Disney BANS Simpsons Episode That Mentions Chinese ‘Forced Labour Camps’

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Simpsons episode that exposes Chinese forced labor camps banned

Disney has banned an episode of The Simpsons because it mentions Chinese ‘forced labour camps,’ according to reports.

The far-left company appears to have a problem with upsetting the Communinst Chinese government.

Summit.news reports: The Simpsons episode, “One Angry Lisa,” was first broadcast last year and featured a character stating “Behold the wonders of China. Bitcoin mines, forced labor camps where children make smartphones.”

Last year, Disney also pulled an old episode of The Simpsons from 2005 that referenced the Tiananmen Square massacre and the subsequent crackdown by the CCP on any documentation of it.

Kenny Ng, associate professor at the Academy of Film at Hong Kong Baptist University noted that Disney pulling the episodes is probably “to do with the company’s ties, current and future, in mainland China,” adding, “It could be strategic to eliminate any China-offending episodes.”

While China has concentration camps, it also has Disney theme parks, so best not to offend them, a policy the Biden administration seems to be fully behind.