Edward Snowden Reveals Aliens Live Inside Earth – VIDEO

Edward Snowden

A little-remembered piece of information has resurfaced recently in which it is claimed that Edward Snowden‘s leaked documents from the U.S. Government show that UFO’s and aliens come from inside the Earth.

According to CosmosTV.org:

Edward Snowden has reported on the facts known to the U.S. Government concerning UFOs.  According to the documents (which Snowden copied to the CIA), the U.S. government has long known that UFOs exist and are a species more advanced than humanity.  These species are not alien, but from our own earth, only more advanced. They have lived here for billions of years, and are far ahead of us in development.

The CIA stores data tracking systems and deep-sea sonar on them, but they have the status of state secrets, and even the scientists do not have access to this data about these objects.

Extremophiles can live at different temperatures, they have been able to flourish and develop intelligence at a more accelerated pace than Homo Sapiens and they have evolved at the same rate, but their living conditions in the Earth’s mantle defended their civilization from the many disasters that have occurred on the surface of the earth. .

The general consensus is that we’re just ants from their point of view and there is a small chance that they will continue to pay attention to us.

  • Antony Meehan

    Is there anything to back this up? No quotes from snowden and no sources. No wonder alternative journalism gets a bad name and mostly filed under conspiracy nonsense. This kind of article gives genuine information and investigation a bad name. Pah.

    • Rox

      Good point.

    • jz

      exactly. at least put a link to the relevant wikileaks doc. Is it that hard to back up a claim? Unless it is utter bullshit…

      • Nofearorfavor aka Papas

        Check my comment to Antony Meehan — if you’re interested to get your teeth into something more positive. Let me know what you think if you do check out what I sent him … Thanks

    • Nofearorfavor aka Papas

      Dunno about Snowdon’s story here — maybe he only repeated what was available for him to find. But there is the flight of Admiral Byrd in the forties into, I believe the South Pole — here is a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI9gSyFHcbw. (1:09 hr watch). Jeez, I read his story which then came out in video — long ago… but it has the ring of truth as he was a man of integrity — very intelligent, highly respected admiral in the USN, who sent him on a some naval expedition — There is an interesting read about him on earthfiles too. Its a very interesting story, which was hushed up for most of the 20th Century.

      Also check out Milton William (aka Bill) Cooper’s free e-book “Behold a Pale Horse” — http://www.hourofthetime.com/wordpresstest/behold-a-pale-horse-by-william-cooper/ — or check it out on video — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUbFwqglIaA — over 4 hours watch though, so get comfortable. Comes from a military background and was also with the USN and his claims have become famous (sure you know about him too) — he died for exposing what he did.

      So yes aliens are with us and the big wigs have known about it since long before even Rosswell (1947) happened. Checkout Area 51 and Dulci (New Mexico I think) all on earhtfiles too — all makes fascinating reading. We’ve been duped for so long that we perhaps must be open to sort the wheat from the chaff ourselves — as for sure, I believe we have plenty to absorb and we’ll have to do it real quick in order perhaps for us to be open to yet more possible false flags. Would appreciate your feedback when you’re done, as these subjects have really gripped me since I was a kid and read “Flying Saucers Have Landed — by George Adamski.

    • Nofearorfavor aka Papas

      Sorry gave you the wrong link for Admiral Byrd — here is the video I was looking for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Atet4vpGqwU — enjoy.

  • Cldfsn0200 .

    In actuality this is satan and his minions… Even Jesus explained that the earth belonged to satan. Mankind has long known on every continent that Hades was within the earth. I think mankind reach a point of deception of poo poo the whole hell notion to the point in mans ignorance and arrogance and through the deception of Lucifer there has been a false belief that these same demonics are somehow aliens and not the minions that they are. Some of you are so removed from this reality that you might be skeptical or laughing or both but I warn you – this is a great deception. Many saints have warn of the ability of devils being able to shape shift and they appeared to them as benevolent beings like Jesus or Mary the Mother of Jesus. They can also shape shift into aliens very easily. But if you say the Lords prayer they always will flee. Ask an alien to say “Jesus is my Lord and savior” they cannot. They can not say the name of God.

    • w0gb0i

      please dont quote a book which has no empirical evidence around it as truth for an event with no empirical evidence around it… wow.

      • Cldfsn0200 .

        Wow This!

      • penni

        There are other stories that tell of this race. Old and new. But, if you read the book of Enoch; it describes the same 12 foot giants that others describe as this alien race. If you read further, you will see that God demanded these offspring of angels and humans dwell within the earth and walk among men, for they are the result of Angles mating with earthly women. The Christian Bible only includes 66 of the HUNDREDS codices that were original works of religious writings. Not to mention the dead sea scrolls, the nag hamadi scriptures, both which are older than most mass marketed biblical texts. History didn’t just start with the Revolutionary war. Geez.

    • kevin

      u are wrong about an demon cannot say jesus is lord. It is meant to say that when u look into the heart of a false religion it cannot say jesus is lord. Like if you look into mormons they will say jesus is lord and there are many gods and our God was once like us and worked his way into adulthood, thereby reducing God, when the bible clearly states he is unbegotton, the jehova’s witness will say Jesus is Michael the Archangel and every religion will reduce jesus. It doesn’t mean if you corner a demon it will hurt him to say it.

    • plusmetal

      WTF you belive in all that shit?Are you 12?

  • Astral Dansex

    This explains why when I was drilling for water, we never found the source, but suddenly the machinery startled to rumble and things were thrown from inside, I guess we hit someone in the head.

  • Tenborro

    without any sources and especially no confirmation from snowden, it would seem this isnt true

  • Christopher Mark

    The question is, why the fuck would they want to live there? What would be so enticing about it? Why not just kill us off and live on the surface?

    • Nofearorfavor aka Papas

      Christopher you sound so frustrated … and have every reason to feel like that! (laughing) — plenty times I feel like it too and it doesn’t leave one until you know the truth, which is virtually impossible to unearth in the merry-go-round web of lies we live in … But still for what its worth check my comment to Antony Meehan above … and maybe check out what I put forward for him to read and watch … one must just simply keep on searching and inform yourself as much as possible, so that we’re wide awake to what could eventuate, maybe sooner than we think. Yeah, me, although I have never seen ET’s, I know they’ve always been around — makes common sense to me.

  • Tj Timberlake

    Actually a VERY old story that’s been around for decades , known as “THE HOLLOW EARTH” 1st told by General Byrd !!!

  • Science.duh

    It says they have been living here for billions of years. But 4 billion years ago we crashed into a mars sized planet and our cores merged. This planet now coreless is where our moon comes from. I don’t think anything underground or above ground could survive it

  • http://www.newsroom.in/ NEWSROOM.IN

    So you have started publishing baseless untrue false news in the name of Snowden, just to get some page views and perhaps a few ad clicks?? Nowhere did Snowden claim this! Come on, don’t be a dirty parasite yournewswire.com – we don’t expect this from you.

  • Universo R.E.

    “Understanding different civilizational standards of our undertaking a dedicated and breakneck search, where science in its full design is often preceded by logical deduction, the capacity for analysis and interpretation of data, the identification of patterns, known or unknown, and later by philosophical study, anthropological and sociological of the findings.

    Perhaps the complexity can be even greater, perhaps involving areas of knowledge focused on the language system, if any, etc. ”


  • Universo R.E.
  • http://myuke.com Paul Alan

    Any intelligence, of any dimension, that contributed to the Cabal’s veil over humanity, is a co-conspirator with the dark side. Sorry, but this, to me, puts any ETI, earth-based or other, that even knows of the Cabals’ intentions, should be slammed back into the second dimension.

  • Alphonso de Barbo

    What a load of crap!