Dr Bradstreet, Autism And GcMAF

Dr Bradstreet

Dr Bradstreet was found floating in a river with a gun shot wound to his chest on June 19th 2015.  He had, reportedly, committed suicide.

He was a medical doctor, prominent autism researcher and vaccine opponent and was also parent of a child who developed autism after vaccination

He was also extensively published in autism biomedical interventions and recently published the first paper describing GcMAF protein therapy for autism.

As a strong advocate of GcMAF,  Dr Bradstreet had treated around 2,000 autistic children, who were under his care, with the substance – 85% exhibited marked improvement.

On June 16, just a few days before his death, the FDA obtained a search and seizure order to seize the breakthrough GcMAF treatment from his clinic.

In the video below Dr Bradstreet talks about treatment of autism with GcMAF

And this video has more information about GcMAF

After watching the videos one cannot help but ask did Dr Bradstreet really commit suicide, or was he suicided?