Elderly German Woman ‘Investigated’ For Questioning Holocaust

Fact checked

German police have raided the house of an 86-year-old lady Ursula Haverbeck, after she publicly questioned the Holocaust story. 

According to media reports in Germany:

“The public prosecution department of the city of Bielefeld has been investigating a case of “incitement to hatred“ (Volksverhetzung) against … Ursula Haverbeck. Now, a new lawsuit was added: prosecutors of Niedersachsen’s State Office of Criminal Investigations have searched the houses of Vlotho resident Haverbeck with the support of authorities of the city of Herford. The houses of three further accused were also searched on that day.”

Nonalignedmedia.com reports:

Haverbeck has been constantly pursued by German authorities for her nonconformist opinions about the Holocaust.

In Germany, a self-professed ‘democracy,’ individuals do not have the right to question establishment myths about the Second World War.

The public is forced to accept the self-serving interpretations of the winners of World War II under penalty of fines and imprisonment.

The government of Germany should be boycotted and condemned until the present Stasi-like police state is disbanded.