DOJ Official: Obama Fired Me After I Exposed Hillary Email Crimes

Fact checked
Former DOJ Inspector General says Obama forced him to quit for exposing Hillary email crimes

Former DOJ Inspector General Charles McCollough claims Barack Obama forced him to resign after he exposed Hillary Clinton for hosting classified documents on her unsecured server.  

According to McCollough, he was threatened in 2016 by Obama administration goons.

“I was told that we would be the first two to be fired with her administration… That, that was definitely going to happen.” reports: McCollough’s sin was that he was honest – and he was serving in the Obama deep state, a band of crooks and criminals.

Charles McCollough believes Hillary Clinton’s emails endangered national security.

But the deep state didn’t care and pushed him out for being honest and doing his job.

He wasn’t a team player in a department of crooks.

Catherine Herridge interviewed McCollough in November 2017.