then deported. Despite our warnings that this person was a foreign terrorist fighter, the Belgian authorities could not identify a link to terrorism”

However, in a VT report published March 24, 2016, Kurdish forces inside Syria confirmed information received from a captured Turkish intelligence officer telling of a longstanding Turkish terror operation that had been sending jihadis like Bakraoui into Europe, aided by Turkish organized crime groups across the European Union.

Later, the Turkish press agency re-contacted reporters stating that they may have sent him to Netherlands, or that Barkraoui may have gone to Belgium and then to Netherlands, they weren’t sure, but that President Erdogan blamed incompetent authorities in both Belgium and Netherlands for the attacks.

According to Erdogan, he had warned Belgium or perhaps the Netherlands, that he was sending a dangerous terrorist there and that they either failed to listen or simply didn’t understand Turkish policy.

Seemingly, NATO partner and EU membership applicant Turkey has a national policy of sending Islamic terrorists to Belgium and, when they kill dozens in attacks, blames the victims for being unaware of Turkish policy.